Pregnancy Week 34: signs, symptoms, uzi At this period of pregnancy, the layer of the originalgrease becomes even more abundant. Placental hormones continue to activate the mother's production of breast milk. To build up your bones, the baby continues to take calcium. If childbirth had occurred at this time, the child would have been considered not premature, but prematurely born. The difference lies in the lung tissue and the general maturity of the fetus. Unlike premature babies, pre-term babies breathe independently and do not require any intensive care. Pregnancy Week 34: uzi. The fat layer becomes thicker, now white energy-intensive fat is about 8% of the weight of the fetus, so that the skin of the baby is more pink and smooth. By the thirty-fourth week, he had already dropped almost all the embryonic cannons, and the hair on the head became thicker. Your child has grown a little more and by this time weighs about 2.250 g. Its length from the crown to the sacrum is about 32 centimeters. Pregnancy Week 34: Symptoms. Braxton Brakes Hicks contractions on the thirty-fourth week are becoming more regular. The woman's organism continues to prepare for childbirth. The woman more often experiences cramping sensations, which first appear in the upper part of the uterus, then spread downwards and subside. Do not confuse these abbreviations with real prenatal fights. To be frightened is only if the waters have passed at this time. Then you should immediately contact a doctor. Pregnancy Week 34: signs. At this time of pregnancy, many women experience an irresistible desire to sleep. Now for you the main thing is to protect yourself from unnecessary irritation and stress, to maintain a positive emotional background and a positive mood.