apple pie on sour cream What can be more appetizing than the smell of homebaking? Only the flavor of the pie with apples. This is the most popular of fruit fillings: it is cheap, useful and wonderfully combined with various types of dough. In each family there is a recipe of this dish, passed from generation to generation, each mistress has its own secrets of cooking. Today we'll try to make an apple pie with sour cream - it's inexpensive, fast and tasty. Sour cream will give the dish an unusual creamy taste, therefore it is not recommended in such recipes to replace it with, for example, kefir. Such pies have another name - Charlotte. Recipes charlottes, too, there is a huge amount. What is it? Any charlotte is a combination of fruits, most often apples, with semi-liquid dough. This is a simple and fast cooking dish very fond of children, so be sure to include it in the children's menu. Firstly, charlotte on sour cream has a very delicate taste, and secondly, apples are very useful for children, thirdly, using a minimum of imagination, you can differently arrange a pie, decorating it with fruits or nuts, which will undoubtedly cause an appetite for the fastidious child. And do not forget about your sweetheart husband, he pie with apples, too, will be a great pleasure. Remember: for women who are addicted to homemade cakes, husbands always come from work on time. Preparing an apple pie, you can please your loved ones, surprise guests and infamous mother-in-law, your recipe will be able to take first place in any culinary contest. cake making

Recipe for homemade pie with apples

Beat well 3 eggs with a glass of sugar,add a glass of fresh sour cream and vanillin, gently mix. Half a teaspoon of soda is quenched in vinegar, add to the dough. There, pour a glass of flour and knead the dough. 2-3 of my apple, clean and cut into thin slices. The shape, preferably with removable sides, oiled, lined with parchment and put on its bottom in a spiral apple slices. From above spread the dough, level it and send the form to the oven, heated to 180-200 degrees. Our cake will be ready in about 40 minutes. Checking the cooked pie with a match or toothpick, remember that the dough can be ready, and the toothpick is wet due to apples, so do not increase cooking time. We take out our culinary miracle from the oven. When the cake is a little cool, 10-15 minutes later, you can sprinkle it with sugar powder, cocoa powder or coconut shavings, and the most inveterate lovers of sweet, not caring about your figure, we recommend to water it with condensed milk (very tasty, but harmful) or melted chocolate. Pies with apples are served with hot milk or freshly brewed tea, with a big smile and excessive pride. pie on sour cream with apples

Recipe and its varieties

Any recipe can be modified depending on theyour tastes. For example, you can cut apples not with slices, but with small cubes or grate them on a large grater. In this case, apples are added to the finished dough, mixed and shipped in the oven. And you can put the dough in a mold, and the apple slices are beautifully placed on top. It is very tasty and unusual to make a cake if the dough is divided into two parts: one part is laid out in a mold, the apples are put on top, the second is added cocoa and cover the filling. You will get a two-color yummy. In addition to any pies with apples, you can add raisins, dried apricots, prunes, nuts, and cinnamon well with apples for a variety. Whichever recipe you choose, remember that the main thing in the cooking process is not the ingredients, but your love.