changeover pie with apples Nothing so cheers up as a cuphot coffee or fragrant tea with a slice of delicate treats. We offer to arrange a real holiday for your stomach - we will learn how to cook an apple pie-overturn. This rather unusual dessert turns out to be insanely juicy, soft and piquant. Today, there are many varieties of dishes: some add to it only one type of fruit, others, inclined to diversity, on the contrary, are happy to experiment with the ingredients. For example, join together walnuts, pears, almonds and apples. All options have the right to exist, because desserts are different and dissimilar to each other. Each individual product brings its special taste note to the cake. To determine which of them is the most successful, first we suggest studying several recipes. Perhaps one of them will appeal to you and become a permanent "guest" in your home. The product will be appreciated not only by children, but also by adults.

Apple dessert-pancake: a simple recipe

Let's start, perhaps, with the simplest: The first recipe of the dish, which we propose to study to its readers, is very easy and accessible to the understanding of the cook of any level. Neither a beginner, nor even a professional, should have any problems with baking. Just follow the instructions below exactly, and the apple pie will definitely come out to fame. If the dish takes root in your family, you can safely experiment with its ingredients: for example, next time try adding some fresh pears or nuts to the filling. You will see, each dish will have its own taste advantages. However, they will be appreciated by their worth only by preparing dessert on their own. Ingredients: For the cake:

  • bread crumbs - optional
  • 1/2 two-hundred-pound packet of butter
  • 210 grams of sifted flour
  • 0.5 small spoon (without a slide) baking powder for dough
  • sugar - from 85 to 125 grams (it all depends on your taste preferences)
  • three eggs

For filling:

  • 115 grams of white sugar
  • ten medium sweet apples
  • a pinch of common salt

For handouts:

  • confectionery cream
  • frozen fresh berries

Cooking method: This dessert with apples is basically different from its floury "brethren" appearance and assembly procedure. After all, as usually cooked pies: poured into a special form of a piece of dough, from above spread an even layer of fruit ingredients, then cover the dish with the remaining mass and bake in a preheated oven. Here everything is the opposite. The recipe begins with the preparation of the filling, and it is she who first goes into the dishes. Only then add the dough to it. The finished product should cool well, after that it is taken out of the mold and served on the table. Externally, the pie is a half-cup, covered with caramelized fruit. So, let's take a closer look at how to correctly do it. First fill the filling: wash the washed apples from the skins, remove from each middle and bones, then chop into small cubes. In a well-warmed sauté pan, pour out the sugar, turn on the fire for a minimum and wait until the ingredient starts to thaw and change color. It should acquire a slightly brownish hue; when the ingredient turns into caramel, bring the fruit to it and fry it for five to eight minutes, not forgetting to stir it. If desired, you can salt a lot, this will give the filling a peculiar taste. Once you are done, start preparing the dough. In order for the procedure to pass quickly, we recommend that you get oil from the refrigerator in advance. If you are using a frozen product, remember the rapid softening method, it will take only ten seconds. Put the oil in a tight bag and beat it with a rolling pin, then combine it with sugar, then add the sifted flour here. The latter should be mixed with the baking powder in advance. Some add it directly to the finished dough, however this is not right. Thoroughly rub all ingredients with a fork. Now, in a separate bowl, whip the eggs with food salt with a whisk, pour them into the mass. Stir with active movements until completely free of clots. We smoothly approached the final stage of cooking - to assemble it. This is as follows: well, treat the inside of the mold with oil. To make the product turned out with a beautiful crispy crust, sprinkle the dishes with breadcrumbs. Then lay the apples, pour them a sweet glaze and dough, then gently level the top of the product with a special spatula. When the oven warms up to 180 degrees, place a dish in it and bake for fifteen minutes. Then puncture the match if it remains dry, carefully remove the cake, cover it with a clean towel and leave to cool. Before serving, cut the dessert with apples into portions, distribute them on plates, decorate with cream and berries. Bon Appetit! apple pie changer

Apple dessert "Perevertysh" with glaze and nuts

If you see this dessert, you will immediately understand,why he wears such an unusual name "Perevertysh." It's all about assembling the product: so, if you cook the usual pie in the dishes first of all put the dough, and then the filling, then in this case, all the way around. The walls and the bottom of the mold are covered with apples cut into thin slices, and a viscous elastic mass is already poured out from above. The dish is great for a family tea; if you want to diversify your meal and cheer up your family, we suggest you serve it in a special way. For example, supplement each serving with a filling ball sprinkled with ground nuts. You can pour a cake with melted chocolate or glaze. There are lots of options, it only remains to choose the right one. Ingredients: Dough:

  • 200 grams of special flour for confectionery products (from the usual it is distinguished by the fact that the protein content in this product is much smaller, making pies more magnificent and softer)
  • the same amount (200 grams) of wheat flour of the highest grade
  • fifteen grams of baking powder
  • salt - optional
  • softened butter - 115 grams
  • two selected eggs
  • four pinch of baking soda
  • 180-200 milliliters of kefir
  • eight to twelve grams of vanillin
  • a tablespoon of rum (if necessary, you can replace it with liqueur or good cognac)

Filling and caramel:

  • 450-550 grams of sweet and sour apples
  • a small piece (about 45 grams) of butter
  • 1/3 cup water
  • 250-300 grams of sugar


  • 130 grams of homemade cream
  • two to three tablespoons of powdered sugar
  • two large handfuls of ground walnuts

Cooking method: As you can see, this recipe differs from the previous one in the first place by the quantity of necessary ingredients. As a result, the dish is a little more expensive, and the cooking procedure itself is considerably stretched and takes quite a long time. But the spent effort is worth it: if you decide to bake, you will get an incredibly delicious and magnificent fruit pie at the output. Well, let's go deep into culinary creativity? First, select the largest apple, cut off the top with the tail and for a while, take it to the side. With the remaining fruit, peel off the skin, get rid of excess bones and cores, then chop with small cubes. Now we'll make caramel: cook it very easily, see for yourself. Pour cold water into a small saucepan and put on a quiet fire. When it is warmed up a little, enter the sugar and cook, stirring. As soon as the sand dissolves, and the liquid begins to boil, increase the flame of the burner. The mixture should acquire a bright amber tint. Add in it the softened butter, pre-cut into small pieces. When the bubbles appear on the caramel surface, wait another one or two minutes and remove it from the fire. The resulting syrup lightly cool, then pour into a prepared baking dish. Attention, it should never be detachable, otherwise the liquid will pour out! Now, in the center of the same dishes, put the previously cut off apple top, and evenly distribute the remaining fruits. By the way, there are several options: for example, you can add fresh apples or hold them in boiling water for ten to twelve minutes. Although in the second case, the filling may turn out to be too soft. It's time to start kneading the test - that's what we're proposing to do next. Take the bowl wider and deeper, then sift both kinds of flour into it. Add also the amount of baking powder indicated in the recipe, three to four grams of salt, as well as unburned soda and vanillin. In a separate bowl, rub the soft creamy product well together with the sugar, work with a fork, whisk or mixer until the ingredients become homogeneous. In the resulting mass, begin gradually to introduce first kefir, then dry flour mix, actively mix the products after each addition. At the very end, enter a little rum and knead a measure of batter. Remember, there should not be a single lump in it. Pour the mixture into dishes with caramel and apples. The basic procedure has come to an end, now it remains only to bake the product. To do this, heat the oven - set the temperature to no higher than 190 degrees - and send the cake to it. You have 60 minutes of free time, so spend it, as they say, wisely and for your own pleasure. To make the dish look even more appetizing, we suggest serving it with a tender sauce. Put cream and sugar powder in a bowl for the blender, then turn on the appliance and beat it several times. As a result, you should form an airy homogeneous mass. If using walnuts or peanuts, first clean them, and then fry in a warmed saucepan. When the food is slightly darkened, turn off the cooker, cool them, crush them with a rolling pin or a hammer. Before you get the cake, be sure to check it for readiness, carefully puncturing the match. Try a tree: if it's dry, take out the dessert and cover it on the table. To remove the food from the mold, let it cool down before, then gently knife along the perimeter of the dishes, separating the dough from the walls. Then cover with a flat plate and turn over quickly. Your eyes will be a beautiful pie, completely covered with apples. All the glaze that will pour out of the dishes will very soon absorb into the product, making it even more tender and juicy. If necessary, gently trim the edges of the dish, cutting off all the excess with a knife. Just before serving, divide it into slices and decorate each serving with cream sauce, sprinkle with nuts. By the way, the cream can be replaced with chocolate icing - it will be delicious; but about this another time. We wish you excellent culinary mood and successful baking! delicious pie changer with apples

Honey-apple pie with pears

We offer to evaluate another very delicious, andmost importantly - incredibly easy to prepare dessert. If you plan to go out with your family on a picnic, be sure to grab a few pieces of goodies and fruit compote. This meal will not only raise your spirits, but also cool coolly on a hot day. In winter, the dish is perfectly combined with a cup of hot milk with honey, tea and melted chocolate. Agree, such a dessert is a wonderful occasion to gather friends in your house. Ingredients:

  • two juicy large apples
  • 1/2 cup olive oil (take a refined product, it does not get bitter, which means it will not spoil the taste of the pie)
  • fifteen grams of honey
  • baking powder - 1/3 of a large spoon
  • pears - two pieces
  • 130 grams of brown sugar - for dough (plus, two tablespoons will need to be added to caramel)
  • slightly less than two glasses of flour
  • 1/2 small spoonfuls of ground cinnamon
  • fifteen milliliters of fruit juice or plain water

Cooking method: Take one pear and apple, use a knife to remove the skin from them, remove the middle and bones, then grate on the largest grater. In the resulting puree, add ground cinnamon, which betrays the future cake unsurpassed flavor, as well as brown sugar. Mix well with a spoon. By the way, if necessary, you can use ordinary white sand. Now fill the fruit with vegetable oil, but be sure to add the product without a smell, otherwise spoil the dish. In a deep bowl, sift the flour, enter into it the specified amount of baking powder, then pour the resulting mixture into a pear-apple mass. Carefully knead the dough by hand, it should turn out thick. Turn on the oven and wait for it to warm up well. The suitable temperature for baking is 200 degrees. In order not to lose precious minutes, we will spend them with advantage - we will make a sweet syrup. To do this, heat the saucepan, put about two large spoons of sugar, the same amount of pre-melted honey and pour it all with water. The latter can be replaced with fruit juice, for example, orange, grapefruit or pear - it will get even more delicious. Cook the mixture on minimum heat, periodically stirring it. Note that to keep it on the stove for longer than four minutes is not worth it. As soon as the sugar has melted, remove the dishes. For the preparation of pie, it is recommended to use a round shape. Pour into it a little cooled caramel, here also lay apples and pears so that they fit snugly, overlapping each other. Fruits should be pre-peeled from the peel and seeds and cut into thin slices. Pour the prepared dough into the dishes, level the top with a spatula and remove the product in the oven. The dessert is baked on average from half an hour to 40 minutes. After that, cool it, then cover it with a plate and carefully remove it from the mold. As you can see, there is nothing difficult in making a pie with apples. The main thing is to tune in to success and follow the culinary instruction clearly. If you want a variety, "play" with the filling. For the first time, make a dish using only one kind of fruit, and the next add pears. Do not forget about the decoration: serve dessert with ice cream, sprinkle it with cream, sprinkle with nuts or berries. Such trifles make the product more beautiful and appetizing. We wish easy and successful baking!