plantar wart Plantar warts are very unpleasantbenign neoplasm of soft foot tissue. The first time after the appearance of such a wart, the person most often does not pay any attention to it. And not surprisingly - a small, does not interfere, is not in a prominent place. But believe me - it's all for the time being. The plantar wart slowly but surely grows. And when it reaches a certain size, there will be painful sensations. At first they will not be particularly strong, but gradually, day after day, will turn your life into a total torment. If you start treating warts, very soon you will not have to walk in shoes, and even just standing barefoot on the carpet will hurt. In order to prevent such an unpleasant situation, it is very important to notice the appearance of plantar warts in time. And do not just notice, but start her treatment. And in order for you to do this, you need to have at least a general idea of ​​what plantar warts are and how to treat them.

The causes of the development of warts

Despite the fact that any wart -neoplasm of benign, in healthy people it does not develop. The appearance of warts is caused by the papilloma virus, which, as a rule, penetrates the human body through small, and sometimes even invisible, cuts and abrasions on the skin. The human papillomavirus provokes the development of all warts without exception. They can appear on any part of the skin, on the face. But plantar warts, as it is easy to guess, appear exactly on the soles of the feet. About a very interesting fact say doctors - they believe that almost every adult is infected with the papilloma virus. But why then does not every person have warts? After all, it is quite natural that where the virus is, there are those harmless at first glance benign warts? In fact, everything is explained simply. The virus, getting into the body of a healthy person, immediately undergoes the strongest attack from the immune system. Unfortunately, it dies very rarely - in most cases the virus just hibernates. And he sleeps until the time when, for one reason or another, immunity does not weaken. That's when the high point of the human papilloma virus comes. And as a result of this starry hour - the appearance of a wart or even a few, depending on how weakened the immune system. That's why so many people noted that the first warts they had appeared soon after a cold or flu. And sometimes it's enough just for a lot of stress at work or for extreme fatigue - it also has a very negative effect on the functioning of the immune system. plantar wart

How to understand that you have a wart?

To confuse the plantar wart with a corn veryit is difficult, but nevertheless, very many people regularly manage to do this and are simply cut off. And they understand their mistake, only discovering on the blade droplets of blood and felt a burning pain. But if it were a callus, there would be just a transparent selection. But doctors do not stop repeating that this method of diagnosis is better not to use - there is always a small, but still risk of degeneration of a benign tumor into a malignant one. And trauma is the most powerful provoking factor. So try to understand if the wart is in front of you, in more gentle ways. And there are at least two of them:

  • Appearance of warts

First, carefully inspect the growth on the foot. Plantar warts always have a strictly delineated border, an oval shape and rises above the skin level by a few centimeters. The color of plantar warts is from light to dark shades of brown. And in its very center there is always a darkening - these are the large blood vessels that feed the wart. Skin around

  • Painful sensations

Another very good way to understand the wartWhether before you - to press on it. In the event that this is a common callus, the pain will be felt in the neoplasm. And if you are dealing with a wart, the skin around it will be the most painful. Although in the event that the wart is very large, the pain will be so intense that it is almost impossible to pinpoint its localization - it hurts the entire foot. In principle, plantar warts are plantar - they can form on any part of the skin on the foot. However, most often they occur in places where the main pressure of the body is necessary. That is why later, when walking, severe pain arises.

Human papillomavirus

Infected with human papillomavirus is verysimply because it is almost everywhere. A micro-cracks - the entrance gate for the virus - on the skin of any person more than enough. But you can still try to reduce the likelihood of infection. To do this, you must follow a number of simple rules:

  • Bare feet

Do not walk barefoot, except sandy beaches. It's unclear why, but in the sand the papilloma virus does not live. Well, of course, at home all the time to walk in sneakers, too, no one requires.

  • Skin condition

It is very important to keep your feet clean anddry. In a humid environment, the papilloma virus feels very free, so do not create a free living environment for it. Regularly wash your feet and carefully wipe them, change your socks. And in the event that any sores appear on the skin, immediately treat them - at least with simple iodine.

  • Public places

A healthy lifestyle has recently becomevery popular and it's actually great. But at the same time, the spread of the human papillomavirus increased. Which, incidentally, is not at all surprising - common shower cabins, undressing, simulators, swimming pool. Be sure to remember the basic rules of personal hygiene and always abide by them!

Treatment of plantar warts

Proper treatment of this scourge consists of twostages. The first and most important stage is antiviral therapy, which is necessary to destroy the robbery in the body of the virus. Unfortunately, very many people simply ignore this stage - and in vain: otherwise, warts will appear again and again. And the second stage of treatment is the removal of an existing wart. Doctors offer several ways:

  • Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is a freezing of the wart withaid of liquid nitrogen. Using a special applicator, the doctor will apply nitrogen for a while to the surface of the wart. A few hours later, a blister appears on the site of the wart treatment, resembling the most common burn. The tissues of the warts will slowly die off - after about 10 days the crust will fall off together with the wart. If the frost has been performed correctly and healthy tissues are not damaged, scar tissue almost never happens.

  • Electrocoagulation

This method of wart removal is simple. High-frequency current damages those blood vessels that feed the wart. Soon, the tissues of the neoplasm, deprived of nutrition, die. On average, this process takes about 10 days. The main disadvantage of this method of wart removal is a high probability of developing a scar. In addition, one should not keep silent about the painful sensations experienced during the procedure itself.

  • Laser ray

Laser to date - the most popularThe method of removing any benign neoplasms on the skin, including plantar warts. The effects of the laser beam are very high. Firstly, it is a complete absence of pain during manipulation, secondly, the least traumatic, and thirdly, the absence of scars. plantar warts

Folk remedies for warts

In some cases, people refuseoperative removal of warts. Motives for this refusal are different and to understand them is not our task. But before you take this decision, remember - all the risks of self-treatment fall on you and only on you. In addition, if there is no antiviral therapy, the human papilloma virus in the human body will sooner or later provoke the appearance of a new wart. In addition, in no case should one try to get rid of the wart by itself to pregnant women, children and adolescents, and also to people suffering from diabetes mellitus. Predict what the consequences of self-treatment will be in this case is simply impossible. Therefore, in no case risk health.

  • Garlic

The surest way to get rid of any warts- including the plantar ones - garlic. If you have very little time to prepare complex funds, you can try to do the simplest. Peel several garlic cloves, pass them through the garlic squeegee and leave for a few minutes. Then put garlic paste on the body of the wart and cover with a plastic wrap, from above put on a tight toe. After about a minute or two minutes you will feel a slight burning sensation, which indicates that the process is proceeding normally. After 20 minutes, rinse the garlic with cool water and brush with baby cream. Repeat this procedure for five consecutive days, and then make two days off. The duration of this course of treatment is not more than a month. Sometimes, immediately after applying the gruel, a person feels a very burning sensation. In this case, it should be washed off immediately, and next time add a few drops of any vegetable oil to onion paste. And the procedure itself for such people should not be done every evening, but every other day. If the wart is very large, it is best to use a garlic cake. For its preparation you will need garlic, flour and a little vegetable oil. Garlic clean and grind, add flour and vegetable oil, knead the dough. Then pinch off a small piece of it, form a cake and attach to the wart. From above put a piece of gauze tissue, fix with a stick-plaster and leave for the whole night. The procedure must be done every other day, for a month.

  • Onion

Very rarely, but still it happens that garlichas too much effect on the wart. In this case, you should abandon the garlic and try onions - it acts softer, but no less effectively. Well, perhaps, the course of treatment will last a little longer - about one and a half months. Take the fourth part of a small head of onions, peel it and finely chop it. Then put onions in a deep plate, pour apple cider vinegar and leave for an hour. After this, the onion will become soft - you can knead it with a fork. Vinegar drain, and the resulting onion mass is applied to the plantar wart, cover with a plastic wrap and leave for at least two hours. No unpleasant sensations you will not experience, so you can leave the onion compress for a longer period - for example, at night. Therefore, the procedure should be done in the evening, before bedtime. Treatment should be carried out daily, up to the complete disappearance of plantar warts. Just do not forget to lubricate the wart in the morning with vegetable oil. It is necessary to mention one very important detail - skin protection. Your goal - to cause the death of pathological tissue warts of plantar, but not healthy skin, which is located around the wart. Therefore, it must necessarily be protected. You can go on the path of least resistance and just before each procedure lubricate the skin with a thick layer of any fat cream, and ideally even Vaseline. And you can use a more reliable method - adhesive plaster. Take a piece of adhesive plaster, cut through it an opening of this diameter, so that the wart crawled and paste on the skin. But remember - adhesive plaster can cause irritation, so every three to four days, change it. We advise you to read: