quick pasta recipe for navy Macaroni in a flotish style with stewed meat - delicious, satisfyingand a simple dish. This is the option when you need to quickly prepare something, and it does not require any special professionalism. A set of products for this recipe is cheap, and you can feed about ten people at once with these dishes. For a camping trip or visiting the country house, you can not imagine a better option. It is very often found in our menu, but everyone probably has their little secrets when preparing it.

A bit of history

The history of the appearance of this food stretches fromThe Middle Ages. In long sea trips and travel this dish was very popular, which is not surprising, because it is quite tasty and satisfying, since its calorie content is very high. The necessary products were convenient to transport and store. Difficulties arose with the storage of meat, which was therefore transported in barrels in a saline form. It was soaked before preparation, which led to a loss of taste. The problem was solved as follows: corned bean was allowed to be ground, adding all spices, and mixed with pasta. In Russia, this dish was introduced in the first half of the 18th century. Since then, this dish has firmly entered our menu. It became one of the basic in the diet of sailors and soldiers, especially in wartime conditions. But the classic option was pasta with stew. The preparation of the dish was further simplified and accelerated, as concerns about mincemeat left. At the end of the Great Patriotic War, this recipe has become traditional in Russian cuisine, has reached our days and is still very popular. pasta in navy with stew and greens

Main Ingredients

The main ingredients in the dish are two: pasta and stewed beef (minced meat). From spices - only pepper, salt, and also, as an additive, onions. Pasta can be taken any, what more to taste. It can be spaghetti, spirals, feathers, bows, tubular pasta of all kinds, the main thing is that they are all of good quality, from flour of solid wheat varieties. Such a product will not boil and will not stick together. It is believed that to prepare this dish, it is better to take hollow pasta in order to fill stuffed meat or stew in the cavity, making the dish much tastier. At present, it is difficult to find a decent stew to make macaroni in the Navy. Choosing among all possible cans, stop for beef, made according to GOST. It is best if you have a stew made at home. Despite the simplicity of the dish, it can be quite varied. Used a variety of pasta (from spaghetti to shells). Instead of stew or minced meat, you can add chopped meat, chicken, sausages. A specific taste will give the dish vegetables, seasonings, spices. classic macaroni recipe for navy

Recipe options

We offer you several cooking optionspasta in navy with stew. They are calculated for 4-5 people. The cooking time is from 20 to 40 minutes, depending on the chosen option. Classic recipe The simplest recipe with a minimum set of components. Products:

  • macaroni (spaghetti, horns, tubular) - 300-350 g dry,
  • stew - 1 standard pot,
  • bulb (optional) - 1 pc.,
  • salt, pepper, vegetable oil.


  • pour water into a pan threefoldrelation to pasta. Salt and boil. To fall asleep pasta in boiling water and, stirring occasionally, boil. Drain the liquid through a colander or a slightly open lid;
  • While cooking macaroni, fry the onion in vegetable oil or on a part of fat from stew;
  • put the stew in the pasta, mix, hold on low heat, to melt fat;
  • add the onion, pepper and put out another minute.

You can fry the stew with the onionfrying pan, so it will be even more delicious. Recipe in Italian This is a recipe, following which, with the help of some added ingredients, we get a real Italian dish, reminiscent of the taste of spaghetti Bolognese. Products:

  • spaghetti - 300-350 grams of dry,
  • stew - 1 standard pot,
  • tomato sauce or paste - 2 tablespoons,
  • hard cheese - 60 grams,
  • salt.


  • cook spaghetti as in the classical version;
  • put the stew, for a minute warm up with spaghetti;
  • add tomato paste, pepper (if desired - a handful of green basil), warm a minute;
  • put in plates. Sprinkle with grated cheese.

Vitamin or dietary recipe This recipe is distinguished by the addition of a large number of vegetables, which helps burn calories contained in pasta and stew. Products:

  • macaroni - 300-350 g of dry,
  • stew - 1 standard pot (only beef),
  • pepper bulgarian red - 2 pcs.,
  • carrots - 1 large,
  • bulb - 2 medium,
  • celery - 1 stem,
  • vegetable oil, salt,
  • Fresh parsley greens - 1 bunch.


  • cook pasta as in the classical version;
  • fry in a deep frying pan or a scallop chopped carrots, celery, bell pepper or onion for 5-7 minutes in vegetable oil;
  • put the stew in the vegetables and put out for another ten minutes;
  • add the boiled pasta, mix, for a minute, warm with vegetables and stew;
  • pour the finely chopped parsley, mix and 5 minutes to hold the food under the lid.

Choose yourself which recipe is perfectfor dinner or dinner. But do not forget that pasta in the Navy is a high-calorie dish, so do not cook them daily. Invent your variations of this dish. Enjoy your meal!