papilloma Papilloma can occur in almost anyman - both in the adult and in the child. Most often, if the papilloma is one and small in size, a person simply does not pay attention to it - it does not bother and it's okay. However, this is for the time being - if one papilloma appears, sooner or later the second and third will appear. Of course, if you do not start the appropriate treatment. And you can hardly get rid of papillomas yourself. No, of course, with the help of traditional medicine recipes, you can remove papillomas from the skin, but there is still a very high probability that the papilloma will occur elsewhere. So how do you break this closed one? Let's understand together.

All about papilloma

First, you need to make sure that youyou deal with the papilloma. In principle, it is not difficult to do this - the appearance of the papilloma is very specific - a small benign neoplasm of skin color resembling a papilla. Of course, it is small only at the beginning, then the papilloma increases in size, and besides, if it is not alone, it can merge with neighboring neoplasms, forming whole colonies. Most often, papillomas are chosen places where the mucous membranes pass into the skin - corners of the lips, genital organs. In addition, the inner sides of the hips and shoulders are vulnerable. But in any other place the appearance of papillomas is also not uncommon. You can find anywhere, sometimes even in the most unexpected places - on the face, on the palms, on the soles. Papillomas arise not just because they are the result of the action of the human papillomavirus in the body. And, as you understand, successfully to get rid of a papilloma it is possible only in the event that to eliminate a virus. Therefore, as a matter of fact, treatment should be complex - removal of the papilloma and antiviral therapy. All other attempts to get rid of papillomas can be a temporary measure and no more. An interesting fact - doctors say that more than 90% of the total adult population is infected with the papilloma virus. Of course, in most cases the virus does not show itself for a long time - for the time being. While the body's immune system is working without failures, the virus has virtually no chance of manifesting itself. But it is worth the immunity a little weaken, as it becomes more active. You can be infected anywhere - by direct contact with the person carrying the virus, by household means - common objects, shower cabins, locker rooms, swimming pools. Enough even the slightest, not visible to the naked eye damage to the skin, so that the virus penetrated the body. Well, the appearance of papilloma is only a matter of time, sometimes very short. papillomas

Treatment of papilloma

The first thing you should do when you discoverpapilloma - go to a dermatologist. First, the doctor must make sure that this is really papilloma. Secondly, the doctor will choose the appropriate course of antiviral therapy, which destroy the human papillomavirus. And thirdly, the doctor can suggest several ways to remove papillomas:

  • A liquid nitrogen

The essence of this method of removing wartsis as follows. The doctor using a special applicator to apply to the papilloma liquid nitrogen and leaves for a while - it turns out a kind of frost. The tissues of the papilloma are damaged and begin to die. First, a bubble with water content forms, which dries up after 10 days and falls off. Ideally, the place of papilloma should not remain a trace.

  • Electricity

Electrocoagulation is also quite effectiveremoves papillomas without leaving scars. The procedure itself is practically painless and takes only a few minutes - with the help of low-frequency current the doctor damages the vessels that feed the papilloma. As a result, her tissues begin to die and in a few days from the papilloma there will be no trace.

  • Laser ray

Laser removal of all benignneoplasms is by far the most popular. That, by the way, and it is understandable - the procedure is painless, bloodless, the papilloma disappears immediately, there are no scars on the skin. This procedure has only one "but" - a fairly high cost. But health is not something you can save on. Right? what is papilloma

Folk remedies for papillomas

As practice shows, very few peopleagree to remove the wart from the doctor. Someone does not want to spend money, someone does not have time to visit a doctor. But most often these are just excuses - in most cases people are simply afraid. And they try to cope with the papilloma by themselves. And, for the sake of justice, it should be noted that they often succeed. We offer you some of the most effective and safe recipes of folk medicine that will help get rid of papilloma. But remember - the visit to the doctor still can not be avoided, because he must prescribe you an antiviral treatment. And one more very important point, which I would like to remind you - strictly observe the proportions and technology of preparation of this or that remedy, apply it only to the papilloma and do not do the procedures more often than recommended. Otherwise, you risk damaging the healthy skin around the papillomas. And remember - folk remedies are inadmissible to use if the papillomas are located on the mucous membranes!

  • Garlic

Garlic - the very first assistant in the fight against anyneoplasms on the skin. But remember that garlic can damage the skin, so protect it. The easiest way - any fat cream applied to the skin around the papilloma thick layer. And the most reliable is an adhesive plaster. Cut a hole in this hole so that the papilloma is pierced and glued onto the skin. Everything is ready - the skin is protected, and access to the papilloma is free. Peel two or three cloves of garlic, crush them thoroughly and apply the resulting gruel to the papilloma for 20 minutes. Normally, you should feel a slight tingling. But if the discomfort is too strong, wash the garlic immediately, and next time before applying, add a few drops of any vegetable oil to the slurry. This procedure must be repeated every other day, for a month. Typically, this time is enough to get rid of papilloma, but if necessary after a one-week break, the course of treatment can be repeated. If there is a lot of papillomas on the skin and they are located in heap, you can try garlic cake. Peel several cloves of garlic, add a little flour and knead the dough. Form a cake from it, attach it to the papillomas and fix it - you can use a bandage, or you can use an adhesive plaster. The cake should stay on the skin for at least two hours, so it is most convenient to do this procedure every evening, for two weeks. As a rule, such treatment helps to get rid of even the largest papillomas.

  • Onion

Another great remedy for removalpapillomas - the most common onion, which acts more gently than garlic. Clean half of the small head of onions, finely chop it and put it in a deep bowl. Pour the onion with apple cider vinegar and leave for about two hours - as a result, the onion should be soft. Cut the onion with a fork so that a puree-like mass is obtained. Apply it to the papilloma, top it with a plastic wrap and leave for 30 minutes. Then rinse the skin with plenty of cool water and grease with any baby cream. It is enough to repeat this procedure every other day, for one month. Such treatment will allow you to get rid of even the old and large papilloma. Sometimes, if the neoplasm is located in such a way that you injure it, it can become inflamed. In this case, the ideal product will be a onion with aloe. Slice a quarter of a small head of onions, pour apple cider vinegar and leave for three hours. Then drain the vinegar, remember the onions with a fork and add three tablespoons of the previously prepared puree from the leaves of aloe. The resulting mixture is applied to the papilloma, cover with a gauze cloth and leave for two hours. After this, rinse the skin with cool water, wipe it and apply a thin layer of baby cream. Such a procedure should be done no more than three times a week. Of course, the treatment will take much longer - about three months.