hair dye for blondes It's no secret that menconsider blondes the most sensual, sexual and irresistible. However, unfortunately, nature awards this color only units, the rest of the fair sex to achieve the desired result helps the usual paint. Having looked around carefully, one can understand that it is possible to become an ideal blond beauty for a little. Yellow, pale and sore hair, the ends that are much darker or lighter than the roots - all this is the result of unsuccessful experiments that look, to put it mildly, unattractive.

Types of paints for professional clarification

Of course, you can purchase a standardinexpensive brand, which is used by almost all the overhydrated blondes, but you hardly want to be like them. Good quality products used in elite hairdressing salons are usually divided into four main types of masters: temporary paint, the result of which lasts several weeks, short-lived (on average, bright and rich color will please you until the tenth hair wash), persistent and long lasting. The first two do not contain ammonia, so they are less aggressive, but change color only a couple of tones. Resistant hair dye - the best option for future blondes, because you can achieve the desired color in just one time. In addition, the result will last much longer - from four to six weeks, depending on the structure of the head of hear. The first three types can be purchased both in ordinary trade establishments, and in professional shops, hairdressing salons. As for the latter, everything is rather complicated here. Despite the high efficiency, this paint is incredibly dangerous for the hair, it needs to be able to use, so it's best to entrust the work to real experts who do not exactly spoil your braid. To resort to the given variant follows girls with a dark head of hear, as it in any case should be clarified step by step. The right shade is given with the help of tonics, shampoos, etc. means. the best hair dye for blondes

How is discoloration

The very process of transition from a brunette or brown-haired woman to ablond beast is quite complicated. Just imagine, in each hair evenly throughout the rod is a special substance - melanin, which is responsible for the color of your hair. To become a blonde, you will need to "burn" it. For this, a paint with hydrogen peroxide was used for a long time, which is so harmful that after it only dry, lifeless hair that could not be treated remained on the head. After such manipulations the skin was badly corrupted, irritation, dandruff, itching appeared and even more serious consequences appeared. Now, thanks to the development of scientists who seem to like blondes too, there are quite a lot of powders, pastes, emulsions for hair with a more gentle oxidizer. They act on the same principle as peroxide, so an average of at least half an hour before you lighten up a few tones. However, even after them you will have to be very careful about hair, make therapeutic masks, apply balms after each washing, etc. For some time it will be necessary to refuse hair curlers, irons, chemical curls.

Choice of shade: how to find yourself?

Choose the right tone for blondes - it's not a matter ofsimple. Caramel, platinum, gold, wheat - this is only a small list of what color hair you can have after painting. In this case, you can either consult a professional or act independently. If you dare to perform the procedure at home, remember that you can lighten up without harm to the hair for one or two tones, not more. Caramel If you belong to the category of "spring" or "autumn", you will like caramel hair color. This is something between golden and red, and is an ideal option for blondes with dark skin, brown eyes and exquisite facial features. He is preferred to both young girls, and ladies in their ages. The only drawback of this shade is that the paint is washed off pretty quickly, if you do not use the auxiliaries - shampoos, balms, etc. Platinum Beauties, repainted in platinum blondes, always look sexy and constantly catch the interested looks of men. However, unfortunately, this color will only go to girls of the "winter" type with pale skin (like porcelain dolls). Otherwise, you will look like a normal dark spot on the background of hair. It is also recommended to choose a similar option for the fair sex representatives with short haircuts. So, in this case, to become blond, first you need to completely discolor your head, then use a special paint with the right shade or toning balm. Wheat or Beige If your hair color is light blond or light brown, then you can do without lightening. A huge plus is that even if you forget the next time to repeat the procedure in a timely manner, the overgrown roots will not be so noticeable than with lighter tones. To ensure that saturated color lasted as long as possible, it is recommended to buy shade tonic shampoos for blondes. The use of conventional cosmetics can lead not only to rapid loss of brightness, but also to deterioration of the hair condition: dryness, weakness, bruised ends, etc. Venetian Do you have a luxurious long hair and pink skin? Then pay attention to this color, which has not yet gained such wide popularity among Russian women. But in Europe, many world models stop their choice on this color, because it most resembles a natural color. A slightly reddish, Venetian blonde will give your image a gentle and charming note. Californian Despite the fact that most blondes prefer this color, they do not know the exact name. So, the Californian blond is a kind of painting, when the base is decolorized, but the roots are not brightened, which gives a slight carelessness. However, this option is suitable only for young girls who are able to care for their hair. It should be remembered that the extra five to six millimeters of dark hair on the crowns can spoil even the most spectacular beauty. good hair dye for blondes

Basic rules of lightening

Whatever was your natural hair color, in the endyou should become a blonde (honey, light-brown, ashy, etc.), but not yellow or spotty. The darker your head of hair, the more procedures you will have to go through. Remember that a sharp transition from chestnut, black, dark-brown is very harmful. After painting, the hair should be alive and shiny, and not look like straw. To do this, use professional cosmetics, which includes special sparing ingredients. Paint is always taken with a small margin, so you do not have to run around all the nearest stores in search of another package. If the length of your hair is slightly more than twenty centimeters, you will need two or three packs, not less. Before you open the paint, be sure to read the instructions, see the expiry date of the product. Before lightening the hair at home, be sure to check the resulting solution to make sure it's safe. Apply a small drop on the elbow fold, wait five minutes and rinse. If redness, itching or swelling is not, then you can safely use it. In case of occurrence of one of the listed symptoms, it is better to abandon the procedure. If the structure of the hair is spoiled, the paint either does not take up, or will wash off a few after washing your head. Therefore, before you start to radically change the image, be sure to heal your head. Best of all, if you start a week before the procedure to make special strengthening masks. However, do not be too zealous - once in two days will be enough. To paint better lay down, there were no stains and yellowness, on the eve of painting and discoloration it is recommended to wash your head thoroughly.

What can not do without painting

For discoloration and staining in householdyou will need a special polyethylene hat, which can be replaced with a cellophane bag, a brush, a thick and large terry towel, a blanket so that the paint does not get on clothes, gloves. If you do not want to rub the stains, the forehead, the neck, the ears should be smeared with a regular cream. In some cases, it is recommended to dry the hair with a hairdryer to achieve a better effect. However, if it is not indicated in the instructions, it is still not worthwhile to experiment and take risks.

How to become a blonde with the help of folk methods

If you are afraid that the paint can be badly damagedyour hair, but at the same time dream of becoming brighter at least two colors, you can use the famous and popular folk methods that our great-grandmothers have already experienced. One of the most reliable and proven ways - to wash the head with a decoction of nettle and chamomile. It should take one tablespoon of each herb, pour them with boiling water and insist for an hour. Thanks to these plants, you will not only achieve the desired result, but also strengthen your hair. In the ancient east, wise women, wishing to attract the attention of men with white or curly ringlets, lightened their hair with citrus. Juice from two large and fresh lemons is squeezed into one liter of water, purified from various impurities, which was then rinsed with hair. This tool can also be used by the fair sex, who have already lightened to get rid of the yellowness, which gave the paint. However, in everything you need to know the measure, so as not to spoil the head of hear. Also, after each procedure, apply a special balm for dry hair type. We advise you to read: