delicious pilaf in a double boiler The purpose of this article is to explain how correctlyto cook pilaf in a double boiler. This kitchen utensil is useful in that it allows you to get ready-to-eat foods that retain all their qualities and are dietary food. Every hostess knows how useful a dish is cooked for a couple. But not everyone is familiar with how to cook a pilaf in a multivariate. Some do not assume that for such a whimsical dish as pilaf, you can use this device, not so long ago appeared in our kitchens for cooking.

Choosing products for cooking pilaf

The main components of any pilaf are rice and meat. It is on them to focus on the purchase of products. If the recipe of the desired dish provides for a certain type of rice or meat, then you need to buy them. In all other cases, you need to focus on the following rules: rice for pilaf should not be brittle, in the package there should be no crumbs and dust from the cereal. It is best to choose rice with the grains elongated, yellowish and slightly transparent. White and roundish grains often have an increased content of starch and, when cooking, stick together and boil. Such cereals are good for cereals. If Parboiled is written on the package, then this rice is steamed and in pilau it will be fresh and tasteless, but the dish will turn out friable. Concerning what meat is preferable to pilaf, everyone knows that it is lamb. However, another approach: pork, beef, veal, chicken, turkey. Often the recipe for a meal specifically indicates which one to buy. When choosing meat, you need to pay attention to its color, smell, the presence of darkish spots. Each housewife knows how to distinguish a fresh product from a spoiled one: you need to press a finger on a piece of meat and see how quickly the hole is leveled. With a fresh product, this happens almost immediately. However, in the store, pieces of meat are often sold in a heavily frozen form. Therefore, here the criterion for selection should be the expiration date indicated on the package. What kind of condiments and spices are needed for pilau, will tell the recipe of the chosen dish. Most often used zira, including black, barberry, black and red ground pepper, bay leaf, curry. The prepared dish is sprinkled with a variety of greens: basil, coriander, marjoram. In some cases, dried fruits are added, ate it prescribes a pilaf recipe. To prepare this dish, you need onions, carrots, garlic, tomatoes. Regardless of what kind of cookware a pilau will cook, in a cauldron or a double boiler, the composition of the products remains unchanged. plov recipe in multivark

Cooking pilaf in a multivariate

Prepare a delicious and healthy dish for a couple,having such equipment as a multivarker, is simple and fast. This unit has different cooking modes, the number of which depends on the model of this miracle technique. If there is no "Pilaf" mode, you can cook in "Baking" mode. You will also need the "Frying" and "Steamed rice" modes. Multivarka is a device consisting of a bowl of a certain volume with non-stick coating, a tenon, an electronic control unit and a tight-fitting lid. Pilaf in a multivark can be prepared in two ways. The classic recipe First of all you need to prepare the products: wash the meat and cut into pieces of medium size, cut the onions into half rings, and carrots - straw. At the bottom of the bowl multivarka need to pour the vegetable oil and put it into everything that was cooked, that is meat, carrots and onions. All this in the bowl should be mixed. Then set the "Baking" mode, which lasts 40 minutes, and periodically open the lid and mix the food. This way the zirvak, the meat basis of pilau, will be prepared. After you hear a signal that the "Bake" mode has finished its work, you need to put the washed rice, salt, spices and condiments in the bowl. After that, the boiled water is added in such a quantity that it covers the rice, which is uniformly distributed over the volume of the bowl, by 1 cm. After that, the lid is closed and the "Plov", "Baking" or other mode is set which has a cooking temperature of not less than 180 °. A simple recipe It is in many respects similar to the first way of cooking pilaf and has only some differences in how the zirvak is done. Here, in the "Bake" mode, meat is first fried for 20 minutes with constant stirring, and onions and carrots are added later, and the mixture of products is prepared for another 15-20 minutes. Rice, salt and spices are added in the same way as in the first case. The rest of the process is similar to prescription number 1. plov recipe in a double boiler

Cooking pilaf in a double boiler

Given that the multivariate in our kitchens is not yetso much, and a steamer is an ordinary thing, then pilaf is most often cooked in it. It is known that this cookware for steaming has several compartments - bowls, which are installed one above the other. Water is poured into the lower compartment, and the top is tightly closed with a lid. Cooked in steamer dishes have a lot of advantages: they are juicy, tasty and retain all their nutritional properties. Steamed dishes are dietary, healthy food. In order to cook in a steamer, pilaf, you will need:

  • meat (lamb, beef, pork) - 150 g
  • rice - 200 g
  • bulb of medium size - 1 pc.
  • zira, spices, salt
  • quince - 50 g

Rice should be cleaned, rinsed thoroughly, changingwater at least 7 times, and soak in boiled water at room temperature for 4-5 hours. Water should be poured. At the right time, the meat is cut into small portions, which should be rolled in a mixture of spices, zirs and salt. This recipe allows slicing carrots not only with straws, but also with circles. Then we are engaged in a quince. From it you need to take out all the seeds and septa and cut into thin slices. After that we cut the onions into half rings. Water is poured into the bottom of the steamer. And in the upper stack prepared for cooking pilaf products in the following order: meat, quince, carrots. Then you need to spread the gauze over the products and put the swollen rice on it. On top of it you still need to sprinkle with salted water. After that the lid is closed and, if there is a timer, it is set for 2 hours. Periodically, pilaf should be dislodged (not mixed) with a shovel so that it steams evenly. 15 minutes before the end of cooking, it is necessary to fry the onions in a frying pan until golden in color. Then it is added to the pilaf, which is thoroughly mixed.