preparing children for school Before the beginning of the school year there were not manytime, and it is necessary to have time to buy notebooks, rulers, pens and other school supplies and other school things for the child. Many parents think that when everything necessary is purchased, the preparation of the child for school is over. In such turmoil and haste, parents are not even aware that preparing children for school is also an emotional mood of the child, which is very important for him, especially if the kid goes to the first class. But it is simply impossible to overestimate the role of the family in preparing children for school. Let's talk with you about what needs to be done to make the child go to school really well-prepared. After all, this largely depends on what desire the child will go to school, and therefore, and his academic performance. What are the recommendations of children's psychologists and teachers?

Child's day regimen

Extremely recommended to all parents very muchseriously take the regime of the day. It is extremely important to work out the necessary regime together with the child so that he can later distribute the time himself: to study and play, and also to walk. Try to make sure that the child understands from the first day of school, that studying at home is a responsible job, that you can walk only when all the lessons are done. It is quite easy to do this. About a month before the beginning of school hours, children should be transferred to a new regime of the day. If the child went to the kindergarten - there will be no special problems. But if the child was at home, or he is no longer a first-grader and rested from the heart on vacation, getting up at 7 am could be extremely difficult for him. Therefore, accustom it in advance. In the morning it is recommended to take the child with something useful. This will help develop a sense of responsibility. And when it's time to go to school, it will be pretty painless for him. But do not forget about the weekend - the child is also a full-fledged person who has the right to rest. You do not want to work without days off? In the afternoon, plan the rest and entertainment of the child. But do not forget to leave one or two important assignments. So you model the situation with the need to do homework. And, of course, do not forget about the timely retirement of the child - otherwise the awakening in the mornings will be a difficult test both for you, parents, and for your children. preparing a child for school

Psychological preparation of children for school

Do not forget about such an important aspect associalization of the child. Proper psychological preparation for the school will help you to join the school team faster and easier and get used to the society. Especially in the case if the child goes to the first class and did not attend kindergarten. With all the shortcomings of the DOW, preparing children for school in kindergarten is invaluable. And socialization begins in the manger. Home children are much harder. Think for yourself - for a very long time his world was his native people - mom, dad, grandparents. Well, at best, friends from the playground. And then he gets into a big and noisy children's collective. And pay special attention - the child ceases to be the center of universal attention, which he used to be in his entire life. Moreover - he will be forced to obey certain rules. It will be hard for him, is not it? That is why many of the recommendations of children's psychologists relate to psychological preparation for school. If you spend some time, everyone will be the winner - both you and the child. Children will know in advance what awaits them at school, they will not have tears and negative reactions. As a rule, such trained children can be seen in the children's team immediately - they are confident enough and absolutely calm, unlike their peers. If a child goes to school unprepared, his reaction may be inadequate: for example, it is often a situation that a child simply simply bothers to sit in class. And he can collect his things and go home. And this is by no means the only problem - children's behavior can sometimes be completely unpredictable. And do not scold the child for his antics, because most parents are to blame, too lazy to make the necessary preparations for the school in advance. Parents should talk unobtrusively throughout the summer about what awaits him at school, how interesting it will be to learn how to count and write, how much he is waiting for interesting things in class, that he will have new friends with whom you can walk in your spare time.

How to overcome the distraction of a child?

Many parents are interested in the question: How can you overcome absent-mindedness? And this is not accidental, because absent-mindedness is often the main obstacle to school achievement. A similar phenomenon in recent years in children is very, very often. As a rule, parents very quickly notice a similar problem with their babies. Such children confuse the real world with a fantasy world, they do not notice anything around them. Although in no case should one confuse distraction with autism. The scattered child is completely contact, it's just that he needs a little more time for reaction than the rest of the children. He can not respond from the first time when you call him, or he can not fulfill your request right away. Such babies can be distinguished by forgetfulness or inattention. Experts advise not to attach much importance to this, not to be disappointed in your child, and in no case should he be scolded for not paying attention. Simply your child has more developed another hemisphere of the brain - the right one. The problem is not psychological. As a rule, by about 10 years, this phenomenon completely disappears without any outside intervention. And until then, parents need to help their kid to be more organized. And this is achieved by banal control. And be sure to notify your child's teacher in advance. In addition, it is necessary to develop the work of the brain of such babies. With this task it is possible to cope with all parents, there would be a desire. In order for both hemispheres to work with full efficiency, it is necessary that each finger simultaneously perform some kind of work. To do this, various finger games, lacing, modeling, finger paints are very useful. Only 15 minutes a day of such classes - and the result will not keep you waiting. The correct psychological preparation of children for school is also to ensure that the child realizes that studying at school is an occupation as important as the work of the father and mother. This will make him feel like a full member of the family, and not just an addition to the father and mother. Believe me, this realization will allow the child to cope not only with absent-mindedness, but also with laziness. By the way, laziness is a normal state for any person, and not just for a child. So do not scold him - better help deal with laziness. Preparing children for school in kindergarten

