hair straightening Straightening the hair at home is possibleusing various methods, including the use of a hair dryer, brushes, ironing, special keratin compositions. How can you straighten your hair, what exactly is required for this at home? Let's look at the details of this process.

Chemical and thermal rectification

Permanent, or chemical, straightening -The procedure is complex, it requires certain skills. Therefore, to conduct it yourself is not recommended, it is best to visit the salon in order not to harm your locks once again. Used for such a stowage is sodium hydroxide, a fixative and an air conditioner. The mixture is applied to strands, after which it is kept for the necessary time, fixed with neutralizers. This laying can last about six to nine months. The thermal method consists in straightening the hair with ironing with plates of different materials. This allows for high temperatures to remove excess moisture from the hair, to give the strands evenness and shine. But this method is harmful to the hair, there is a possibility that they will be overdried, become brittle. Therefore, it is recommended to use special protective agents that are applied before laying. Do not use ironing often. Technique of keratin straightening of the house Straightening hair is not only chemistry and ironing, today from professional salons a keratin straightening technology has come into the house. For this, special compounds are produced that provide an almost perfect smoothing, moistening of the strands, sealing of the split ends, strengthening the color of the colored strands. The effect of straightening the hair at home using keratin is preserved up to 90 days. Contraindications are almost absent. The type of hair, its condition, length do not matter. Of the minuses, it should be noted only the high cost of the method, the need to use specialized shampoos, air conditioners for the care. If you compare with the cost of salon straightening, the price of one set will be more than once in five, but it will suffice for 5-10 procedures of home alignment. A straightening house must have:

  • means for straightening;
  • spray;
  • a hairdryer;
  • brashing;
  • ceramic ironing.

The technique is very simple: The hair should be washed twice with a shampoo with keratin, then dried and carefully combed. On the back of the head, the locks are fixed with a barrette, a means for work is being put into the spray gun. The composition should be sprayed separately for each curl. This is a prerequisite for straightening hair at home using this method. Before drying the product is aged for 10-15 minutes, the hair is dried with a round brush and hair dryer, divided into thin strands and processed separately. After the procedure, a small amount of serum with keratin is applied to the surface of the strands. application of hair straightening means Straightening without ironing: home method Contrary to popular belief, straightening hair without visiting the salon is very simple. The house is the place where it is possible to provide an excellent, attractive hairstyle. It is not necessary to use rigid straightening methods, such as chemistry and strong thermal impact. Sometimes just a round brush and a usual household hair dryer is enough to give the hair the necessary volume and shape. For home safe straightening of strands, it is often recommended to use special round brushes having different diameters. They are called brashing, are chosen based on the length of the hair. At very short it is necessary to take small brushes, for long curls the combs with the big diameter perfectly approach. The straightening process is as follows: the hair is combed forward, fixed by a crab near the forehead. Then, from the nape of the neck are separated strands, which are stretched from the roots to the tips, dried by a hair dryer. The size of the strands should not be large, enough about 5 cm in width and two in thickness. From the first it may seem difficult, but in fact everything is quite simple. Several such home procedures, and straightening is no longer no trouble. The first to dry the temporal parts, strands near the crown, in the forehead. Each strand after drying should be fixed with a spray or a light varnish, you can use the means for a greater shine. A common way of straightening with a hair dryer Straightening with a hairdryer refers to thermal methods, but it does not damage the hair as much as ironing, plus it's very easy to do at home. The procedure for straightening hair at home with a hair dryer is carried out with hot or cold air. The procedure is as follows: separation of small strands, combing them from the roots, blowing the hair dryer in the same direction to the tips of the hair. But first you need to thoroughly wash your head, using a nourishing shampoo, then apply a special moisturizing balm, giving the locks a sufficient softness. Before the installation itself, it is necessary to apply a spray, a thermal protection liquid. But there are disadvantages to this method: the hair dryer can not provide straightening for a long time. Therefore it is necessary to use additional cosmetics. Recommended use of mousses, gel, wax, hairspray. You should pay attention to the fact whether your hair is dyed, as some products can enter into unwanted reactions with paints. Of the traditional methods of long-term preservation of the effect, one can note the use of sugar water, which is simply wetted before styling. But we must correctly observe the proportions, so that the locks do not look untidy and glued together. the last stage of hair straightening at home

Helpful Tips

If you decide to straighten hair in your homeconditions independently with the help of ironing, then do not forget that this procedure for hair does not pass without a trace, it will be necessary to use restoring masks. This is the main condition! Here are some useful tips to help you maintain a healthy hair condition using a thermal method:

  • if the hair after a variety of chemical curls, you can not straighten them. For this, not only ironing, but also chemical methods are not suitable;
  • at constant straightening by a thermal method it is necessary to use special cosmetic means for thermo-packing and restoration of a condition of hair;
  • after chemical straightening of the head, washing should be dried in a natural way, without using a hair dryer;
  • so that the locks do not overheat and do not become electrified, we must apply protective equipment in the form of milk, spray and other things before using the irons;
  • at constant straightening by chemical or thermal method it is not recommended to dye hair;
  • You can not use a hair straightener. The exception is allowed only for the styler, which serves specifically for drying and simultaneous straightening;
  • it is not recommended to heat the iron more than 120 degrees, keep it in place for a long time.

Thermal methods of straightening should not betoo often to use, it is best to limit one or two procedures per week, as otherwise the hair will become dry, very brittle, the tips will be overdried. If you are not sure that you can do straightening at home yourself, then it is better to contact the master who will choose the most suitable method for your hair type, give recommendations on the use of ironing, will tell you how to perform restorative procedures.