squash pancake Zucchini - one of the most popular vegetables, withoutwhich is difficult to imagine any Russian country economy. Although in European countries it is also popular, only call it zucchini. Such a popularity of the vegetable marrow is due to the fact that in growing it is absolutely unpretentious, and it can grow even a novice unprofessional gardener, there would be only land. Besides the unusual taste qualities, this vegetable is also very useful. Juice zucchini calms the nervous system, quenches the feeling of hunger, heals wounds, contains fiber, vitamin C, B and phosphorus. In supermarkets and in ordinary grocery stores zucchini can be bought almost at any time of the year. If the vegetable has a thick skin, then it can be stored even throughout the whole winter. But, as you know, the middle of summer is the height of the ripening of courgettes. And, most likely, every housewife was faced with the question of where to put so many ripe suddenly vegetables. When some of the courgettes are given to friends and acquaintances, some have been used for pickles and preparations for the winter, a period of searching for new dishes recipes from courgettes. The favorite dish of courgettes is pancakes. Usually children do not like zucchini, but ruddy and crispy pancakes, as a rule, are even to the liking of ghosts. zucchini pancakes with sour cream

Pizza slices on kefir

Probably every housewife has a culinarya notebook with recipes favorite and simple in cooking, which can be cooked very quickly in case of unexpectedly unexpected guests. One of these dishes may well be a dish of courgettes, namely, pancakes. Zucchini has a sweetish, delicate taste, and zucchini fritters are lush and airy. You can, of course, cook them without yogurt, but on kefir they are much more magnificent and tasty. different recipes of squash pancakes

Necessary ingredients

To prepare a so-called test forpancakes will require the following ingredients: zucchini (better young), half a cup of yogurt, 6 -7 st. spoons of flour, 2 eggs, 2 tbsp. tablespoons sugar, 1 tbsp. a spoon of vegetable oil, greens (dill, parsley) and salt. First squash should be thoroughly washed. If you use young zucchini, then the skin from them can and do not scrape, but if the vegetables are mature, it is still recommended to remove the skin and core from them. Next, grate zucchini on a grater: to get a different texture of the mixture, you need to grate a part of the vegetable marrow, and a part on a large grater. If desired, the carrot can be added to the mixture, worn on a shallow grater. Then add egg, kefir, sugar, flour, dill, parsley and salt to zucchini. Vegetable oil is put in the mixture so that the pancakes do not stick to the frying pan and do not burn. The resulting dough should be thoroughly mixed with a whisk or a mixer. If you use a mixer, then the pancakes will be more airy. The consistency of the dough should remind not very thick sour cream. We heat the frying pan, pour the sunflower oil and proceed to the formation of pancakes. For this purpose, an ordinary tablespoon is best. To fry pancakes it is necessary from both parties to reception of a golden crust. Here are the pancakes and ready. Serve them best with sour cream and freshly brewed sweet tea. Some housewives add garlic to the dough, but it will be tastier and more useful if you rub garlic already prepared with pancakes or make sauce from garlic and sour cream. Such pancakes from courgettes on yogurt can be pampered by both children and adults. The taste of this dish can be varied by adding other vegetables to the dough and cooking different sauces. Zucchini - a vegetable, the ways of cooking which there is a whole lot. Zucchini can simply fry, stuff with meat, do all kinds of casseroles. But, perhaps, the simplest dish is still pancakes. Even a child can cope with the preparation of zucchini pancakes. Preparing this simple and delicious dish does not take much time. In addition, zucchini themselves are not only useful, but also low-calorie, so fritters from zucchini on kefir will suit even people who follow a diet and watch their figure.