pigment spots on face treatment Women's striving for excellence is worthyrespect. What did not the beauties do to look perfect! However, this impeccability, alas, constantly strives to spoil something - the dryness of the skin, the pimples, and even the pigment spots. By the way, pigmentation spots upset the representatives of the fair sex most of all, because getting rid of them is much more difficult than from the same pimple. But do not get upset - the more difficult it does not mean that it is impossible. You will need some patience, effort and, of course, knowledge. although you can go on the path of least resistance and go to a cosmetologist. But this can not be done by all women - for one reason or another: someone does not have enough time, someone has money. That is why you should not reject categorically the possibility of eliminating pigment spots at home, with the help of folk recipes. The main thing. what you need to remember when starting treatment is about the rule of moderation. As much as you do not want to get rid of pigment spots quickly, strictly adhere to the course of treatment. Do not increase either the concentration of the components or the recommended duration of treatment. Otherwise, you will earn skin burns, which will have to be treated. And do not forget about such a small trouble, as an allergic reaction. If you know that before you were allergic to any of the proposed components, use another tool. If you do not know for sure - check before applying. To check up, whether is available for you an allergy - it is very simple. Lubricate a small piece of skin behind the ear with a mixture, leave for 15 minutes. After this, rinse with water and assess the skin condition. If there are no rashes and redness on it, you do not feel itching, burning and tightness, allergic reaction can not be feared. Feel free to use the selected tool. treatment of age spots on the face

Whitening lotions

If the pigmentation spots are poorly expressed, you can try to get rid of them with simple bleaching lotions. There are several very effective recipes:

  • Cucumber lotion

The bleaching properties of cucumber are knownto mankind not one hundred years - still our great-great-grandparents used it for maintenance of fashionable then whiteness of a skin. To prepare a lotion, you need one cucumber of medium size, 70 grams of water and 30 grams of vodka. Cucumber peel and peel on a fine grater so that you have a cucumber porridge. This porridge is placed in a glass container with a narrow neck. Pour the cucumber with water and vodka, shake well and tightly close the lid. Insist lotion in the refrigerator for ten days, do not forget to stir occasionally. The resulting lotion grease the pigmentation spots on the face as often as possible, but at least five times a day. In the event that the skin begins to peel off, use any intense moisturizer. But, as a rule, this happens only if you initially have very dry skin. But for those women, whose skin is fatty type, this lotion is altogether a godsend. Before going to bed, be sure to wipe the entire face - and very quickly you will forget about all the problems, one way or another associated with oily skin.

  • Rowan lotion

If you have fresh berries of mountain ash, live yourpigmented spots are not long. To prepare a whitening lotion, you will need two tablespoons of rowan berries, 100 grams of water and five tablespoons of vodka. The berries are forked with a fork and placed in a glass bottle, pour water and vodka. Mix all the ingredients, close the bottle and place it in any cool place where the sun's rays do not get to the lotion infused - for about 5 days. Do not forget at least once a day to shake a bottle of lotion. Pigmented spots on the face need to be wiped three times a day. After about a week, the spots will begin to turn pale, and then completely disappear.

  • Fresh fennel lotion

And you know that dill is not only deliciousseasoning, but also a wonderful whitening agent? Finely chop the fresh dill - you should get about three tablespoons. Place the dill in a suitable glass container, pour 50 grams of boiling water. When the water cools down, add another 50 grams of vodka. The lotion can be used immediately - it does not need to be infused. Wipe pigmentation spots two to three times a day for as long as necessary. As a rule, the treatment lasts about one month. If you notice that the skin becomes excessively dry, be sure to use a moisturizer.

Whitening compresses

If the pigmentation spots on the face are more pronouncedbright, some lotions here you will not manage. But do not be sad, and in this case, because whitening compresses are more effective! Try them - for sure you will be satisfied with the result. Compress of red currant. In the berry season, you can not miss the opportunity and try the compresses of red currant berries. immediately I would like to remind you - some berries should be placed in the freezer, as the season ends very quickly. But you have a reserve of berries for the compress will remain. Pour in three tablespoons of berries and apply them to the area of ​​pigment spots, top cover with a plastic wrap and leave for 20 minutes. Then rinse the skin with cool water. Such a compress can be done twice a day for as long as it takes to make the pigmentation spots on your face disappear - your skin will not suffer at all.

  • Compress of hydrogen peroxide

In the event that the spots on the face are verydark, will have to resort to radical means. For example, to hydrogen peroxide. For a compress you will need one or two tablespoons of wheat flour and peroxide. Make flour out of flour, instead of water using hydrogen peroxide. Apply this cake to the pigment spots and leave for 10 minutes, then rinse the skin with water. If after three days you do not see that the spots on the face lightens, tighten the treatment. Wet gauze napkin in hydrogen peroxide and attach to the pigmented spot, top cover with a plastic wrap. Leave the compress for 15 minutes, then rinse with plenty of water. No unpleasant sensations you will experience. And yes, by the way, do not forget to lubricate your skin with a moisturizing cream. The duration of the course of treatment is no more than 10 days. And then you need to make at least a seven-day break.

  • Compress from white clay

In the pharmacy, buy white clay, in the pharmacy -hydroperitic tablets. Pour two tablets of hydroperite into powder, mix with two tablespoons of white clay and dilute with water until creamy. Immediately, immediately, apply the resulting mass to the pigmented spot, cover with a gauze and leave it for 10 minutes. Most likely, you will feel a slight burning sensation - this is quite natural. However, if this burning becomes too strong, immediately wash off the mass with plenty of water and immediately lubricate the skin with any vegetable oil. If you kept the mask as long as it should be and washed it off in time, you need to lubricate the skin with a simple baby cream. With this compress it is very important not to overdo it to prevent skin damage - the procedure can be performed no more than three times a week. But for the sake of justice it should be noted that this number of procedures is enough to make the pigmented spot almost invisible in about a month.

  • Compress with apple cider vinegar

Apple vinegar perfectly whitens the skin, whilewithout damaging it and without exerting any negative impact. For the preparation of compresses you will need only apple cider vinegar and small gauze napkins, as well as polyethylene film - ideally the most common food grade. Moisten in apple cider vinegar, gauze, attach to the pigmented spot and cover with a plastic wrap. You will not experience unpleasant sensations, however, you should keep track of the time - the duration of the compress should be about 15 minutes. After a compress, rinse the skin with cool water. Compress is enough to do once a day, but get ready for the fact that the treatment will be quite long - about two months.

  • Kefir compress

In some cases, get rid of age spotsit is very simple with the help of the most ordinary kefir. Dampen in kefir gauze and attach to the pigmented spot, top cover with a plastic wrap and leave for 30 minutes. Such compresses can be done quite often - several times a day, because they do not harm the skin. But for the sake of justice it should be noted that kefir is effective only in the case of sufficiently light pigment spots.

  • Curd Compress

If the kefir compress did not help, trycompress of cottage cheese with lemon. Pass through a meat grinder half a lemon and mix in equal proportions with cottage cheese. The resulting mass is applied to the pigmentation spots, and top cover with a gauze cloth or a plastic wrap. The duration of the compress is 20 minutes. The compress should be done twice a day, within two weeks. In most cases, pigmented spots surrender. But if this does not happen, the treatment can be extended to one month. However, despite the fact that the mask is very gentle, the skin can become dry. Therefore, always use a moisturizer. treatment of age spots on the face with folk remedies

Whitening Masks

In addition to bleaching agents,mask. As a rule, masks are the most effective, but at the same time and the most aggressive with respect to the skin. Therefore, it is necessary to resort to them in the most extreme case.

  • Lemon mask

To prepare a lemon mask you will needone tablespoon of starch and half a large lemon. Squeeze the lemon juice and mix it in any non-metallic container with flour - you should get a mushy mixture. Apply this mixture to the pigmented spot, leave for 15 minutes. If you feel too much discomfort, the mask should be washed off immediately. After the mask, let the skin dry out on its own, after which necessarily lubricate with a small amount of vegetable oil. The mask can not be done more than three times a week, and the duration of the course of bleaching is three weeks. If the pigmentation spots on the face do not disappear, you can repeat the course of treatment. But not earlier than 15 days.

  • Garlic mask

This mask acts very aggressively! Therefore, people with sensitive skin such treatment is strictly contraindicated. To make a mask, grind two cloves of garlic and mix it with one tablespoon of sour cream. Apply the mask to the pigment spots, leave for 10 minutes. If you feel too much burning, immediately wash off the mask. In any case, always apply to the skin after the mask vegetable oil. And do not ignore the moisturizing cream - always lubricate the skin before going to bed, every day. But the garlic mask should be done more than twice a week in no case. And the treatment itself can last no longer than two weeks. But, as a rule, in most cases this time is enough to get rid of pigment spots.

  • Mask with ammonia

And at last the most effective means -ammonia. To prepare a mask you will need a usual baby soap, a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. Soap grate on a fine grater - you will need one teaspoon. Pour the soap into a ceramic cup, pour one tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide. Stir thoroughly until you have a uniform mass. Then add 4 drops of ammonia to it and mix again. Moisten a cotton swab in this mixture and apply a thick layer on the pigment spots. Be sure that the mask does not fall on other areas of the skin - otherwise they will also brighten. And sense then? Treatment will only worsen the situation. The mixture should be on the skin for no longer than 20 minutes. After this, it should be thoroughly washed off with plenty of water and abundantly lubricate the skin with plenty of nourishing cream. Do not do this mask more than twice a week, as the risk of damage to the skin is very high. The treatment itself should last no longer than a month in a row. We advise you to read: