papaverine in pregnancy Pregnancy ... The most amazing period in lifewomen. And the most dangerous and responsible time. We must guarantee not only the well-being of the future life and good birth, but also the entire pregnancy to maintain its health. A future mother will need a lot of energy in the near future. Of course, every mom is carefully taking care of her health and the health of the baby, who lives in her heart. Let's talk about the medicines that are most often prescribed by our doctors, their benefits and side effects and whether they should be taken. However, we draw your attention to the fact that this information has only an enlightening character. All decisions about prescribing drugs should only be taken by a gynecologist!


In the case of a state of pregnancy that threatenslife of the future crumbs, with hypertension of the uterus is most effective papaverine. Papaverin is a drug that has been tested over time. More than one generation of babies grew up with the mothers who took this drug during pregnancy, and the treatment with papaverine was carried out with rather long courses. If your doctor prescribes candles for you with papaverine during pregnancy, the daily dose is limited to two or three candles, which should be inserted at regular intervals. Punctures of papaverine hydrochloride during pregnancy can go both intramuscularly and intravenously. The usual amount for one injection is 20 milligrams, diluted with saline solution. In a future mother, this drug can cause drowsiness, low blood pressure and allergic reactions. But for the future baby papaverine is completely safe.


Now on the Internet any forum of expectant mothers is violentlydiscusses the question: is it dangerous but-it is worth it to use it and whether it is harmful. Especially the instruction of this preparation says that in pregnancy no-shpa is contraindicated. Use no-shpu in an interesting position you can and even need with small pulling pain in the lower abdomen. But-shpa effectively removes the easy tone of the uterus, relaxes muscle musculature. Physicians even strongly recommend that women always carry a package of this drug with them. But be careful and careful in doses. You in the position are allowed to use no more than six tablets per day. In very rare cases, the reception of no-shpa can be accompanied by drowsiness and nausea, palpitations and dizziness. Sometimes no-shpu and papaverine during pregnancy are used at the same time. This appointment is necessary if you have a status of uterus that threatens the favorable course of pregnancy.


If it is necessary to remove a small nervousstrain, appoint valerian. Calming herbal preparation valerian has a mild sedative effect. It can be consumed long enough, during the entire period of pregnancy. But refrain from alcohol tincture, the best way to use it is to brew the roots of plants or take valerian pills. She has no side effects, provided the correct dosage (up to two tablets or up to three tablespoons of this daily).


In the composition of this sedative,favorite by our doctors, are plant herbs: mint, valerian and lemon balm. Numerous good reviews of this drug suggest that it is excellent for women during pregnancy and in the lactation period. This soft sedative will help you cope with irritability and insomnia, often accompanying expectant mothers. With the right dosage of side effects, Persen does not. The course of admission is usually one month.


This drug exists in the market of medicinesnot for long. Although the price of Actovegin is quite high, this drug is necessary for the normal course of pregnancy. Extract from the blood of calves, which is part of the drug, stimulates metabolism, improves blood circulation and saturates the cells of the body with oxygen. Duration of admission is usually one month. Side effects in some cases manifest as allergic reactions and an increase in body temperature. In this case, the course of taking Actovegin should be discontinued.


This drug is often prescribed by a doctor atpregnancy, so its effect is completely harmless for the future baby. The spectrum of dibazol is quite large, but most often in future mothers, dibazol relieves the hypertensive crisis, reduces various colic. It can also be prescribed for immunity. Often it goes in combination with papaverine, which increases its effectiveness in the removal of pain syndromes. There were no side effects of its use. All medications, as well as various folk remedies, should be used only after consultation with your gynecologist. Especially if you feel drawing pains at any time of pregnancy and have found out bloody discharge - contact a doctor immediately! Do not self-medicate, if you have something hurts! If you want to safely retire all nine months, and then pick up your crumbs, look into your own eyes, enjoy the first tooth and hesitant steps - be cautious and careful. Take care of yourself and the little man. What will be his life, depends on you and only on you. We advise you to read: