pigmentation on face treatment Pigmented spots can upset anyone,because they greatly spoil the overall impression. Of course, you can try to mask the stains with a foundation, but the result will not be ideal. Therefore, people aspire to get rid of pigment spots by all imaginable, and sometimes unimaginable ways. And very often such attempts end not with getting rid of pigment spots, but with banal skin burns. Of course, this does not mean that you should give up attempts to eliminate this misfortune; on the contrary, it is possible and necessary to fight with pigment spots. But do it only with the help of proven recipes that will not harm you. It is about such recipes that you will learn from this article. The main secret of success is strict adherence to the recipe so as not to damage the skin. Have a little patience, regularly follow the procedures and will surely achieve the desired result. treatment of facial pigmentation

Whitening lotions

In the event that your pigment spots are nottoo bright, you can try to do with sparing means - for example, bleaching lotions. The most important thing is not to forget regularly during the day to wipe pigment spots.

  • Cucumber lotion

To prepare this lotion you will needone fresh small cucumber, 50 grams of vodka and 50 grams of pure boiled water. Cucumber peel, grate or cut into small cubes. Find a small glass bottle with a lid, put there the crushed cucumber and pour it with vodka. Lotion should be insisted for about 10 days in a cold and dark place. The ideal option will be the lower shelf of the refrigerator. Do not forget at least once a day to shake a bottle of lotion. After he is infused, you can strain it. Be sure to dilute with water to avoid scalding the skin. Wipe pigmentation spots need at least three times a day. By the way, the owners of fatty skin can wipe the entire face, rather than just pigmented spots, before going to bed. Just a week later, her condition will improve significantly. Lotion is very soft and the skin is not threatened, so the treatment of pigmented spots can be continued for as long as you need it.

  • Lotion of berries of red mountain ash

About the preparation of this lotion is necessarytake care in winter, when there is ashberry. You will need five tablespoons of berries and 100 grams of vodka. Berries is isomething, put in a glass container and pour vodka. To persist lotion should be at least 30 days, and it can be stored very, very long - up to a year. But only in a cool place. Pay attention - before use, lotion should be diluted with water in a proportion of one to one to avoid a possible skin burn. Pigmented spots should be wiped at least five times a day. Those women who tried this lotion on themselves, argue that the first results are visible in a few days.

  • Lemon Lotion

This tool can help to cope even withdark pigmented spots. But be careful - if you feel that the skin becomes excessively dry, be sure to apply a moisturizer and dilute the lotion with water in a one to one ratio, just before applying. The lotion itself is prepared as follows: grate one medium lemon, place it in a glass container and pour 100 grams of water. Place in the fridge and persist for a week, occasionally shaking. Then strain and add 30 grams of vodka. Everything, the lotion is ready. By the way, it is also necessary to store it only in the refrigerator. treatment of facial pigmentation at home

Whitening Masks

Sometimes bleaching lotions alone do notit turns out. In this case, whitening masks will help you. Be sure to follow the formula of mask preparation strictly and do not do it more often than recommended - otherwise you risk damaging the skin.

  • Cottage cheese mask

To prepare this mask, you will need fivetablespoons of any cottage cheese and two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide. Mix thoroughly cottage cheese and hydrogen peroxide, immediately apply a mask to the pigment spots. In most cases, no unpleasant feelings a person does not feel. Therefore, if you feel a burning sensation - immediately wash off the mask, so as not to damage the skin. In all other cases, keep the mixture for about 20 minutes, then rinse with plenty of water. Do not forget immediately after the mask to lubricate the skin with any moisturizing cream - this will prevent overdrying of the skin. The mask needs to be done three times a week - not more often, but not less often. The duration of the course of treatment is not longer than one month.

  • Sour cream mask

This mask should be used in the most severecases, when the pigment spots are dark and nothing else will lighten them. To prepare a mask, you will need ammonia, which can be purchased at any pharmacy, and of course sour cream, of course. And sour cream is better to buy as much as possible fat. Add five drops of sour cream in two tablespoons of sour cream, mix thoroughly. Then apply strictly to the pigment spots, avoiding contact with the rest of the skin. Leave the mask on the skin for about 15 minutes. But if the burning is too strong, wash off immediately - obviously, you have too sensitive skin and this mask does not suit you. After the mask, necessarily lubricate the skin with a small amount of any vegetable oil - it is best to give preference to the olive oil. Such a mask can not be done more than twice a week - the consequences can be most unpredictable. And the course of treatment should last no longer than two weeks. If during this time you can not get rid of pigment spots, wait at least a week before continuing the treatment.

  • Berry Mask

In the summer, you can usewhitening mask any berries - the acid contained in them whitens the skin well. But it's best to give preference to slightly immature berries, since they work much more efficiently. The mask itself is very simple - two tablespoons of berries mash with a fork until a puree state, then apply the gruel to the pigment spots. The mask should stay on the skin for at least 20 minutes. After that, wash your face and apply your usual moisturizing cream. Such masks can be done often enough, at least every day, since the risk of damage to the skin is absent.

  • Tomato mask

If the pigmentation on the face is not very strong,try treatment with tomatoes. Take the average tomato - be sure to ripe, remember it and apply it to the pigment spots. Leave for 30 minutes, then rinse with water. A similar procedure can be done every day, for two to three weeks. Tomatoes do not damage the skin, however, if in a few weeks the pigment spots could not be cured, further treatment is simply pointless.

  • Lemon mask

Another great way to get rid ofThe pigmentation on the face is a lemon mask. For its preparation you need one tablespoon of wheat flour and one medium-sized lemon. Lemon, together with zest, grate, mix with flour and leave for about 20 minutes. After this, apply the resulting mass to the pigmented spot, leave for 15 minutes and rinse with plenty of cool water. Always lubricate the skin with a moisturizer. Otherwise, it will very soon begin to peel off. In order to get rid of the pigmentation on the face with this method, you need to make a lemon mask at least three times a week. Treatment should last a month, not more.

  • Mask of white clay

If the pigmentation on the face does not wantretreat, try treatment with a mask of white clay. To prepare it you will need a tablespoon of dry white pancake, which is sold in pharmacies, ammonia and water. Dilute clay with water until creamy consistency, add 10 drops of ammonia and immediately, immediately apply on the skin - more precisely, on the pigmented spots. Watch your feelings carefully! If the burning sensation is too strong - immediately wash off the mask. Otherwise, instead of getting rid of pigmentation on your face, you will need skin treatment. Even if you do not feel any discomfort, do not hold the mask for more than 5 minutes! Be sure to apply a lot of moisturizing cream after the mask on the pigment spots. In a week, you can not do this mask more than twice, and the duration of such a course of treatment for pigmentation on the face is three weeks. In most cases, getting rid of the pigmentation on the face is quite realistic. If, for one reason or another, you did not succeed, you should contact a cosmetologist. We advise you to read: