posting for money Perhaps, posting for money - this is one of the mostthe best ways to "put together" starting capital for those who do not have special knowledge and only makes the first steps, trying to understand how and what you can earn on the Internet. Of course, getting rich on this kind of activity is unlikely to work. But you can feel the taste of the first money earned on the Internet and realize that earning in the network is quite real. And, you can do it in the shortest possible time.

What is posting?

Posting on the forums - what is it? The name of the posting occurred from the English word "post", which translates as "to inform", "to give full information". Who, to whom and why gives this most "complete information"? It seems that almost all who have ever used the Internet, faced with a kind of online "interest clubs" - forums. The forums bring together a wide variety of people who are keen on a common idea, a problem, or just want to talk. They share their thoughts, discuss topics of interest to them, tell stories, ask for advice, etc. How do they communicate without seeing or hearing each other? Very simple! They publish their messages and comments. These texts are called posts, but what they do is posting to forums.

How to earn money on posting?

Well, suppose, with what posting is all aboutit's clear ... But how can you make money on this? Why do site owners pay someone for messages? The answer lies on the surface. There are a lot of different forums on the Internet. Therefore, when a new resource appears, its owner can be extremely difficult to declare themselves and break through among competitors. In order to "untwist" the forum, and you have to resort to some tricks. One of which is payment for posts. The owner of such a forum advertises and negotiates with several posters about payment. They open topics, publish comments, support communication. Gradually, if the topic of the forum is relevant and interesting, "pull" and other, ordinary users. The forum begins to live. And its owner - to receive money from the resource. posting on forums

What do you need to become a poster?

First, you will need a virtual wallet -it is he who will receive earned money. It is better to create it in the WebMoney system - today it is the most popular payment system and almost all services work with it. Then you need to register on several forums and exchanges that offer posting for money. Registration on multiple resources will help increase the volume of orders. Try to choose only proven and reliable sites. Carefully study the terms of payment. On different resources they can be very different. Check the minimum amount that can be withdrawn from your account. And - for work! What do you need to make your posts successful? There are a few simple rules, by fulfilling which you increase your chances of becoming an "advanced" poster:

  • Your messages should be interesting,informative and well thought out. You need to have at least some idea of ​​the topic you are writing to. If you feel that the knowledge you have is clearly not enough - do not be lazy, look for additional information. Why is it so important? The point is that senseless statements, far from the topic of discussion, - they are also called flooding - are tracked and deleted by the moderator. As a consequence, you will not be paid for such posting on forums.
  • Your posts should be unique. What does it mean? This means that you must write them yourself. It is inadmissible to use copy-paste - take messages from another forum or a phrase from someone else's article and insert them as your post. It is better to retell the liked soap in your own words. Such moments are also easily verified.
  • The text of the post should not contain profanity, spelling errors, slang or jargon. Do not quarrel with members of the forum - you should not humiliate or insult anyone.
  • Try to avoid sensitive issues - for example, discuss religious and national issues.
  • How much can you earn on posting?

    The prices for posting, of course, are not very large. After all, work is simple, not requiring much effort. Even a schoolboy can cope with it. On average, one message costs 0.05 WMZ - that is, about 5 cents. And this, of course, not for one word, but for 2-4 sentences, written on the substance of the matter under discussion. Therefore, even if you are well versed in the topic, this post will take you from one to three minutes. And if you have to look for additional information, then more. That is, in an hour, with diligent work, you can write about 20 posts. Thus, working for 8 hours a day, without days off you can earn about 240 dollars a month. Of course, posting is difficult to call "easy money", and to live exclusively on this income, apparently it will not work. But after working for a while, you will be able to invest this money in more serious projects, and start your business on the Internet from scratch, without attracting funds from the "real". Agree, does this sound tempting? Posting on forums has one more great advantage. Having started to communicate you, involuntarily, get acquainted with new people, you may find friends and you will learn a lot of interesting things. Including, and about other ways of earning in the network. And, thus, you can move to the "new stage". After all, nothing is valued as much as information. Why not try?