Pregnancy Week 41: signs, symptoms, uzi Pregnancy 41 weeks: uzi. Your baby is completely ready to be born. By this time he has already developed well all organs and systems, the kid only continues to accumulate fat. Hair and nails continue to grow. The syrup grease has practically descended, remained only on the most delicate areas of the skin - in the armpits and in the groin. Pregnancy Week 41: Symptoms. At this time, a woman may be disturbed by the fact that the baby shows less motor activity than before. Do not worry about it, your crumbs just do not have enough room for active movements. Fetal activity can be checked by counting the number of its movements - in 30 minutes there should be 10 or more perturbations. Pregnancy Week 41: signs. The fear of premature birth was left behind. Now the woman is looking forward to the date of birth of her baby. "Dowry" for a newborn and a bag in the hospital are collected. Where is the birth? Do not worry and worry, pregnancy at 41 weeks is not considered to be postponed. PDR is just the estimated date of your birth. A pregnant pregnancy is considered if the birth has not occurred before forty-two weeks. We advise you to read: