peat tablets for seedlings Well? The sun is getting brighter, the dacha season is getting closer, and the hands are so itching to start it now? It is clear, what gardener (amateur or professional) will passively wait for the start of the season? No, we just will not wait for it, we will prepare for it. To be more precise, to cook with what we will enter this season. Yes, not just to cook, but to use for this horticultural know-how - peat tablets for seedlings. This new adaptation has appeared in our country very recently, and many gardeners-gardeners about it do not even know yet. But advanced and time-tested peat pills in practice leave them simply admiring reviews and persistent recommendations for use. What is so magical in this know-how? What is so convenient peat tablets for seedlings, and how to use them correctly? Let us turn to the experience of those who already dealt with them, and we will learn more about this.

What is peat pills?

Peat tablets are one of the new developments foramateur and professional gardening and gardening. They are intended for germination of seeds, growing seedlings, rooting of leaves and cuttings. Peat tablets are similar to a large tablet of effervescent aspirin and consist of compressed peat with the addition of microelements and growth stimulants. Outside, such a tablet is dressed in a thin shell-mesh. The initial size of the peat tablet is about three centimeters in height and eight centimeters in diameter. On one side of the peat tablets there is a small groove for the seed (this is its upper part). Filled with warm water peat tablet swells and rises in height, while retaining a diameter (mesh does not allow crawling in the sides). Turning into a peat-filled cup-filled cylinder filled with a nutrient mixture, the peat tablet becomes the first container at the stage of growing the plant. growing seedlings in peat pills

What are the advantages of peat pills?

As soon as the first courageous gardenerstried the peat pills in action, it became immediately clear that they relieve of unnecessary fuss with the soil for seedlings (and in the conditions of the apartment it is especially annoying) and save space. This was the first of the advantages discovered by naturalists peat tablets. Further such advantages became more and more, and the convenience of their use is more obvious:

  • peat tablets are almost indispensable when growing plants with tender roots, as peat is friable and does not damage the root system;
  • peat tablets are very convenient for germination of small seeds or expensive seeds, since the percentage of their germination in peat pellets is very high;
  • when growing sprouts in peat tablets, it is very simple and convenient to regulate moisture, since excess moisture does not absorb the tablets;
  • when peat tablets are used, there is no need for additional fertilizing and growth stimulants in the early stages of growing seedlings;
  • peat has a porous structure and allows the roots to "breathe", which makes them stronger, and the plants are more enduring;
  • The tablets are placed in a special mesh that keeps its shape and allows to immerse plants in the soil without harm to the roots;

In short, the cultivation of flower seedlings in peattablets, or germination of vegetable seeds or selection and hybrid crops has unequivocal advantages over traditional cultivation. But the rules for growing seedlings in peat tablets are not very different from the familiar and familiar. Nevertheless, there are also features here.

How to use peat pills?

First we prepare tablets for use:

  • we select the pallet and place on it the necessary quantity of tablets with a depression upwards;
  • pour warm water in the tablet (two, two and a half tablespoons);
  • We wait, when the tablet swells, and will occur approximately in fifteen minutes;
  • We drain excess water out of the tray.

And then we proceed to seed and germinate the seeds:

  • in each tablet we put one (or two) of the seed of the seedlings that we want to grow;
  • we fill the seeds with a small layer of humus (those that germinate in the light, leave open);
  • cover the pallet with tablets with transparent material (glass or plastic) to create a greenhouse effect;
  • in the process of germination, we periodically "ventilate" our mini-boy.

After emergence of sprouts, they should be looked afteron the requirements of a particular culture. And at the onset of the moment of picking, you just need to transplant the seedlings into the ground, without taking the plant out of the pill. In the future, the sheath-mesh will simply dissolve in the ground, and the tablet itself will become part of the fertilizer. What should you remember when using peat tablets? This material is "one-time", so add the cost of the pill to the cost of seeds to estimate the true costs. Give preference only to well-established brands of peat tablets, for example, tablets "Dzhiffi." But even if planting seedlings in peat tablets is a completely new business for you, try to use them in parallel with the traditional method of growing seedlings. And then you can definitely appreciate all the advantages and disadvantages of this gardening know-how. We advise you to read: