onion masks for hair treatment In ancient times, onion was widespreadmeans against baldness. Today, onion mask from hair loss, enriched with oils, is also used to restore the visited tips, strength and growth. Onion juice is recognized by modern specialists as one of the most effective means of combating baldness and dandruff. Next, you will learn, in combination with what additional ingredients the onion from hair loss is most effective.

Mask with glycerin and castor oil

Onion juice in combination with castor oil andglycerine not only slows the process of alopecia, but also strengthens and heals curls, making them silky and more docile. For therapeutic purposes, a mask of these ingredients is recommended to be done by cycles: during the month, 2-3 masks per week. As a preventive agent, you can resort to such a procedure 1-2 times in 2 weeks, depending on the condition of your curls. Preparation of glycerin-castor mask from onions will not be very difficult. For this you need:

  • boil and mash a small onion;
  • mix the resulting mass with a spoonful of glycerin;
  • add whipped egg and 2-3 eggs. spoons of castor oil;
  • carefully mix everything;
  • apply a mask (it is desirable to wet the hair beforehand so that the mixture is absorbed better);
  • put on a swimming cap (or a plastic bag), and then wrap your head around with a warm scarf or towel;
  • hour through 2 of the mask can be washed off with a large amount of water, and then wash the hair with shampoo;
  • if desired, you can rinse the curls with a decoction of herbs, for example, sage, marigold or chamomile (this procedure should be taken as the rule of every woman who dreams of beautiful healthy hair).

masking on hair

Onion mask with mayonnaise and aloe

This tool is most suitable for ownersThe fat, deprived volume of hair. The mustard that is part of the mayonnaise dries the hair a little, and the vegetable oil and yolks combined with the aloe juice do not allow them to dry. To achieve the maximum result, this mask is applied before every head wash. The number of procedures depends on the condition of the hair and the goal. To prepare an onion mask with mayonnaise and aloe, you need:

  • grate on a small grater a small raw onion;
  • drain her juice through gauze;
  • mix a couple of spoons of mayonnaise (preferably home-made) with the resulting juice;
  • pass through gauze (you can reuse the previous piece) aloe juice;
  • with a spoon of strained juice dilute the onion mask, mix;
  • apply the composition on dry dirty hair;
  • wrap your head, as described in the previous recipe;
  • After an hour the mask can be washed off;
  • after washing your head with shampoo, rinse your hair with a decoction of parsley.

Mask from onions, lemons and parsley

Onion combined with lemon not only preventsloss of hair, but also, thanks to the unique properties of lemon juice, gives the curls a shine and silky. As is known, citrus juice has the property of lightening the hair. However, brunettes and brown-haired women should not be afraid of masks with lemon: in small quantities, its juice is not able to lighten the strands, it will only add a golden hue, so that the curls will beautifully shimmer in the sun's rays. To make a mask from onions and lemon it is necessary:

  • mix egg, whisk or fork;
  • boil a small onion, finely chop it and mix it with the egg;
  • add to the resulting mass of a full tablespoon of filtered natural lemon juice;
  • mix the ingredients thoroughly;
  • chop parsley finely (one medium bunch), and then pour it in a mortar so that the green leaves juice;
  • pour the juice of parsley into the egg-onion mixture;
  • mix everything thoroughly until a uniform mass is formed;
  • Divide the hair into strands and neatly distribute the mask along the entire length;
  • leave the mixture for an hour;
  • wash off the mask with water and shampoo.

It is desirable to use this tool 3 times inweek for a month. After the completion of the course, you can do preventive lemon-onion masks once a week. The result will please you: smooth hair will be easy to comb, stop fluffing and fall out abundantly. result of onion mask

Onion mask on decoction of herbs

Separate attention deserves a means of onions on decoction of herbs. Another tool used by our grandmothers. Here is the recipe for such an old mask:

  • the crude onion finely chopped;
  • Separate the egg white from the yolk and whip the yolk;
  • pour a tablespoon with the top of chamomile flowers with a glass of boiling water (250 ml);
  • let it brew for about half an hour;
  • finally let the cool broth pass through the cheesecloth;
  • chopped onion and whipped egg yolk;
  • dilute the mixture with a spoonful of chamomile broth;
  • mix and add a little starch to make the mixture thicker and more convenient to apply;
  • rub the mask in the scalp;
  • after an hour and a half wash the hair with plenty of water and wash it with shampoo;
  • the remaining infusion of chamomile, diluted with hot boiled water in a ratio of 1: 3, rinse clean curls.

Mask applied 2-3 times a week fortwo months. Chamomile, in addition to natural shine, gives the hair a rusty-golden hue, which becomes more pronounced after its long application, therefore it is recommended that those who do not wish to have hair with a rustle replace chamomile with sage, calendula, birch buds or oak bark.

Oil onion mask

Onions mask with oils perfectly strengthens the hair,slowing down the process of deposition. This is an excellent remedy for both the hair itself and the scalp, thanks to which the fight against baldness turns into a pleasant procedure. Apply it in the evening, not more than once a week, for 1-2 months. The recipe is simple:

  • boil and mash the onion;
  • prepare a mixture of linseed, castor, olive and burdock oil (according to a teaspoonful of each);
  • peel a large cucumber and rub it on the smallest grater (or grind it in a blender);
  • mix the oils with onion and cucumber gruel;
  • apply a mask on dry hair;
  • put a packet on your head and carefully wrap it with an old towel;
  • leave for the night;
  • In the morning, wash your hair with shampoo.

Do not be afraid that after the onion mask hair will have an unpleasant smell. To avoid it, rinse your head thoroughly after the mask and then use the conditioner.