properties of olive oil Forever young and beautiful sunny Greece. The ancient gods of Hellas gave the world not only the warmth of fire. They presented to the mankind "liquid gold" and eternal youth. "Liquid gold" is called olive oil. All the useful properties of olive oil, people have learned so many centuries ago. The oil of this unique tree is considered one of the most useful and expensive products. In the fruits of olives and leaves contains an amazing substance oleuropein, which beneficially affects the work of the whole organism as a whole, renewing and rejuvenating it.

We choose oil

  • The best and valuable olive oil is Ехtra Virgin Olive Oil (olive oil). Its taste has a barely noticeable bitterness. This oil is ideal in its composition and is the most expensive and useful.
  • The second number is the refined and deodorized Extra Light Olive Oil. In this natural olive oil, useful substances are slightly less.
  • The next oil on the list is Pure Olive Oil. This is a mixture of the above-mentioned oils of the first pressing. It is much cheaper and with a lower content of oleuropein.
  • The list closes with olive oil Pomace Olive Oil. This oil is produced by a second spin.
  • The color of the olive oil can vary from light green to dark gold. Color depends on the type of fruit of the olive tree and the degree of their maturity.

    Therapeutic and preventive properties of olive oil

    • The cardiovascular system

    Natural olive oil - beautifulpreventive method for the prevention of strokes and heart attacks. The oil does not contain cholesterol, moreover, when you use olive oil for food, the cholesterol level in the body decreases markedly.

    • Digestive system

    With the constant use of olive oilimproves the work of the stomach, pancreas, intestines and liver. Olive oil affects the healing of stomach and duodenum ulcers. Oil has also a small and mild laxative effect. Very good remedy for hemorrhoids. Regular use of olive oil helps with cholelithiasis.

    • Skin covers

    For lovers of solarium is very useful to wipeskin after sunbathing under the artificial sun. Oil reduces the risk of skin cancer, due to the large number of antioxidants in its composition.

    • General condition of the body

    Natural pure olive oil is greatis absorbed by the human body. Vitamins and trace elements contained in the oil strengthen the bone tissue, enhance the immunity, fully strengthen the body at the cellular level. This unique product also has a wound healing and anti-inflammatory effect.

    • For pregnant and lactating

    A great natural remedy for expectant mothers. Regular use of olive oil during pregnancy promotes the proper formation of musculoskeletal tissue in a future baby and the proper development of the brain and nervous system. Eat 1 teaspoon of natural pure olive oil daily.

    • For babies

    Natural olive oil in its composition is similarin breast milk. Therefore, always enter it in your kid's menu. Add a few drops in the mash. Unique properties of olive oil contribute to the rapid growth and development of babies. And also adding it to the food of infants helps them to move quickly to solid adult food. Tips and recipes for the use of olive oil. At home, you can prepare excellent remedies for the treatment of various ailments.

  • With constipation. Mix 3-4 teaspoons of butter with egg yolk and dilute in 1 glass of warm water. Use the solution in cleansing enemas. It is very useful in the morning on an empty stomach to drink 1 tablespoon of oil.
  • With a cold. Mix 100 g of olive oil and 1 tablespoon of ledum, insist the mixture for 20 days in a dark place. Then strain and bury 3 drops in each nostril three times a day. Do this for a week.
  • Otitis. Drip 2 drops of warm olive oil in each ear and immediately put a cotton disc soaked in the same oil.
  • Olive oil in cosmetology

    Olive oil slows down the aging processcells, it has received wide application in the cosmetic industry. Created a special cosmetic olive oil, the properties of which allow your body to find youth and elasticity.

  • Hair care. Mix one fourth cup of pre-heated olive oil and half a cup of melted honey. Apply this mixture on your hair and wrap your head around with a large towel. Hold the mask for half an hour. Perfectly helps from dry hair and dandruff. If you want to get rid of split ends of hair - prepare a mixture of 2 tablespoons of cosmetic olive oil, 1 tablespoon of acetic acid and one egg. Preheat and apply only to the tips of the hair. Hold for half an hour. To make your hair shine with an effective shine, make a mixture of one egg yolk, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, 1 tablespoon of olive oil and 6 liters of beer. A well-beaten mixture thoroughly wash your hair.
  • Nail care. It is very useful to strengthen the nails to make baths from warm olive oil with a mixture of lemon juice. To treat fragile nails, apply them on warm olive oil, and then treat the nails with iodinated alcohol.
  • Hand and body care. Look after your hands with cosmetic olive oil! It's an excellent way to keep your hands always young and fresh. Once a week, do half an hour of warm olive oil. To increase the elasticity and firmness of the skin, add 50 ml of milk and the same amount of natural olive oil to the bath. The effect will be gorgeous! The constant rubbing of oil in the skin of the body increases the elasticity and reduces stretch marks on the skin.
  • Skin Care. Olive oil helps to smooth fine wrinkles, significantly rejuvenates the face, softens it and saturates with moisture. It is very useful in your cream, which you usually use, to add a few drops of warm cosmetic olive oil.
  • Maintaining Weight

    Acids (oleic and linolenic), whichcontained in oil, are an excellent stop-loss for weight gain. If you take this valuable product in the morning on an empty stomach, you can permanently get rid of the feeling of hunger. At the same time, fats are burned and metabolism is increased. Recommendation for those who want to lose weight in this way: use Virginia Olive Oil. In this most pure and natural oil of olive oil all useful vitamins and curative substances are kept. A special diet of slices of lemon and olive oil thoroughly and thoroughly cleans the entire body of toxins. The natural properties of olive oil contribute not only to the loss of excess weight, but also create an obstacle in the subsequent collection of unnecessary kilograms. All probably know about the famous Mediterranean diet. All the dishes of this well-known diet include natural olive oil.

    Interesting facts about olive oil

    • Winter consumption of olive oil is the most useful

    The organism, absorbing in the winter cold time, olive oil, receives an excellent charge of energy. This is because the fat molecules in the oil have a large number of oxygen atoms.

    • Thermal action

    Olive oil is the only oil notwhich causes no harm when frying. Olive oil has a very high degree of combustion, so it does not oxidize under the influence of high temperatures. Due to the very low content of unsaturated fatty acids in it, olive oil can be used to cook and fry food without damaging the body at all. We want to see you beautiful, our beloved women. Take on board these tips and make everyone happy with eternal youth and a beautiful sunny mood! We advise you to read: