recipe for dry apple pie There are many recipes for baking withusing apples. This fruit is affordable and therefore often used as the main ingredient for various pies. But many people do not like to make such dishes because of the long and laborious process of kneading the dough. In this case, there is an excellent alternative - to bake a dry pie with apples. Its feature is the constituent only dry components. For the preparation of such baking, a minimum of products and efforts is required. At the same time the pie turns out unusual and very delicate, melting in the mouth.

Necessary ingredients and cooking

Preparing a dry cake for one of the most popular recipes, for which you need to take:

  • 200 g of flour;
  • 200 g of semolina;
  • 200 g of sugar;
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder or 4 grams of soda;
  • 100-150 g of butter or margarine;
  • vanillin, cinnamon.

For the filling, you need 1 kg of apples and sugar to taste. After all the ingredients have been prepared, you can proceed to the very process of cooking.

  • First, a flour pie layer is prepared. For this you need to mix well the flour, sugar and cinnamon. Then add the mango and soda or baking powder to the mixture. After repeated mixing, the dry portion of the cake will be ready for further baking.
  • Now you can proceed to prepare the apple filling. To do this, you need to peel apples from the peel and grate them on a large grater. Then add to the plate and mix with sugar to taste.
  • Bake a cake is best in a cast-iron frying pan or a metal mold. Pre-selected for cooking utensils should be well lubricated with butter.
  • Further it is necessary on the smeared bottom of a frying pan or the formLay out 1/3 of the dry mixture. It must be carefully leveled and topped with apple puree. For this purpose, half of the harvested mass is needed. Apples should be laid out in small portions so that they are distributed evenly.
  • The top layer of the pie also consists of dry sweep, which must be poured over the top of the filling.
  • Ready-to-bake cake with apples, according toingredients of the recipe, you need to cover with oil. To do this, you will need to grate it on a large grater and distribute it evenly over the surface. It is important that the whole pie is covered with oil. During the baking process, it will melt and soak up the flour layers.
  • The oven for cooking should be heated to 200 ° C. The baking time is 35-40 minutes. Ready pie should have a good ruddy brown.
  • When the dish is baked, it can be sprinkled with powdered sugar, then cooled and only after that carefully cut into portions.
  • tips for making a dry apple pie

    Important Tips and Tricks

    Dry pie with apples will get better ifto prepare it, take a little sour fruit. If they are sweet, a small amount of citric acid should be added. Those who bake a cake using this recipe for the first time sometimes face the problem of lack of apples or distribute them unevenly over the baking surface. As a result, the first layer of flour can not soak and remain dry. But worry about this is not worth it, since it will not affect the taste of the rest of the rest. The recipe for a dry pie is ideal for those who love sweet pastries. If desired, you can reduce the amount of sugar, which also changes the taste of the dish. To make the pie more juicy, you can put more oil on its surface than indicated in the recipe. In order to easily grate it, it should be well frozen. The ready dried apple pie turns out to be very soft and it can sometimes be difficult to get out of the mold. Therefore, cut it carefully into pieces. Use culinary paper for baking is not recommended, since most of the apple juice flows under it, and not absorbed into the dry mixture. In the result, the baking will not be juicy enough. In some recipes it is indicated that you can add grated carrots or a pumpkin to apples. From this, the taste of the cake will become even better. different recipes for apple pie

    Dry apple pie - a unique taste and benefit

    In addition to the simplicity of cooking and excellent flavoringqualities, dry pie is also a very useful dish. It consists of apples in baked form, which have a lot of useful properties. For humans, they are an excellent source of different vitamins and substances such as antioxidants. Also, these fruits contain pectin, tannin, flavonoids, which allow to preserve health, resist infections and remove toxins from the body. In addition, apples in the liver form are better absorbed, so the dry pie, in the recipe of which they are present, is a unique delicacy. It is sure to please both children and adults and at the same time it will perfectly decorate not only the usual family dinner, but also a festive table.