perfect wife "I have an ideal wife!"I wonder if many men can boast such a property in a narrow friendly circle? And is it generally accepted among representatives of the strong half of humanity to talk about their legitimate spouses with admiration and undisguised ecstasy? After all, this kind of sincerity is often considered a manifestation of weakness, and men are called henpecked. But most women who are in a truly happy marriage, consider themselves just such - perfect companions of life. A popular and rather beaten expression that defines what an ideal wife should be, in the opinion of a man, sounds like this: "There is a debaucher in the bed, a goddess in the kitchen!" Well, not only is this narrow, primitive and primitive, but also somehow humiliating for a strong half of humanity, and for us, beautiful ladies. After all, according to this slogan, our real and potential husbands are not interested in anything but two animal passions - sex and food. Really for the millennia that have passed since the moment of the transformation of man into a rational being, nothing has changed in the male consciousness at all. Do lust and desire for delicious food still determine the whole meaning of their existence? And what should we do then? From school to master the subtleties of home economics, and in the future to look for ways to emancipation in bed, in order to match the title of super-wife in the understanding of the future spouse?

Results of sociological surveys among men

To find out what an ideala companion of life through the eyes of a man and what exactly is the key to a happy marriage and strong family relations, German sociologists, along with psychologists, conducted a survey among the stronger sex of the country between the ages of 25 and 50. During the processing of its results, experts found that for the average man in the future, as a rule, three important qualities are important:

  • Ability to cook, it's not for nothing that people'sthe wisdom that the way to the heart of the chosen one lies through his stomach. These representatives of the stronger sex only once again confirmed the well-known truth. Therefore, ladies, do not rely on a wide range of semi-finished products and an abundance of fast food restaurants. Cook at home!
  • Sexuality, because attractiveappearance and an ideal figure in combination with a certain kind of emancipation and willingness to experiment in bed deprive the representatives of the stronger sex of the desire to seek something new on the side. So, girls and women, feed the spouse with different goodies, and themselves run for fitness and courses of stripplastic!
  • Admiration for your man. Yes, here the strong sex proved to be not the best side: they, like selfish children, need constant admiration for their person. In addition, any man, regardless of his age, wants his wife to compliment him, show maternal love and take care of him. And if you do not know how, then immediately go to the lessons of oratory, where they will surely teach the art of flattery.
  • And there is nothing to do "terrible eyes" at the sightscattered everywhere stale socks or hearing in the morning naive questions on the eternal theme of lost trousers, T-shirts and so on. Of course, after all, the ideal wife always knows where and what lies, even if for this she needs to comprehend in detail the deductive method of Mr. Holmes. The majority of the polled representatives of the stronger sex assure that if the chosen one has all these merits, then no man will ever part with it. Interestingly, such qualities of the ideal wife of the German Frau do not scare? True, the men there are much more pedantic. Perhaps they do not throw dirty socks, and their things are neatly folded into the closet. Therefore, to be a woman-dream for the Germans is somewhat easier than for us. Judging by the findings, they do not even need to have the mind. But let's not take such conclusions at face value and we will better turn to images of ideal women of the past, described in detail in fiction. 10 commandments of the ideal wife

    Transformation of male representations of perfection

    In the bestseller Margaret Mitchell such companionlife is outlined fairly clearly. The lady of the time was obliged to eat like a bird, any stupidity of a man is perceived as a truth in the last resort, to look at him always with admiration and admiration, in every possible way to demonstrate his own helplessness and carefully conceal the existing mind. Only in this case the girl could count on a happy marriage. But on her fragile shoulders lay the care of the maintenance of a huge estate and a large number of slaves, and in order to do everything right, it required a wit, wit, ability to instantly navigate in all circumstances and the firmness of character. After all, it was considered impermissible to involve a spouse in such "non-business" matters. Indeed, why bother with his female problems? By the way, even giving birth to a child, the southerner should do this as quietly as possible, so as not to disturb the peace of her husband. And remember our literary compatriot, Natasha Rostov. A lively, direct and charming young girl at the end of the novel, the author turned into a burdensome lady, concerned with the health of numerous offspring, completely dissolved in domestic chores and husband's interests. Yes, yes, just such, according to Leo Tolstoy, and there should have been an ideal wife. But he expressed the opinion of his contemporaries-men! But do not rush to sigh dejectedly, dear girls, and hastily hide smart books further into the closet, preparing for the arrival of a young man who should become your husband. True, and to meet his profound inferences about the meaning of life, instead of a delicious dinner is also not worth it. The old good truth about the golden middle is also relevant in the case of the concept of an "ideal wife". In addition, there is an obvious transformation of this image in the minds of today's men. So what has changed since that distant time? Firstly, the representatives of the fair sex won the right not to conceal their own intellect, reached enormous heights in all spheres of social life and had the opportunity to develop. Secondly, most of us have learned to balance right between career growth and family. So how do you adapt reality to what modern men call the concept of an "ideal wife"? Let us all the same depart from the stereotypes and do not seriously take the allegation of the lecher and the divine cook in one person. Representatives of the strong half of humanity, fortunately, are not so simple as it may seem, based on this interpretation of the image of the ideal companion of life. If we take into account the results of numerous opinion polls, then the dream wife, through the eyes of a man, should:

    • be beautiful, have intelligence and intelligence, do not crack like a magpie, do not have problems with every night's migraine and critical days that have come at an awful time;
    • be able to inspire and serve as a source of inspiration, maintain in the husband the conviction that he is the most intelligent, the most beautiful and the most successful;
    • to embody the true femininity in the form of purity, kindness and infinite patience.

    Here they are, the basic rules of an ideal wife. As you can see, something has changed in the male mind since Scarlett and Natasha Rostova. Pleases recognition of the strong sex of having our mind, but the cooking skills in the above list are generally absent (unless, of course, they are not hidden under the general phrase "true feminine"). Touches self-esteem and a pleasant need to serve as a muse for a beloved man in all his endeavors. But in fact, there are many generalizations in these three rules, and if you deal with each of them more specifically, you will get a whole body of unspoken laws of behavior containing at least ten main articles. what an ideal wife should be able to do

    Commandments of the ideal companion of life

    And no one said that to become one's ownchosen by a woman of his life will be so easy! The path to perfection is thorny and difficult, but it is still possible to overcome it if you have for this a huge desire, backed up with sincere love. Remember the simple truth: only a wise woman can attain true family happiness. So, maybe it's time to take the first steps yourself, and not expect them from a satellite? But about how to begin, they will tell 10 commandments of the ideal wife.

  • Learn to be different, because you know how to surprise a maneven ten to fifteen years after the wedding - this is "aerobatics" of marriage. Do not be afraid to change both externally and internally. Hairstyle, hair color, makeup, style - all this should not remain in a static state, even if once selected image you are very well.
  • In addition to appearance, it is necessary to change internally. Do not freeze for long only as a super-mistress or mother of your children, do not put family happiness on the altar of work, even if it brings a good income, do not become only an inventive mistress languidly waiting for her husband in bed and for supper offering sex. Lick, play and reincarnate, be unpredictable, a woman-riddle, if you want.

  • Perceive your man exactly whathe is in fact, because to be able to properly assess real opportunities is more important than loving ephemeral perspectives. Therefore, do not expect that the stamp in the passport opens before you unlimited opportunities for making adjustments to the image of the spouse. Instead of trying to correct his shortcomings, concentrate on the merits and cultivate them.
  • Become a reliable man for the man anda quiet harbor, of which he so dreams. In time to put a shoulder and stubbornly meet a failure in business, health problems, or even some crisis moment - that's what the notorious "in sorrow and in joy" means. Experienced together, adversities uniquely rally the family and make the man take a special look at his wife, who was close at a difficult time.
  • Know how to love yourself. Find time to practice your own appearance and figure, grow spiritually, comprehend new horizons. After all, the wife-cook or wife-housekeeper - it's very convenient, but unbearably fresh. And men love the feeling of flight, so they are quite capable of going to his search for another woman.
  • Do not try to avoid quarrels and conflicts with the family. After all, your compliance in the desire to preserve the appearance of peace can grow a tyrant in the wife. Therefore, it is necessary to be able to find out the relationship, but do it in a civilized manner and not with children. Remember, in any sop should avoid categorical and excursions into the history of past misdeeds of the spouse.
  • Do not give sex an optional role. Certainly, over time, the old passions will subside, but if you approach the process non-trivially and somewhat diversify it, then it is still possible to ignite the flame of love. Do not forget that for a man the satisfaction of sexual needs is a vital necessity and does not depend on how many children you have and the concerns associated with them.
  • Do not try to replace your husband betterfriend. Of course, over time, the spouses, so to speak, "sprout" into each other and become native people. But do not dissolve in the interests of the whole man. Do not forget about your own personality and always emphasize your femininity and sexuality. And if the husband offers you to arrange a sit-and-talk in the kitchen, then ask him to buy not beer, but champagne. After a glass of sparkling drink in the thin hand of his beloved wife can excite the imagination with the prospects of a passionate night.
  • Do not neglect the role of keeper of the homehearth. Always meet the spouse neatly dressed, smiling and in good spirits. Do not leave in the apartment the chaos of children's toys and the mountains of dirty dishes in the sink. Feed your husband a delicious dinner, and do it every night, because he has the right to reinforce his strength after a busy day's work. Remember that the house, smelling of pies and filled with a sense of peace, always want to return.
  • It is necessary to be able to listen to your spouse, beattentive to what he tells you. Yes, and do not hesitate to talk on topics that concern you. Dialogue, especially flavored with a cup of fragrant evening tea, helps get rid of the stress accumulated during the day and gives an opportunity to better understand each other. Affinity spiritual promotes harmony in sexual relations.
  • Do not constantly cultivate in a manfeeling that the wife is sacrificing herself to the family. In the end, he will want to free you and yourself from such a yoke. But we should not only take from the man everything he can offer you, without giving anything in return and demanding another star from the sky. This approach will soon weary and embitter your husband, which will lead to scandal and divorce. Therefore, try to give yourself away easily, but do not forget to take from your beloved what is due, in other words, look for a balance.
  • Here they are, 10 commandments of the ideal wife. As you can see, this is not only a guide to achieving harmony in the family, but also colossal work on oneself, a way to improve the inner self and a peculiar restructuring of self-awareness. The emotional side of the relationship is a purely feminine prerogative, so it is up to you what "weather in the house" will be like. But everyone knows that for a good harvest you need both sun and rain. So in the family - a few whims, a few tears and a sea of ​​heat in combination and competent dosage will give excellent shoots in the form of strong and reliable relationships, generously watered with sincere love.