Child's health

Preparing the child for school, in any case notforget about such an important issue as a child's health. The first thing to pay special attention to is the immunity of the child. As a rule, pre-school educational institutions - orchards - pay close attention to this. Hardening, physical culture, vaccination. In the same case, if the child is at home and the kindergarten is not attending, all these concerns will lie entirely on the shoulders of the parents. First, watch the way of life of your child. It is much more useful for children to be on a fresh holiday as much as possible, rather than sitting by the TV or playing on the computer. Of course, you should not completely deprive your child of your favorite entertainment, but you must limit them. And in order that there were no objections and insults, parents will have to go out with the child for walks. Believe me, this will not only benefit both you and the child, but will also greatly strengthen your relationship. Pay attention to the baby's diet. Often buy the child fruit - they contain a huge irreplaceable substances - vitamins, minerals, micro- and macro elements. And do not forget about bananas - they are considered an indispensable food for the brain. In addition, it is worth giving the child some multivitamin complexes. Ask your doctor to help you choose exactly the drug that is best for your child. Do not forget about vaccinations - it was in the 6 to 7 years that a whole block is administered according to the national vaccination schedule for children. As a rule, the district doctor or nurse themselves call parents with the child in the clinic for vaccinations. However, one should not hope for this - there are a lot of children on the site, and doctors can simply forget about you. Do not be lazy, go and find out yourself if you need any vaccinations for your child.

Child's nervous system

All parents want their child to grow upcalm and balanced person. And very much depends on the parents. So promote this and do not jerk it over trifles. Of course, permissiveness can not be allowed in any case. However, thousands of useless prohibitions will not lead to anything good. Little by little, accustom a child to some degree of freedom and responsibility. Responsibility for their freedom, words and deeds. To the schoolboy it oh as it is useful. And in the power of parents to help your child in this - thus the psychological maturity of the child will increase. Also, a refreshing contrast shower acts well on the child. As, however, and any other water procedures. They not only temper the child, but also remarkably and effectively stabilize the work of the nervous system. This is an extremely important component of preparing children for schooling.

Preparatory classes with the child

Very often parents in the last summer beforeschool puzzled by the problem of reading and counting. And they turn to different tutors for assistance or to centers of early development. However, teachers are very ambivalent about this. Some teachers advocate that the child would come to school already able to read and write, sometimes even give in advance assignments. And these tasks are sometimes not simple. And others ask parents not to teach this children before school. They believe that all the tasks that the tutors use only confuse the child. Therefore, try to find out in advance what the requirements are in the school in which you plan to give your baby. And remember that nobody canceled the program of teaching children in reading at school. To teach a child to write to school or not is up to the parents. The maximum that a teacher can require of them is to take note of their recommendations, but no more. And in the event that your child has long been no first-graders, assignments before the school are an indispensable component of training. And start with reading - all children without exception for the summer are given tasks on literature. During the summer, monitor the reading process, and before the school itself, check whether everything is read and learned by the child. Do not forget about other subjects - give the child small tasks on the most basic of them. This will help the child to get together and organize. However, remember that a child - even the most conscious child - is just a child. And without the control of parents, it is often impossible to do - he needs psychological support. In any case, the preparation for school is a very serious occupation. And parents need to approach it with all seriousness and responsibility. After all, as already mentioned above, the psychological role of the family in preparing children for school is very high. And no one but parents can cope with this task. We advise you to read: