proper protein diet What only people do tobring your body to shape. Among such means, you can meet not only traditional diets (protein diet, cosmonaut diet), but also all kinds of medications, teas, coffee and cocktails, which reduce appetite and supposedly help to lose weight. Of course, if you intend to get rid of a couple of kilograms, you will only need a day off and a little physical activity. But if you have so launched yourself that without additional intervention nothing will help, be sure to go to the hospital.

Protein diet. Two opposing views

A fairly large number of people constantlysits on diets, and they do it without any preparation. However, not everyone pays attention to the fact that in most cases the diet should be approved by a medical professional. So, what is the protein diet? Not all who passed through it will be able to give a clear answer to what exactly and in what quantities can be eaten. There are two main approaches. According to the first, there is only a lean chicken, veal and fish. Drinks are allowed only without sugar. The second option is a diet whereby a small amount of carbohydrates is allowed along with protein products. The first plan is considered quite unbalanced and does not allow you to feel comfortable under any circumstances. The protein diet is observed for at least 10-14 days. On the one hand, many diets authors believe that it is impossible to eat only protein food, since in the body as a result of this, excessive accumulation of the products of the breakdown of proteins into amino acids - ketones can occur. Heavy food also affects the work of the stomach and even the change in human eating behavior. Most often, after eating such food, which is rich in amino acids, the hunger is quenched rather quickly and then this feeling does not return for a very long time. However, having found out that with such a balance of food, the weight is practically not added, many begin to eat without restrictions, even when they do not feel hungry. As a result, patients come back to the problem of overweight. The other group, on the contrary, sees in this menu only positive qualities. Their most important argument is that if there is a shortage of carbohydrates, the body will not take energy from anywhere and it will start to receive it from the fatty deposits. This allows us to conclude that the protein diet for weight loss is suitable for people with a very large body fat mass. Despite all this, some nutritionists still agree that the protein diet for weight loss should be calculated individually for everyone who wants to lose weight, and the menu should be based on the calculation of the average daily caloric value, which carbohydrates are used, and on how many pure proteins are consumed daily for each kilogram of the patient's weight. allowed foods with a protein diet

The right menu for losing weight with a protein diet

Numerous recipes that allow for delicious andnourishing food at any time of the day, will have to be forgotten, since no one has yet abolished theories about balanced separate nutrition. This is not only useful for the inner world, but also finds a bright reflection in your appearance. So, as already mentioned, it is the protein diet for weight loss that allows you to bring your body into the necessary state within the shortest possible time. Here it is necessary to adhere to the principle that your body must be in a state of energy deficiency. It is in this case that all the fat stored in different parts of your body will begin to split, since, in addition to it, nothing can replace carbohydrates in the body. At the same time, you will not feel any constant hunger like with any other diets. This is due to the fact that the products containing proteins split into amino acids, so enrich the body that a sense of satiety will always be with you. However, this does not mean that you can eat lean chicken, fish or veal meat in unlimited quantities. In most cases this can lead to the opposite result, since with a large amount of digestible food a small stomach can not cope, it starts to stretch and require even more food. Therefore, after rapid weight loss, weight can return. But still diet and menus should be based on their own weight. To do this, you will also need an indicator of your basic metabolism. If everything is correctly calculated, then you will be able to provide your body with a healthy state and, at the same time, allow it to split the acquired fats. example of a dish with a protein diet

How to calculate the basic metabolism individually?

In order to calculate how your body iswill react to this or that diet, you need to know the indicator of your own basic metabolism. This indicator will determine the amount of calories that the body spends at rest. In other words, this is the amount of energy that is released during breathing, performing blood flow, performing nervous activity and updating cells and other vital processes. To this number, you need to add the amount of calories that your body must spend, and the amount obtained will indicate your body's daily energy needs. According to these data, you can independently make a menu, and according to him, and come up with original recipes for dishes. weight loss on a protein diet

Basic metabolism

The daily menu should be maximized.balanced by the number of proteins. After all, the usual starvation, although it can lead to an insignificant burning of fats, on the contrary, rather introduces the body into error. This is expressed in the fact that as a result of each meal, which usually happens very rarely, the body will somehow split it, and somehow still put it aside. Nothing can be done about this, so the human body is cleverly arranged. Over time, this will lead to the exhaustion of the body, since the caloric intake of food will be lower than the basic metabolism, which is absolutely unacceptable. For example, your basic metabolism is 1500 calories. This means that the daily diet should include food, the energy value of which is equal to this indicator. After a period, your weight will begin to change. Accordingly, the daily menu will also need to be changed, reducing the calorie content of food. Calculation of the main volume of substances can be carried out depending on the weight of a person. In this case, the weight in kilograms must be multiplied by 0.9 (in women) or by 1 (in men) and multiplied by 24. The number displayed will show how much kcal is enough for you to carry out the bulk of the substances. Also, this figure can be calculated, taking into account the growth rate, weight and even age. In this case the Harris-Benedict formula is used. Neither the first nor the second option takes into account the level of muscle mass, as this requires a complete analysis of the composition of your body. But this is possible with the intervention of medical personnel and specialized equipment. example of a breakfast with a protein diet

The main menu with a protein diet

In order for the protein diet to go to youit is necessary to clearly present and follow all of its rules. First of all, this refers to the number of meals a day. So, it's better not to resort to such a diet at all, if you can not pay enough attention to nutrition. Remember that every day you will need to eat 4 to 6 times. And this should not be all kinds of snacks, but a full meal. Therefore, experts advise to start an active fight against excess weight only in their spare time, for example, during a vacation or vacation. The main rules of the protein diet So, for all the stages of food intake, you need one of the following products to be included in a new, healthy menu. Recipes of your dishes should be rich in protein foods. Such products include: seafood, chicken breast without skin, veal or beef, lean fish, tofu, low-fat cottage cheese, 4-6 egg whites. All products, except egg whites, should not exceed 200-300 g. It is strictly forbidden to add spicy spices and spices, sauces and other flavor enhancers, as well as to consider recipes in which all this is fried or baked with cheese and mayonnaise. But do not sift the recipes in which you can use products such as: natural soy sauce, herbs, garlic, balsamic vinegar or lemon juice. With regard to other foods should take into account the time of their use. Thus, up to 14 hours, one can consume 1-2 portions of complex carbohydrates with protein foods. These include buckwheat porridge, brown rice or oatmeal. All this is cooked on water without extra additives. On this short list of carbohydrates end up allowed in your menu products. After 14 hours you can consume proteins with non-starchy vegetables: cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, salad. As for fruits, except for unsweetened apples and citrus fruits, you can not eat anything, and then in the morning. The first portion of the food taken should be half an hour after the ascent, and the last one 3-4 hours before bedtime. Animal fats should not be on the table, in extreme cases, they should not be more than 30-40 g. Vegetable oil can not be used for cooking, it can be added as a condiment to salads. Another advice of nutritional specialists is that, by implementing certain recipes, in no case should you try food, and especially not to abuse the methods of drinks with sugar substitutes and any fast food products in between meals. when a protein diet prohibits excessive consumption of juices

Weight loss with protein diet for 4 months

Protein diet for weight loss and weight stabilizationconsists in the following method. According to him, to achieve the desired effect takes 4 months, of which the first 2 are spent on rapid weight loss, and the remaining 2 - to secure and retain the weight gained. Nutritionists identified 72 foods that are rich in proteins, which you can consume in unlimited quantities until you feel full. It is this "crisis" in some ways the way (protein diet) activates the process of losing weight. After the weight starts to decrease, it is possible to include foods and days with a protein-vegetable diet in the intervals between pure protein days. For this purpose, the doctors identified 28 types of vegetables that can be combined with protein products. The next stage, which lasts 2 months, begins with the fact that the recipes are gradually introduced, in which products with higher caloric content are present, but only on holidays. Thursday remains a traditional day only for protein foods. This contributes to the fact that the patient develops a certain eating behavior and corrects the correct weight. Then comes the stage, which is characterized by the fact that at this time it is allowed to use a wide variety of products regardless of their energy value and the amount that is included in your new menu. But on Thursday we still eat only protein products. The next condition is that you daily do fast walking for at least 20 minutes and eat 3 tablespoons. oat bran. So, through the joint work of doctors and nutritionists, a unique way of effective diet was created, with which you can not just lose weight, but bring your weight back to normal thanks to unlimited food. The very number of products that you can eat already indicates that you will not starve, and accordingly, the mood will always be good, you will be full of energy and energy for new achievements. In return, the body will thank you with a good appearance and well-being. And those products that are included in the numerous recipes of all countries, cultures and generations, have been consumed since time immemorial, so this diet will be much easier to tolerate. Do not forget that together with minimal physical exertion the result will surpass all expectations.