pregnancy 3 weeks If you follow all the recommendations for a higher probability,that the desired pregnancy will come 3 week of the menstrual cycle - that's the optimal time for conception. The woman's body is completely ready for pregnancy. After sexual intercourse, millions of spermatozoa rush to the fallopian tube, the acid-alkaline environment of the vagina helps to increase the speed of movement, but does not destroy spermatozoa. pregnancy 3 week signs If you undergo a diagnosis, then pregnancy is 3 weeksUltrasound will confirm changes in the body of the uterus, in the ovaries and in the fallopian tubes. Thanks to these changes, spermatozoa can move unobstructed to the egg. About a hundred spermatozoa reach the goal and secrete a special enzyme that melts the egg shell. After that, the only sperm penetrates into the interior and it is at this point that you can say that the pregnancy has come 3 week signs of which are not yet visible even to the future mother. At the time of the connection of the sperm and the egg, an important chemical process begins, thanks to which the remaining spermatozoa can not penetrate into the egg cell. pregnancy 3 week symptoms Pregnancy Week 3 symptoms: The sperm resorbs within the egg, and the carrier of the genetic information of the father - the nucleus, connects to the chromosome of the egg. Now the future child has the second component of the genome. Three days later, the embryo consists of 32 cells, and its shape is similar to the mulberry berry. And by the end of the third week, it will look like a hollow ball 0.1-0.2 mm in diameter, and the number of cells will increase to 250. A few days after fertilization, a blastocyst is attached to the upper part of the uterine cavity from the ovary, to which a fertilized egg is allocated. It is a hollow vial filled with liquid. This symptom speaks of successful fertilization, and on the tenth day the vial is attached to the uterine mucosa thoroughly. Vorsels deeper immerse into the endometrium, the number of cells increases, and the germinal vesicle begins to secrete enzymes that completely rebuild the organism of the future mother. First of all her menstruation stops. Further, the uterine mucosa increases in thickness and envelops the fetal egg - that is, the placenta is born - the organ that nourishes and protects the fetus throughout pregnancy. We advise you to read: