psychology of the man in 40 years For a 20-year-old or even a thirty-year-oldthe men of the word that life is just beginning at forty, at best do not mean anything, at worst - sound as implausible as stories about fairies, snow people and UFOs. But time inexorably brings us closer to this figure, which many are inclined, and not without reason, to consider as a kind of frontier that smoothly separates life for the period before and after its offensive. What happens in the minds of men after the onset of the forty years, how does his psychology change or not change, and what do we women do in this situation? Psychology defined the state that occurs in men by the age of forty, referring to it as a middle-aged crisis. Since the onset of this (definitely fatal!) Date is inevitable in the fate of every man, regardless of his marital status, height, weight and position, it should be understood which signs clearly tell us about his approach or that he is already, in fact, , has come.

All ready: the crisis is coming!

In human nature, there is a tendencyanalyze what is happening in your own life, very important and correct for each person. As a rule, we timed the summing up of certain milestones, dates in our lives: what have we achieved in a year, what do we have in our lives after reaching a certain number of years, what can we do or do and can we still, in fact? If, at twenty years old, the guys are not yet thinking too much about some points that took place in his still young life, the psychology of the man after the onset of the fourth decade makes very significant adjustments and changes to his behavior. Men often start looking back, glancing at the past with a critical eye and trying to objectively assess the results achieved: work and social life, financial well-being and various achievements, home, family and children, friends, health. Their lives are subjected to a thorough and harsh self-examination: what did they live through all these years, what they were striving for and what they have at the moment? That's where strange things can happen that were not seen before this man. psychology of men after 40 years

Finding yourself: emotional throwing

He realizes that everything that used to enter so manyyears in the range of his interests, suddenly lost all its significance and attractiveness. Work has ceased to be so important and interesting, in the family everything has somehow become familiar, the children have grown, the relationship with the wife is rolling along some pre-known and well-trained track, with which it does not seem likely to collapse; because for many years, held side by side, you know each other almost by heart. Whatever became for him the reason for disappointment and the onset of boredom, apathy and disharmony in the soul, but the psychology of the man tells him only one way out of the situation: we need to start acting. Especially now, when the time is less and less. Many women, choosing the tactics of waiting - they say, will get mad and calm down, - make a reckless decision. Maybe he'll get mad, but not at all, as you expect. Imagine that now you have a completely new, different person, a stranger. But you to him, at the same time, treat very well and wish him only the very best. Now, more than ever, your man is experiencing unprecedented stress, and in your power to help a partner to overcome it, unobtrusively, as soon as we, women, can do this. psychology of men after 40

The situation goes out of control, or escape, who can

Of course, one should not think only of the bad, alsoas well as adjust yourself to the negative. It should be understood that the crisis is a time of change, to which one should be treated calmly. But there are things that every woman should know about, because, despite the fact that men are trying to cope with the crisis that has come in their soul, the decisions or actions that they are taking are affecting us in one way or another. What can a man do and how should this be reacted?

  • He decides to change his career abruptly. It should not be considered erroneous or hasty. Work, career and social status is just more of an area that affects the personality of your partner the most. If he thinks that he needs to change something in his career, to change his field of activity, or to withdraw altogether, then you have to make his decision, at least calmly, or better still, to support him.
  • He announces to you his desire to part withyou. The reasons here can be very different. From quite simple, when a man just needs to take a timeout, some breathing space, after which everything will return to normal, and the feelings of a man will come to normal and calm down. Until the sad - the marriage was saved more for visibility or out of responsibility, which had a value for your partner. And now the children have grown up, most of the obligations have been fulfilled, and he wants to live only for himself. If it is a question of the last assumption, then it is possible to keep it by force, but the consequences will not be successful. Most likely, no matter how many years after that your relationship lasts, you can not call them confidential or close.
  • Love is on the side. It is sad to admit this fact, but it is in this age period that our faithful most often establish connections on the side. The psychology of this behavior is explained not only and not so much by the routine that is possible after so many years of marriage. Not only does the novelty of other relationships attract your husband, in the past a loyal family man and a loving father, pushing him into the arms of other women.

