Causes of pigmentation on the face of the cause Little freckles on his face look cute andpretty. Often, girls do not even pay much attention to them. Why struggle with them, if barely noticeable brown dots can be hidden under a layer of foundation. And by the autumn, when the sun does not actively influence the skin, they will disappear by themselves. Such negligence can lead to the fact that over time, small mischievous specks will increase greatly, darken and cover the entire face.

Why there are spots

In fact, only experienced dermatologists canto determine, why in an organism there was a failure, because of which on a girl's skin appeared similar defects. It can be heredity, solar activity, hormonal failure, stomach problems. And only having established and eliminated the cause, it is possible to begin the fight with pigment spots.

  • Avitaminosis

Lack of some vitamins in the body (A, C,PP) may lead to increased production of melanin. In summer, eat as many fresh berries, vegetables and fruits as possible. In winter, drink vitamins (ascorbic acid, fish oil). Naturally, treatment should be approved by your doctor. Try not to eat food, in which there are no useful trace elements.

  • Burn

In this case, the pigment spots are the resultprotective reaction of the body to direct sunlight. By the way, after a burn, white traces can remain on the skin, which are output only with the help of a laser. So try to sunbathe correctly. In the first days on the beach spend no more than an hour. In this case it is necessary to be either under a special umbrella or under an awning. From twelve to four, make a mandatory break, even if your body has acquired a chocolate color.

  • Pregnancy

Pigmented spots appearing on the face of a pregnant womanwomen, after childbirth usually pass. If the brown dots remain, you can get rid of them by popular methods. The simplest remedy is a cucumber mask, which is infused with alcohol. Daily wipe this mixture with the skin until you get the desired result.

  • Disease

Before you resort to the help of a beautician,to illuminate the skin, complete a complete examination with an endocrinologist, dermatologist, gastroenterologist and gynecologist. The fact is that pigmentation spots can appear as a result of serious chronic diseases. You can also disrupt the work of the adrenal glands, gonads, liver and biliary tract. Almost always, the processes that occur inside our body affect the skin condition.

  • Cosmetics and creams with whitening effect

Please note that substandard cosmetics are notis the cause of the problem. It is in this case only a catalyst. So do not skimp on your health. Buy only those products that are sold legally in stores. In transitions and markets it is better not to buy anything. As for specialized cosmetics, then, perhaps, you applied a clarifying cream, and then went out into the street. To avoid such trouble, always read the summary for the drugs. And bleach the skin only when there is practically no sun. Heat and ultraviolet can cause complications. Experts recommend to resort to such procedures from early October to March. In order to get rid of pigment spots, contact only professionals. Do not use creams and ointments, without first consulting with a dermatologist. Even a small mistake can cause hyperpigmentation or complete discoloration of the skin. pigmentation of the face

Types of pigmentation

Melasma and Chloasma With melasma or chloasma more oftenall face girls, in the body of which began a serious hormonal reconstruction. Pigmentation on the face (mainly on the forehead, chin, cheekbones and over the lips) appears during pregnancy, menopause. An important role is also played by genetic predisposition. Star spots The chocolate lovers most often face the problem of hyperpigmentation. The fact is that every time the ultraviolet rays affect the skin, the amount of melanin in it increases. He gradually reaches the upper layers of the epidermis, because of which on the face appear ugly blots. Therefore, if you do not want to meet old age with dry, dull and problem skin, start using special creams right now. By the way, it is quite difficult to get rid of such marks not only independently, but also in specialized clinics. Birthmarks Nevus usually appear on the face and body at birth. Pay attention: even during your growing up they should not change color, the form, the size. If suddenly the birthmark begins to deform, darken or increase, urgently contact a specialist. The usual whitening cosmetics in this case does not help. Atypical birthmarks Such defects on the face appear in adolescence or more mature age. Unlike freckles, they do not pass and do not lighten in autumn or winter. Atypical birthmarks are the initial stage of cutaneous melanoma. Therefore, at least once every six months, visit the oncologist. Vitiligo White pigment spots on the face appear due to the fact that melanocytes in certain areas of the skin stop producing melanin. Scientists believe that the cause of the disease lies in the problems with the immune system. By the way, vitiligo is also inherited. Freckles Freckles - another gift that you inherited from your parents. This is due to the fact that the cells-melanocytes under the influence of direct sunlight begin to reproduce the dark pigment in a larger volume than usual. It is impossible to get rid of such stains forever, but to prevent their appearance - easily. It is enough to use creams with protection from ultraviolet rays, and also to hide the face from the sun.

We address to the expert

Have you got dark spots on your face? It would seem, what's the problem? After all, it is enough to go and buy cosmetics with a clarifying effect to get rid of brown blots on the skin. But if you do not want to hurt yourself, first of all, establish the causes of hyperpigmentation. And do not rely on the advice of friends, your own intuition or the help of an apothecary. In any case, you will have to visit a dermatologist. After all, if such defects on the face have appeared because of somatic diseases, removing freckles with creams and ointments will not only lead to positive results, but also cause serious complications. causes of pigmentation on the face

How to get rid of age spots

To date, there are many methods,with which you can get rid of brown dots on the skin. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, indications and contraindications. So, for example, to get rid of light, hardly noticeable pigment spots, it is enough to make a surface chemical peeling or grinding with a special device. You can also use chemist's creams. However, do not forget to spray the treated areas with serums and emulsions during the whitening procedure, which slows the melanin production process. You can achieve positive results after two or three months. By the way, cases when such cosmetics caused allergy, burns, irritation are not uncommon. Therefore, it is preliminary recommended to test the clarifying products on a small area of ​​the skin. But even if it has approached you, you will not be able to apply it for a long time. Maximum - two months, then you will have to make a half-year break. Otherwise, the skin will become dry and lethargic. If the problem is more serious, even microdermabrasion will not help. Here it is necessary to resort to the help of a laser or concentrated trichloroacetic acid. The only disadvantage of such procedures is that you will need to sit at home for at least a week. It's unlikely you want to scare colleagues, relatives and passers-by with a red face, as if you received a serious burn. Please note: if skin defects appear during pregnancy, after taking contraceptives, during a period of exacerbation of any disease, the face should not be whitened. Over time, these problems will go away by themselves. After you stop taking medication, give birth to a child, go through a course of treatment (and so on through the list), staining will gradually begin to lighten. Contraindications: to whom it is impossible to remove pigment spots In any beauty salon you may refuse to perform the bleaching procedure, if you have serious skin problems, you are sick with diabetes mellitus, take glucocorticoid hormones during treatment. Also it is not recommended to visit the beautician's office for girls in the position and breastfeeding mothers. face pigmentation

How to avoid relapse

You finally figured out the reasons for the appearancepigmented spots, healed, brightened the skin? Do not relax! This problem can return at any time. Therefore, it is necessary to take all security measures that will help prevent this.

  • Choose a special makeup

So, to begin with, you should completely updatecosmetic bag. Use a tonal basis, creams and similar products, SPF of which is not less than 15. In summer, this figure should be much higher. If you apply a protective emulsion on your face, make sure that it is suitable for your skin type. But you need to use special cosmetics correctly. The cream, for example, should be applied evenly so that it completely covers the skin. Make a make-up in this case follows twenty minutes before going out. Please note - in hot weather, the fair sex should be lubricated every two to three hours. Beforehand, do not forget to rinse off the remains of the old makeup with a damp cloth.

  • We use folk remedies

Every morning, rub your face with lemon juice andparsley (tentatively make sure that you do not have allergies on them). Once a week, wash with sour milk or make masks from cream. Also you can use hydrogen peroxide - it has excellent bleaching properties. Just make sure that the liquid does not fall on the eyebrows, otherwise they can get a reddish tinge.

  • Avoid prolonged contact with ultraviolet

Light-skinned and freckled girls dermatologists do notrecommend long stay in the open sun, even if they use special protective creams. The same goes for tanning salons - too often tanning in them is impossible and completely healthy to the fair sex.

  • Do not do cosmetic procedures

Peeling, laser treatment and other procedures forclarification, rejuvenation and elimination of defects - all this is recommended to be done at a certain time of the year. You should be warned about this in the beauty salon in advance. If the master says that there will be no consequences, contact another institution. If you start to observe all the precautions, the risk of getting pigment spots on the face will be minimized. Do not relax in the winter or in the summer! It is much easier to prevent than to fight with unpleasant consequences. We advise you to read: