1 Miele is one of the oldestmanufacturers of household appliances. Once open as a family business, it has always produced high quality products that belong to the premium category. Starting with separators for beating oil, today in its assortment there are almost all large household appliances and professional equipment for dining rooms, restaurants and cafes. The company's products have often won prizes in the category of the best products of the year. And today many form a set of household appliances in their kitchen with the help of Miele products. The company produces both stand-alone household appliances and built-in samples, which can be conveniently placed in a kitchen of any size. When choosing an oven, you should pay attention to the model , which is equipped with an additional mode of microwave,which reduces the cooking time by almost two times. The internal enamel is easy to clean without resorting to the use of abrasive materials. The model provides three levels of position of the baking trays, which together with the attached book of recipes make it possible to prepare tasty and healthy food. The control system of the oven is very convenient, equipped with protective functions and a display showing the data on the cooking process. A successful addition to the oven will be a microwave oven, made in a unified style with an oven. Model is also available in the embedded version,leaving visible the beautiful black facade panel on which the electronic control system is conveniently located. The inner surface of the chamber is made of stainless steel, which makes it very easy to take care of it without too much effort. The model provides an audio warning, a light inside the camera and a lock from unauthorized inclusion by children. The operating modes allow automatic defrosting, heating and cooking. A successful completion of the kitchen space will be a refrigerator of the same brand. Two-chamber model is a perfect exampleRefrigeration equipment with separate compartments for freezing and cooling. The volume of the freezer is quite spacious and is 89 liters. The volume of the refrigerating chamber is 275 liters, which makes the refrigerator very convenient to use even in a large family. All the products of this German manufacturer, thanks to its impeccable quality, always featured durability and convenience in operation and maintenance. Forming their kitchen space from these household appliances, you can forget about buying new equipment for a long time, thanks to the fact that the company's engineers have always been ahead of the technical progress.