products containing iron Iron is extremely necessary fornormal functioning of the element. Shortage of iron can lead to extremely serious complications for health. Disease, in which the human body significantly reduced the level of iron, is called "iron deficiency anemia." It occurs when products containing iron are not respected in humans. Most often, women suffer from iron deficiency anemia. This contributes to a huge number of very diverse factors, in particular:

  • Pregnancy

During pregnancy, the load on the bodythe pregnant woman is doubled. And in the gland needs not only the body of the future mother, but also the baby's body. And if the intake of iron is insufficient, iron deficiency anemia probably will not be avoided. Products containing iron for pregnant women are especially important.

  • Abundant monthly and uterine bleeding

In the event that a woman has abundantmenstruation, or uterine bleeding takes place, as a result of which iron deficiency anemia develops. Therefore, in such cases, a doctor's consultation is simply necessary.

  • Different diets

A slender figure is the dream of almost any woman. That is why various diets are so widely popular. And in the event that a woman chooses such a diet, in the products of which there is not enough iron, the probability of developing iron deficiency anemia is high. In order to avoid this, a dietetic woman must necessarily take multivitamin complexes with iron.

Iron in food

Strictly speaking, it is from iron that the human bodygets the iron he needs so much. However, in order for such products to benefit the person, it is necessary to remember the peculiarities of iron assimilation. The human body is simply not able to assimilate iron in the event that it experiences a shortage of vitamin C. In order for the body to absorb iron in the amount that it needs, it is necessary to ensure that food is not only rich iron, but also vitamin C. When preparing a diet, pay close attention to products such as meat, poultry, fish and liver. These foods are rich not only in a large amount of iron, but also in protein. The protein significantly improves the absorption of iron and increases the effectiveness of its use by the human body. However, do not give preference to too fatty varieties of meat, poultry and fish - excessive fat does not bring benefits, but the load on the liver will be inevitable. And in the event that a woman cares about her figure, fatty foods will not be her best ally in the fight against excess weight. Also a very large amount of iron is contained in legumes - beans, peas, beans. These cultures are also very rich in protein, however, vegetable, which does not detract from its useful properties. However, note that not all people can consume large amounts of legumes. They have a very significant load on the digestive system, and lead to a feeling of heaviness in the abdomen and flatulence. It is very effective in iron deficiency anemia is helped by ordinary wheat. To increase the level of iron in the body, it must be prepared as follows. Moisten a cotton cloth with clean water at room temperature, then fold it in half, placing inside the usual uncooked wheat grains. The fabric should be wetted regularly, as it dries. The fabric should be in a warm room, otherwise the desired result will not be achieved. After about three days, the wheat grains will sprout. These are the sprouts of a sick man and should be eaten - five sprouts twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, before eating. The level of iron will rise literally in a week - in 30 grams of germs germinated wheat contains 4 grams of iron. And, in addition, wheat sprouts most favorably normalize the work of the gastrointestinal tract. And another product - the record holder for the content of iron - is buckwheat. Often, buckwheat helps to raise the level of iron in the blood much faster and more efficiently than the best pharmacological preparation of iron. However, there is one thing but - in order for the therapeutic effect to be fixed, buckwheat must be consumed at least a month in a row. Otherwise, immediately, as soon as a sick person stops eating buckwheat, the level of iron in the body will drop to the previous level. It is impossible not to tell in more detail about such a food product as the liver. And pay attention to the following feature - in a hundred grams of beef liver contains only 7 mg. Iron, while in calf liver - not less than 12 mg. As you understand, veal liver for the treatment of iron deficiency anemia fits much more than beef. And if you cook a buckwheat grocery as a garnish, you are guaranteed an exceptionally useful dish. Also very effective for raising the level of iron is ordinary rock salt, since it contains a very large amount of iron. Each kilogram of rock salt accounts for 450 mg. Gland. Pay attention to this fact when you choose salt in the store. Also a lot of iron is found in fresh plums and plum juice, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, raisins, dried apricots, nuts. In addition, a lot of iron is contained in black and otrubnom bread. However, remember that the human body can absorb only 5% of its flour products, while from products of animal origin up to 20% of all iron content is absorbed. Another excellent way to increase the level of iron in the body is the most ordinary fresh onion. Onions in general have a very high nutritional value, because it contains a huge amount of not only iron, but also a variety of vitamins. By the way, it has already been said above that vitamin C is simply necessary for the assimilation of iron. However, B vitamins also play a significant role. A onion contains all the necessary vitamins. As a rule, dietitians advise making the menu in such a way that the plant components are about three times larger than the animals. Thus, you will be able to approach the ideal nutrition scheme, which has a beneficial effect on the work of the whole organism. Well, if for some reason you have to use products that do not contain iron, consult a doctor for help in adjusting the diet and, if necessary, prescribe special medications. We advise you to read: