pregnancy 4 weeks When pregnancy occurs, week 4 is the timetransformation of the fetal egg into an embryo that resembles a flat disc. The embryo consists of three embryonic leaves, which serve as the beginning for the formation of tissues and organs of the child. The inner layer is called the endoderm, from which later the liver, lungs, digestive system, kidneys and other internal organs develop. Pregnancy Week 4 signs of it appear inside the body of the future mother: the second layer - the mesoderm serves as the basis for the muscular and circulatory system, the heart and kidneys form from the mesoderm. A ectoderm - the outer layer gives rise to the skin, hair, nervous system and tooth enamel. A little later, leaf cells take their places, and the formation of the fetal head begins. pregnancy 4 week signsIntrauterine growth of the baby at week 4Pregnancy Week 4 Symptoms: The moment of the laying of all organs is extremely important, during this period, extra-germplastic organs, such as the chorion, amnion and yolk sac, are laid. From the chorion develops the placenta, and from the amnion - a fetal bladder. Extra-embryonic organs in the diagnosis of pregnancy 4 weeks of ultrasound examination is almost not available, although the doctor will be able to determine the fact of pregnancy. A woman begins to notice changes in her character. Sometimes future mothers are excessively irritable, they quickly become tired. This is a consequence of hormonal adjustment, in addition, most pregnant women note swelling and hypersensitivity of the nipples. pregnancy 4 week uziUzi at 4 weeks of pregnancy But how not to be confusedthese symptoms with premenstrual syndrome? Monthly to walk on ultrasound? There is another solution, in any pharmacy you can buy a test system, with which you can establish the presence of chorionic gonadotropin in the blood. The instruction, attached to the test system, will help to diagnose at home quickly and accurately. Typically, quality test systems can be used several days before the onset of menstruation, but the optimal time for home diagnosis is the 5th week of pregnancy, at which time the concentration of chorionic gonadotropin will be higher. The first 12 weeks of pregnancy - the most important for the future baby, it is important to continue to lead a correct lifestyle, walk more often and take vitamins. The remaining moments should be discussed with the attending physician. We advise you to read: