pancake cake with banana Appetizing and ruddy pancakes always remainalways relevant - they can and should be prepared not only for the Shrovetide week. Undoubted advantages of the dish are the simplicity of cooking, the availability and inexpensive price of the necessary products. The dish can be served for breakfast, lunch and dinner, without even worrying about your figure, because there are a lot of variants of the test: on milk, water, whey, kefir and so on. Choose the most suitable and cook for your own pleasure. Pancakes are served with sugar, honey, condensed milk, homemade jam, chocolate sauce. For the filling use curd mass, fresh fruit and berries: strawberries, raspberries, currants. And if you want to make a more satisfying dish, stuff it with meat fried with mushrooms and onions, chicken, ham or cheese. Fantasy on the topic of fast and simple cuisine can be as many as you want. But we suggest concentrating on desserts, which not only make life tastier, but also raise the mood. Today on the agenda is a pancake cake with a banana.

Cake "Banana pancake" with sour cream

A dish like pancakes can be foundalmost all peoples. For example, yeast dough is popular with Western Slavs - Czechs, and products prepared in Russian style, are lush, airy and incredibly tender. To do this, you can use not only wheat, but also oatmeal, buckwheat or barley flour. The dough is recommended to mix a semi-liquid, otherwise pancakes will come out too thick, brown on top, and inside will remain damp. If you decide to make a dish with stuffing, feel free to choose absolutely any products for this. For a noisy feast in a circle of friends stuff it with salmon, red caviar or meat, for example, finely chopped pork or chicken fried with vegetables. For tea, you can serve pancakes with fruit, sprinkled with powdered sugar or poured with chocolate sauce. But there is another very simple, but incredibly appetizing option - to collect the cake. You will need bananas, sour cream and, of course, this recipe. Let's start? Ingredients: For the pancake test:

  • five milliliters of vegetable oil
  • 100 grams of white flour
  • salt
  • three large spoons of sugar
  • two eggs
  • 300 milliliters of unfermented milk
  • four large bananas

For cream:

  • 350 milliliters of sour cream of average fat content
  • powdered sugar - at your discretion
  • vanillin - optional

For decoration:

  • half chocolate bar or cocoa

Cooking method: Before embarking on culinary creativity, remember the saying that "the first pancake is always lumpy", so do not be discouraged if your debut does not come out as desired. To knead the dough, first sift the flour into a large bowl. After that, make a deepening in it and pour pre-beaten eggs into the resulting funnel. Now enter slightly warmed milk, pour out the granulated sugar and table salt. Gradually combine the products into a homogeneous lush mass, gently working with a spoon or a kitchen spoon. You should not have a single lump. When you can, type in the vegetable oil and whisk all the ingredients again. Then cover the dishes with food film or lid and put them aside for fifteen minutes. In order to avoid sticking to the pan during the baking process, pour the salt into it and put it on a small fire. Warm up no more than a quarter of an hour, then remove excess, wipe the metal surface with a dry towel and grease with vegetable oil. Now proceed to baking pancakes: pour out a little less than half a half of the dough, turn the dishes to make it spread, and brown the product from both sides. When it gets a beautiful brownish-golden color, carefully remove it with a wooden spatula and transfer it to a flat plate. In the same way do the rest of the pancakes, until you use all the dough. The process of making the cake almost came to an end. It remains to make a gentle cream and assemble the product. So, carefully rub the powdered sugar with sour cream, then whisk everything with a whisk, after adding a little vanillin. The resulting mass must be lush and uniform. Lubricate it with the first pancake, put the bananas cut into very thin circles on top, so that they fit snugly together. Again, apply the cream and cover it with the second pancake. Then follow the same pattern - so you should get a high beautiful cake. Treat the edges, and also the sides of the product with the remaining sour cream, and sprinkle cocoa. You can decorate the dish at your own discretion: use cocoa, grated milk or dark chocolate, ground peanuts or walnuts. If time allows, cook a fragrant sweet frosting. No matter how I would like to immediately taste the finished product, I still have to wait a little. After all, it must soak, so put it aside for 60 minutes, but do not put it in the refrigerator. Then brew tea and call everyone to the table, after all, every member of the family should try an appetizing dessert. Bon Appetit! pancake cake with bananas

Pancake cake with cottage cheese and fruit

Looked at the pancakes, but no one wants to eat them? Do not despair and grieve for the wasted products. With the help of simple manipulations, turn the products into an appetizing tender cake. We offer to join the simple and fast kitchen. Now you do not have to stand all weekend at the plate, knead yeast dough and suffer from baking for a long time. After spending only half an hour, you will receive a sweet dish, which will be an excellent addition to hot tea, coffee and a warm family atmosphere. Ingredients:

  • two large bananas
  • 100 grams of flour (use only sifted product of the highest grade)
  • chicken eggs - four pieces
  • 140 grams of sugar
  • a glass of pasteurized milk
  • a small piece (about 50 grams) of butter
  • 400 grams of cottage cheese
  • salt - to taste
  • ½ chocolate bar
  • 50 milliliters of sour cream
  • vanilla - if desired

Cooking method: The name "pancake" cake speaks for itself, so it's clear what to start with baking delicate ruddy cakes. For this you do not even need an oven - you need only a well-heated frying pan and a positive attitude. So, as usual, mix the dough: pour into the bowl pre-warmed, but, mind you, not boiled milk. Then in a separate bowl, rub the sugar and eggs. When the mixture has a uniform consistency, combine it with milk, pour in one or two pinch of salt and sift the flour. Working whisk, whip the dough, which looks like not too thick sour cream. Now with a banana peel off the skin and cut it in very small cubes. Put the fruit in the resulting mixture, which must be blended with a blender or mixer. Cover the bowl with a plate and clean for 60 minutes in the refrigerator. In the meantime, pay attention to the preparation of a mouth-watering cream. His recipe is elementary: combine in one bowl sour cream, the remaining banana, naturally, peeled and sliced, vanilla, as well as 100 grams of sugar. Now mix the ingredients in the blender, and then enter the cottage cheese. Add it immediately is not recommended, because the cream will be too liquid. By the way, if you get a dairy product with large grains, pre-rub it with a fork. While the mass is infused, bake thin transparent pancakes. First, lubricate the well-heated frying pan, after pour into it about ½ ladle dough and turn the dishes in one direction, and then in the other, so that the mixture spreads over the entire surface of an even layer. Keep the product on each side for one minute, as soon as it darkens, turn over. Finished pancake neatly remove the spatula and proceed to the next. When everything is done, start by assembling the dessert. This is very simple: lubricate the first pancake cream, level it and cover with a second product. And so, use up all the pancakes. With the remaining sour cream and curd mass, treat the cake from all sides. Then decorate it with grated chocolate, for the same purposes you can use shortbread cookies or walnuts. The latter should be cleaned, fried in a dry frying pan and crushed with a hammer or blender. Dessert is infused in the refrigerator for at least an hour and a half. Therefore, take it away for a while, and cut into portions immediately before serving. Bon Appetit! banana pancake cake

Cake of pancakes with yoghurt and cream cheese

Recipes with which, we hope you have alreadyfamiliarized above, are ideal for everyday use. Such a dessert can be eaten in a close family circle, treat them to girlfriends or pamper the child for good grades. For solemn occasions, of course, you should prepare something more original and refined. However, if there is absolutely no time to create culinary masterpieces, do not rush to buy sweets in the store. Bake the pancakes, beat the delicate yoghurt cream and cook the icing. The whole process takes 40 minutes, but the result will please not only you, but also hungry guests. We guarantee that everyone will leave contented and happy. Ingredients: For pancakes:

  • a large banana - one piece
  • melted butter - four tablespoons (table)
  • 240 milliliters of store milk
  • flour - 100 grams
  • four eggs
  • two tablespoons (large) of brown sugar
  • salt
  • Vanillin to taste, usually enough ½ teaspoon
  • cinnamon - if desired
  • olive oil - for the lubrication of pans
  • pinch of cloves (buy ground)
  • four grams of nutmeg


  • 230 grams of tender cream cheese
  • 70 grams of powdered sugar
  • 350 grams of natural yogurt
  • pinch of vanilla sugar

Decoration (cream glaze):

  • 50 grams of sugar (meaning brown)
  • 120 milliliters of cream of high fat content
  • a piece of butter - no more than fifteen grams
  • a handful of chopped walnuts

Cooking method: "Everything ideal to ridiculously easy" is the motto of this dish. To make a pancake cake, you do not need to have superpowers, be a practicing chef and have a culinary talent. In total, the case that study the recipe and follow the instructions. Still great Julia Child, at one time turned all the ideas of Americans about food, noted that everyone can learn how to cook, the main thing is to have clear recommendations at hand. Having come to this site, you have found a great helper, thanks to which cooking will become closer and more accessible. We will not be distracted, and from the theory we proceed directly to practice. Note that all products must be at room temperature - then the dough will crash easier, and the mass will be more uniform. So chop the pieces of butter and put it in the blender bowl. Then, here break the banana hands and turn on the device. In the resulting fruit and cream puree, enter the rest of the ingredients necessary for the preparation of pancakes, namely: warm milk, chicken eggs, as well as brown sugar, very little salt, vanillin, cloves and nutmeg. To add cinnamon or not, decide for yourself. Now that all the ingredients are collected, whip them into a not too dense homogeneous mass - this will be your dough. It should be left for at least an hour, covered with a food film, then the pancakes will turn out to be more gentle. When starting to bake, first of all lubricate the inside of the frying pan with olive oil. Then try to bake the first pancake: pour half the ladle dough and distribute it around the bottom of the dishes, turning it from one side to the other. Once the product has browned, turn it over and fry it for one minute. Using the same technology, prepare the remaining pancakes. While the beautiful golden products cool, combine the cream cheese, sugar, pinch of vanillin and yogurt in one bowl and beat them with whisk until a thick light mass forms and lumps leave. With this cream, grease pancakes abundantly, spreading them one on top of the other. With the remaining sweet sauce, treat the product from all sides. While it will be soaked in the refrigerator, you have enough time to weld the glaze, which will later need to decorate the cake. Using a special whisk and working from the bottom up, whip cream with softened butter and sugar. Gradually increase the speed to achieve an ideal uniformity. Now put the cream on a minimal fire and keep it on the stove for about ten minutes, stirring regularly. At the very end, add vanillin, salt and walnuts to your taste. The latter must first be dried in a frying pan and crushed to a state of flour in a blender. Until the glaze is seized, pour a pancake cake with bananas and let it brew. We hope that these simple recipes will stick to your kitchen for a long time. Usually pancakes are consumed simply with sugar, homemade jam or condensed milk. For more solemn occasions, the housewives stuff them with mouth-watering expensive fillings: salmon, red and black caviar, curd mass mixed with fresh berries or fruits. Everyone dreams in his own way. But, you see, sometimes you want a variety - it's at such moments that it will not be superfluous to please the household with a sweet dessert with bananas. If you have already gotten used to it and know which pancakes you are most successful at, make them. The most common dough based on kefir, milk, whey, often it is done with the addition of mineral water. Similarly, you can choose absolutely any cream: sour cream, creamy, even brewed. Then lubricate them with products and get a cake. Learn, fantasize and bring to the dish your personal "zest", because sometimes the craving for experiments generates the most unusual dishes. We advise you to read: