skin pigmentation The appearance of pigmented spots is peculiar not onlywomen aged. The opinion that this "decoration" accompanies the general aging of the body is erroneous. Skin pigmentation occurs due to hereditary factors, and because of too sensitive skin. So, for example, some women after 30 years begin to fight this unpleasant phenomenon. Sometimes pigmentation spots can be mistaken for moles. However, in more detailed consideration, you can see that the differences are significant. Moles do not appear with such speed and regularity, and the nature of their manifestation is completely different. And if the lovely birthmark over the lip adorns a woman's face and, undoubtedly, is pleasant to men, the pigmented spot indicates age changes, no matter how young the woman looked.

How and why there are pigment spots

The causes of skin pigmentation may be different. This is a bad environment, and a change in climatic conditions, and excessive exposure to the sun. The formation of pigmented spots is associated with the production in the body of an excessive amount of melanin - a pigment, which is designed to protect the skin from sunlight. It is he who leads to the appearance of spots, both on the face and neck, and on the shoulders and in the decollete. Pigmentation occurs at the level of cell renewal. The natural protection of the skin from ultraviolet light decreases with age, so brown spots appear more often in elderly women. The activity of melanin is influenced by many factors: age and hormonal changes, stresses, prolonged use of antibiotics and much, much more. Only a doctor dermatologist can identify the root cause and prescribe an effective treatment. If you know that your skin is prone to the appearance of age spots, try to be less exposed to the sun, and if possible, use a protective cream containing UV filter. This must be done even in cloudy weather, not to mention sunny days. It is also recommended in the autumn and winter to conduct chemical peelings with subsequent protection of the skin from sunlight, periodically taking courses of B vitamins. pigmentation

Whitening procedures

Treatment of skin pigmentation, as mentioned above, is prescribed by a dermatologist. We just give you some of the most common methods used in beauty parlors:

  • Skin pigmentation is reduced by means with the contents of clarifying components (hydrogen peroxide, mercury, citric acid and salicylic alcohol).
  • The most effective skin bleaching agent is Hydroquinone. However, unlike the above components, it is very toxic.
  • Helps exfoliate the skin with chemicalpeelings, which are divided into deep, superficial and medium. This method of bleaching severely traumatizes the skin, leaving traces on it for a long time. As a rule, redness and swelling after the procedure lasts about a week.
  • Cryoapplication - this procedure is a treatment with liquid nitrogen. Immediately after the procedure, the pigmentation acquires a reddish hue, then the surface layer of the spots darkens and completely disappears.
  • The most sparing way to remove pigmented spots to date are laser procedures that lead to the destruction of cells containing an increased amount of melanin.
  • Photorejuvenation - treatment is carried out using a high-intensity light source that destroys melanin. This method is particularly effective for age-related pigmentation.

It also happens that the pigmentation spots do not causea woman of special discomfort and pass by themselves. For example, minor pigmentation may occur during pregnancy, but after birth, the spots gradually disappear. In other cases, this trouble can not be treated at all, even surgical intervention does not help. This is due to the fact that the cause of the appearance of the spots was initially incorrectly determined. Then the pigmentation spots become a real problem. Causes of skin pigmentation

Can I get rid of age spots with folk remedies?

Very many plants have the effect ofbleaching of the skin. Of course, their action is weaker than the action of chemical compounds, but you can still try to get rid of the pigment spots yourself. For skin bleaching, the bearberry is excellent, it contains organic acids, hydroquinone in small amounts and arbutin. Also good for these procedures is the yarrow. It consists of flavonoids, which form compounds that interfere with the production of melanin. Whitening effect has licorice, rich in various acids, and also lemon, parsley and cucumber, which contain bleaching essential oils. Our grandmothers often used these funds in order to get rid of spots and freckles. And what prevents us, modern women, to recall these recipes and take advantage of them, having treated in a cozy home environment? Cucumber-based mask It is made very simply. Rub on a small grater medium fresh cucumber and apply the mixture on your face. After half an hour wash with warm water. Lotion based on parsley Very finely cut a small bunch of greens, put in a prepared container and pour 100 grams of steep boiling water. We wait, while it is infused, after about an hour, we express the received liquid, we dilute with milk. All - you can use lotion, wiping their face in the morning and evening. Whitening soap mask Adjust the laundry soap with a knife or grate on a large grater. Pour it with a solution of hydrogen peroxide, mix well until foam forms. Now add 3-4 drops of ammonia to the resulting mass. Apply mask to face for no more than 20 minutes, make sure that the mass does not hit the eyebrows and eyelashes. Mask based on sweet pepper Half large bell pepper must be rubbed on a large grater and this mass is applied to the face or the area where the pigmentation was formed. Keep for half an hour, then rinse with cool water and cover the skin with a moisturizer. Here such simple and cheap means is offered to us by folk medicine in order to conduct treatment of pigmented spots at home. Of course, they have an alternative. Many cosmetic companies, both Russian and foreign, have long developed complexes for the removal and prevention of pigmentation. They usually include: tonic, milk, mask, peeling, night and day cream. Such courses on bleaching and skin care are designed for 5-8 days, and the products presented there contain all the same ingredients: bearberry, cucumber, vitamin C, fruit acids. Choose the most suitable course for you and act, the main thing is not to delay with treatment and always consult a dermatologist for advice. We advise you to read: Author: