delicious recipe for pancakes on yogurt Pancakes are a dish that everyone knows. Its preparation does not cause difficulties even for the most inexperienced young culinary experts, and the abundance of recipes allows each time to do something new, but always very tasty. You can cook pancakes on yogurt, milk, water, using yeast, cinnamon, with any fillings. According to some studies, it was the pancakes that became the first dish that they started making from flour. Every nation in the world has one or another kind of this dish that can differ slightly in the recipe, but they all have one thing in common - a "ruddy sun" made from a batter made from flour, water or dairy products and eggs. The recipe for pancakes perfectly reflects their nationality. In Western Europe preference is given to fresh pancakes, and the Slavic nationalities are more popular yeast pancakes. In Russia pancakes appeared about eleven centuries ago, it is believed that they brought the Varangians. The tradition of baking them for carnival is still observed. Pancake symbolizes a round golden sun, the end of winter cold and the arrival of a warm spring. This tasty and simple dish is very firmly embedded in Russian culture, today it is considered one of the obligatory attributes of the national cuisine, without which it is simply unthinkable. pancakes with yogurt filling

What to choose better: kefir, milk or water?

Traditionally, pancakes are made on the basis of milk. Some culinary experts believe that this is the best recipe, but you can get a delicate dish from kefir. How to choose the most optimal ingredient? You need to pay attention to what kind of final result you are interested in. If you observe a diet, but you can not refuse pancakes, then you should use ordinary water and do not add sugar. On milk, pancakes are thicker and caloric, they are ideal for breakfast. You can bake openwork, fragrant pancakes, which are great for wrapping in them fillings. On the basis of yogurt you can bake very delicate, delicate and delicious pancakes that will conquer anyone. They can be not only thin, but also thick, the taste of them is more saturated. So what product to choose for the basis - it's up to you! We offer a few simple, but such delicious recipes that will please both you and your family. You can choose different varieties of fillings that allow you to vary the diet. classic pancakes recipe

Simple recipes for every day

Cooking pancakes on yogurt can be at least every day,using for this purpose a variety of recipes, which makes this dish every time extraordinary and very tasty. Pancakes can be traditional, based on yeast, prepared according to a custard recipe, with fillings. We offer two very simple recipes that will allow you to shorten cooking time, but at the same time to provide your whole family with a delicate and tasty dish. For the preparation of pancakes according to the following recipe it is necessary to take:

  • usual kefir - 0,5 l;
  • chicken egg - 1 piece;
  • sugar - 2-3 tbsp. l .;
  • salt - 1 tsp;
  • soda (not hydrated!) - 1 tsp;
  • vegetable oil - 2-3 tbsp. l .;
  • wheat flour - 1 tbsp.

All the ingredients must be mixed in this way,so as to obtain a uniform bubble dough. In this case, the consumption of flour can be different. If you want delicate openwork pancakes, then you need to take a small amount, if you want to get plump pancakes, then you need to take more flour. Fry pancakes recommended in a hot frying pan, each side at the same time should get a golden color. Yeast thick pancakes as a delicious dessert To prepare thick pancakes, which are excellent for jam or jam, thick sour cream, you can use yeast. This dish is made a bit longer than traditional. For preparation it is necessary to take such ingredients:

  • low-fat kefir - 1 item;
  • wheat flour - 250 g;
  • yeast - 25 g;
  • creamy, pre-softened oil - 40 g;
  • chicken eggs - 2 pieces;
  • sugar - 2 tbsp. l .;
  • salt - a third of tea;
  • powdered sugar - to taste, optimal -1 tbsp. l.

To prepare pancakes on kefir it is necessary thus: we sift the flour, add yeast, butter, eggs, sugar, salt, mix everything. Kefir to add to the mixture should be warm, after which everything is again mixed until a not very thick, viscous dough is covered with a damp towel for about an hour. Keep the dough is best in a warm room. The frying is distinguished by the extreme simplicity, for one pancake one full tablespoon leaves. Bake it in a heated frying pan in vegetable oil. After frying pancakes should be sprinkled with powdered sugar. Recipe for custard pancakes on yogurt For breakfast, perfect custard pancakes, which can be done in just ten minutes! We offer a simple recipe, how to prepare pancakes on kefir, using the following ingredients:

  • boiled water - 1 item;
  • kefir - 250 g;
  • sunflower oil - 2 tbsp. l .;
  • wheat flour - 1 item;
  • sugar - 1 tbsp. l .;
  • soda - 3 g;
  • salt - a pinch;
  • chicken eggs - 2 pcs.

The cooking itself is very simple, the main thing iscorrectly brew the dough. Kefir, eggs and sugar should be mixed thoroughly, add oil, salt and soda (it should not be quenched), then again carefully mix everything, so that no lumps remain. Now flour is added, the dough should at the same time become dense, not very liquid. There comes the most important stage - brewing. To do this, slowly stirring the dough, you must gradually add boiling water. When frying with oil, frying pans can not be lubricated, especially for special pancakes. Fry the pancakes on both sides, turn over, when one side becomes golden. Time to prepare is not enough, but the result is amazing. Your family will require such pancakes every day, especially if you cook for them a variety of fillings. It turns out appetizing and tasty! pancakes with cherry filling American pancake pancakes as a variety Absolutely incredible and delicious pancakes can be made according to many famous American recipe. Ingredients need the following:

  • wheat sifted flour - 250-300 g;
  • kefir - 250 g;
  • chicken eggs - 4 pieces;
  • sugar - 3 tbsp. l .;
  • salt - 1 tsp;
  • ground cinnamon - 1-2 tsp;
  • baking powder - 2 tsp. (you can instead use the hydrated soda - 1 tsp).

A classic recipe suggests that pancakes will bebake on milk, but on kefir they are much more delicious and aromatic. Soda therefore is used quicklime, in kefiric acid medium soda is extinguished itself. Cooking pancakes should be this way:

  • eggs should be divided into yolks and proteins, while the proteins must be removed for a while in the refrigerator;
  • in the yolks, add cinnamon and sugar, then beat whisk;
  • Now we add kefir and flour, continue to mix everything. Consistency should turn out like a not very thick sour cream, similar to dough for pancakes;
  • now take the cooled proteins, salt them and beat them;
  • gently combine both mixtures, the protein mass should not fall off;
  • pan or pancake warms up to a hightemperature, the dough is poured into it in small portions, it is necessary to brown the pancakes until golden brown. Turn it carefully, so that the future pancake does not tear during cooking.

You can serve the dish along with sour cream, jam, honey or your favorite jam.

Fillings for pancakes

Cooking pancakes on yogurt can be on a variety ofrecipes, many of which are known to you. But how to make this already delicious dish even more magnificent? It's simple - you need to use different fillings that will make pancakes even better.

  • A sweet filling of cottage cheese will complement the alreadyA great dessert, which will please all members of your family. To do this, take 400-500 g of fatty cottage cheese, mix it with lemon zest, vanillin (you can take vanilla sugar) and sugar to taste. The filling is wrapped in pancakes, each of which is cut into two pieces. After this, the resulting pancakes can be fried in butter additionally.
  • Salty cottage cheese stuffing is made from fattycottage cheese, just mix it with salt, two raw chicken eggs, you can add finely chopped greens and a little thick sour cream. The filling also fits in pancakes, they should be served with sour cream.
  • Meat filling is made from 500 g of any meatMinced meat, which is fried together with a cut onion in butter until cooked. You can season such minced meat not only with pepper, but with any spices that you like (do not forget to salt meat!).
  • Hepatic filling is made from the finest chickenliver, which is stewed with port wine or Madeira. After the preparedness, the filling is thoroughly mixed, dressed with salt, black pepper, you can add nutmeg, greens.
  • Sweet berries additives are made from puree, in the compositionwhich can include strawberries, black currants, cranberries, cranberries and sugar. Often with pancakes on kefir do and apple filling. To do this, apples are cut into pieces or tinder on a grater, stew with a little addition of cinnamon, sugar.
  • Fish fillings can make pancakes simpleA magic dish that you want to eat every day. Use for this you can smoked or salted salmon and trout, cut into small pieces. You can make a classic recipe with red and black caviar. To do this, take a thick sour cream, which is mixed with caviar. The resulting mixture should be lubricated with pancakes, wrapped and cut into two equal parts diagonally.
  • Often when baking pancakes, especially kefir, there is a situation where they strongly stick to the plate in each other. To avoid this, you can use two simple methods:

    • after frying, hot pancakes should not be spread out immediately in a bowl, but first spread out on a table to cool them a little;
    • After frying a plate with pancakes should be covered with another plate from above. If necessary, they are quickly heated in the microwave or fried in butter.

    One of the most delicious and simple dishes thatyou can cook for breakfast, lunch or dinner - it's pancakes. They are prepared sweet and salty, eaten as an independent dish, with a variety of fillings. Today there are many recipes, but one of the most popular are pancakes on kefir. This dish turns out to be very delicate and delicious, and the pancakes themselves are delicate, very delicate. Preparation is not difficult, making a dessert can be any, and the result will make you proud of yourself and your culinary specialties! And to diversify the dish, you can use different fillings.