Problem Skin Problem skin is a problem from whichevery person at any age dreams to get rid of. So I want to care for the skin was only cosmetic and did not go into a medical problem. But most women, even adulthood, have skin problems in the decollete and face area, and for them to be beautiful means to know exactly the characteristics of caring for problem skin.

Combating acne

The search for a cure for acne (acne) remains an important task for dermatological cosmetology. Today it is difficult dermatologist, who would not know how to deal witheels. Although the range of medical and cosmetic products for problem skin is very large, but the number of people suffering from acne does not decrease. Currently, the coals spoil the reflection in the mirror not only to young guys and young girls, but also to women from 25 to 50 years old. Why is this happening?

Hormonal background

Changes in adolescent hormonalbackground has an effect on immunity. A positive effect is the balance of sex hormones. Accordingly, imbalance of hormones produces the opposite effect: immunity suffers. In older age, the hormonal background can also be disturbed, for example, after breastfeeding. Therefore, 3-4 months after the birth of the baby, it is necessary to visit a gynecologist-endocrinologist in order to take tests for hormones.

Sebaceous glands

The appearance of acne on the skin of the face, neck and backis caused by dysfunction of the sebaceous glands. "Black dots" in women appear because of the increased influence of sex hormones on the sebaceous glands, which leads to seborrhea or increased secretion of sebum. The contents of the sebaceous glands are a good nutrient substrate for acne bacteria. The first signs of rash - this is an occasion to render the skin a great service - to start a comprehensive care.

Basic rules of care

Now there are a lot of methods and means for fighting acne and acne, but this is not the most important thing. It is important to adhere to some basic rules for caring for problem skin:

  • Seek medical advice! To find a good specialist, you can use a special service, for example, such as "InfoDoktor" - a reference for doctors and clinics in Moscow and the region. Experienced tell about the causes of acne and give advice on how to treat them.
  • Properly cleanse the skin (use special lotions, foams, scrubs, antibacterial soap) and make sure that the skin is not overdried.
  • Exclude from the diet fried, flour, sweet, salty; more to eat vegetables and fruits.
  • Do not use greasy creams, as they clog pores, which causes an increase in the number of pimples.
  • Keep track of the shelf life of cosmetics, its quality.
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