He suddenly realizes that in the world there are manyother women who are purely theoretical to him may be interesting and for which he himself is of interest. If not now, then when? After all, the chance will go away and will never return. To forgive or not to forgive treason is your own business. Certainly, not every woman can do this. But believe the experience of many wives who could survive this and save the family, what to do is worth it, especially if until now your spouse did not have the reputation of a windy traitor.

  • The man has health problems on hisbackground suddenly visited his depression. A huge number of representatives of men suddenly realize that they are no longer heroes, and discover the world of medicine. But only not with joy, but with sadness, finding in this confirmation of the old age. The circle closes, and already it seems that it does not escape from it. Of course, this is not so. Receiving the necessary support, first of all, in the person of relatives and friends, your beloved head of the family will be able to cope with such a manifestation of the coming crisis.
  • Despite the fact that the manifestation of the crisis, whichwe now tell you, perhaps, least affects the environment of a particular man and his family, but for some mysterious reason it is the strongest reaction with a sufficiently pronounced negative coloring. Your man wanted to change something in appearance or caught on with the idea of ​​some new business. Psychology explains this by the fact that in your search for something new, which will again feel your own uniqueness, freshness, youth and the opportunity to do something new in life, your partner chose this path as the least traumatic for himself and others.

Agree, if he decided unexpectedly for yougrow or shave hair, enroll in a sports club or jump with a parachute, although never before had a special love for such activities, it does not pose any threat to your family and your relationship. Believe me, this is important for him in this period of time, show loyalty and let me realize what was conceived in life. A certain part of the representatives of the strong half of humanity quickly comes back to normal, expressing themselves in a completely unusual manner, and after a while you will again see a man with whom you have lived for many years, not a slightly lost stranger and a frightening eccentric.

  • Sexual life completely descended,or, conversely, in your partner seemed to have settled Casanova. Again we call upon the ladies to show patience and understanding, especially in the first case, when the most terrible thoughts come to my mind - from "He has stopped loving me, and I no longer attract him as a woman" to "He has a mistress." It's not that. A man with a head immersed in the analysis of what is happening in his life at this moment, is simply physically unable to distract himself by anything else. Of course, this period is also quick enough, and your partner will soon again look for your love and affection.

In a situation where you seem to be back in theyour honeymoon, you should do even more simply: indulge in it with joy and delight. explains this by saying that a man wants to prove to himself that he is still young with his soul and body. Correct mental and moral reference points allow him not to go beyond the accepted behavior, and prove it within his own bedroom, not collecting around a dozen or two young mistresses and guarding his family hearth from collapse.

After all, in 40 years, life is just beginning!

We all know that any disease is much easierwarn, rather than treat it and its consequences. Absolutely exactly, that you can relate this approach to the crisis of middle age in your man. It is clear that to try to prevent it you do not have the most likely possibility, but not to allow radical manifestations of this notorious crisis, and to mitigate the majority of its negative consequences is entirely within your power. In the end, after all it is a question not of an extraneous, but about the native for you the person with whom much connects and unites. To do this, you do not need to have supernatural powers or some special talents. It is quite enough to show primordially feminine qualities - patience, understanding, and most importantly - the love on which the whole psychology of the woman rests. Perceive this crisis as a chance to see your partner from the other side, open it in a new one, figure it out new to understand and accept. This period is desirable to be considered as the time given to you for self-learning and self-knowledge. After all, you also have to discover something new in yourself, as a response to unusual behavior in your man, despite the fact that you have spent many years with him. Men whose families are sympathetic to the transformations taking place in their minds and minds live this notorious and ill-fated crisis much easier, and most importantly, much faster and with minimal consequences. In their minds there is a completely sensible idea that life goes on, and in some ways begins again, it is full of colors and sensations, and most importantly, that he has understanding and love from the woman. After all, with such support, no crises are certainly not terrible! We advise you to read: