delicious pancakes with yogurt Pancakes from time immemorial are considered to be nationalRussian dish and enjoy extraordinary popularity in our country. There are a lot of ways to prepare this dish. Pancakes with yogurt, recipes of which are known to every hostess, can be made from various ingredients, using different kinds of flour, varieties of fillings and spices. The variety of toppings and main ingredients allow satisfying the taste preferences of the most demanding gourmets! Pancakes with yogurt, the recipe of which is considered the base in home cooking, are some of the most delicious and nutritious. Recipes of pancakes on yogurt are known for many years and are passed down from generation to generation. Probably the grandmother's menu consisted, among other things, of pancakes with yogurt, remembered for their unusual tenderness and airiness, but there can be a great variety of fillings: minced meat or offal, sour cream, cottage cheese, jam or jam and many others. A pancake can be rolled up with a small envelope, a straw, a pocket, filled with stuffing. Or even make a pancake cake, laying them with a pile, smearing cream, yogurt, whipped cream. Grandmother's recipe is used by modern housewives, finding it optimal. So, it is worthwhile to elaborate on the recipe for pancakes and the stages of cooking. preparation of dough for pancakes

Preparing for cooking

Following the recipe, the dough for pancakes is prepared withyogurt, so you need to stock up in advance with this component. You can, of course, replace yogurt with kefir, but the classic recipe implies the use of sour milk, where whey is present. Also it should be noted that it is necessary to approach with maximum responsibility to the kneading process of the dough - it should be of medium density, without lumps. Then pancakes will turn out gentle, melting in the mouth, and they form a mouth-watering ruddy crust. So, for cooking you will need:

  • 0,5 L of curdled milk;
  • 150 g of sugar;
  • 2 chicken eggs;
  • 100 ml of boiling water ,;
  • 0.5 kg of flour;
  • 50 g of vegetable oil;
  • soda at the tip of the knife;
  • salt.

Also for successful mixing of pancakesYou will need a mixer that will most effectively beat the eggs and mix the other ingredients. In advance it is necessary to take care of the cooling of proteins. To do this, they should be carefully separated from the yolks and placed in the refrigerator for at least an hour. Thanks to natural acid, which contains yogurt, soda does not need to be quenched with vinegar. Vegetable oil can be replaced with cream, pre-melted it in a water bath or in a microwave oven.

Dough preparation process

To treat the family with airy and delicate pancakeson yogurt, you need to take special responsibility to the process of creating a test. So, the first thing to do is to whip the yolks with sugar until a light, homogeneous mass forms. If the recipe uses butter, and not sunflower, then it must be introduced into the dough at this stage of cooking. It is also worth considering that if pancakes are served not with a sweet filling, then the amount of sugar in the test should be reduced by half. Now you need to put in the dough yogurt, salt and soda. The mass will be filled with small air bubbles, which give the pancakes a curdling special tenderness and airiness. At the next stage, the flour is added to the composition, previously sieved through a sieve. If the dough turns a little dense, and the curdled milk is not found at hand, you can slightly dilute it with boiling water or warm milk. It is worth noting that from a thicker dough you can bake delicious lavish pancakes, and from liquid - relatively thin pancakes. However, it is important not to make the dough too liquid, otherwise the pancake will break when turned over. Returning to the process of kneading the dough, it is important not to forget to pour the vegetable oil into the mass, unless previously added creamy. Now it's time to remember the egg whites that are stored in the refrigerator. It's time to mix them in the dough and beat the mass thoroughly with a mixer. The dough will regain its airiness. After making sure that there are no lumps in the mass, you can start cooking pancakes. frying pancakes in a frying pan

Frying process in a frying pan

As for the frying pan, you can useSpecialized dishes with non-stick coating or use conventional cast iron. Do not over-water it with oil. Experienced housewives put a piece of fat on the fork and smear them with a hot frying pan. Another option is to lubricate the surface with a piece of frozen butter. Given that the test already has oil, this will be enough to ensure that the pancakes do not stick to the surface during the frying. Using a ladle, you need to pour the dough on the surface of the frying pan and, turning it, spread the mixture over the entire surface. Pancakes are fried on both sides, about 30-60 each. With special responsibility you need to approach the process of turning over pancakes: you need to gently pry the tip with a spatula, and then quickly turn the pancake to the other side. To enjoy the most delicious pancakes, they should be consumed immediately after removing from the frying pan while they are still warm. However, pancakes, prepared according to this recipe, retain a delicate consistency even after cooling. They are perfectly suited as a basis for a pancake cake or envelope with a filling. There are other options for preparing pancakes with yogurt. So, some housewives prepare yeast pancakes, pre-mixing the spoon, and for the thinnest pancakes mix the dough with milk.