stuffed pepper Stuffed peppers are a simple and tasty dish. The origin of which country it is and how far and deep its roots go, it is not exactly known. There is a version that such peppers come from Bulgaria, Romania or even from Azerbaijan. But again, this can not be said for sure. All the housewives are interested in how to feed their relatives quickly and tasty. What will be your stuffed peppers, partly depends on your imagination, because you can add your zest with spices or some additional products. How to cook pepper stuffed with meat and rice? stuffed pepper rice with minced meat

Pepper should be dense

When you, while in the store, pick upproducts for cooking stuffed peppers, note that the main vegetable, and we have in mind pepper, must be dense, so that when extinguishing it does not fall apart and the whole filling does not fall out into the pan. In order for the dish on the plate to look more fun, type peppers of different colors: red, yellow and green. When choosing minced meat, give preference to your own taste, be it pork, beef or a mixture of several varieties. You can buy a whole piece of meat, and then pass it through the meat grinder yourself. The main thing is that in the end it was more stuffed with peppers. From vegetables, you will also need carrots and onions. And do not forget about rice. Here's an approximate number of necessary products, calculated on four medium-sized peppers (but you should understand that for more peppers you need more for the weight of products):

  • Minced meat - 500-600 g
  • Pepper - 4 (5) pcs. medium size
  • Carrots - 1 pc. medium size
  • Onion white - 1 onion
  • Rice - about 1 glass
  • Sour cream - 1 tbsp. a spoon
  • Ketchup or tomato paste - 1 tbsp. a spoon

Cut off the top of the peppers, the so-called"Hat" with a handle. We clean the insides from the seeds and put it aside. We take for minced meat. Add salt to taste, black pepper, chopped finely onion. You can also put other spices, for example, vegetable seasoning or finely chopped greens of dill and parsley. On a large grater we chop the carrots and also send them to the stuffing. By the way, it can be fried in a frying pan with onion a little, then add a portion of the cooled mixture to minced meat, and the rest - to postpone. As for rice, there is no need to bring it to full readiness. This is to ensure that it is not directly boiled while cooking the stuffed peppers themselves and does not become a mess that it would spoil the whole idea of ​​the recipe. Half finished rice is also added to the stuffing. simple recipes stuffed with peppers

Juicy - it means delicious

We return to the peeled, but not yet stuffedpeppers. We boldly dial into the spoon the prepared stuffing and we compact it inside the vegetable. Stuffing can be laid with a pea, and it can be done so that it does not look out. We have a "hat" from pepper. It can be cut into large pieces and placed in a pan, and left whole and put on top of already stuffed pepper. Send our peppers to the pan. We spread them so that they are located exclusively vertically. Then pour them with boiled water to the middle or slightly more. We take sour cream, ketchup or tomato paste and mix these ingredients in a glass, add a little water so that the whole mixture has a liquid form, and stir again. All the contents of the glass are poured between the peppers in a saucepan. You can pour a little "sauce" and stuffed peppers. We do this so that they turn out juicy so that the filling is not dry. We left pending carrots and onions, which were subjected to a weak roast. They are also boldly added to the pan, carelessly spread out among the stuffed peppers. There are some more tips than stuffing and making the already delicious stuffed peppers unmatched. Take a common tomato, chop it finely and fry in a pan, but without fanaticism, otherwise risk adding your peppers bitterness (the same applies to fried onions with carrots). You can put a little garlic for flavor on a frying pan to lambent tomatoes. We also send this mixture to a saucepan to a stuffed pepper. As you already probably understand, from the stuffed peppers will get appetizing broth. But it is worth noting that some housewives initially add meat broth. What to do, this is your decision. Let's return to cooking our dish. The time to extinguish it is about an hour. But do not forget that it is worth checking the peppers for readiness, namely their filling, before serving. When you are sure that your nourishing dish is really ready, put it on a large plate, decorate with greens, you can put sour cream, mayonnaise or cooked sauce on the edge. Bon Appetit.