how to wear a stylish scarf How to wear a stylish scarf? This question worries, perhaps, every fashionista, regardless of age and preferred style of clothing. In the modern world, the scarf is one of the most popular and universal parts of the wardrobe. It is worn by people from all over the world, in the heat and cold, outdoors and indoors, both in everyday life and as an element of the evening toilet. Therefore, a modern girl just needs to know how to wear a scarf stylishly - photo ways to dress it will help her get an answer to this question.

Historical moment

This surprisingly functional appearance appearedaccessory more than two millennia ago. This is evidenced by archaeological excavations in ancient tombs on the territory of China, where figures of warriors with scarves around their necks were found, which, most likely, served to protect themselves from the cold. In translation from the Jewish "scarf" means "a poisonous snake on the neck". But since then much has changed, and modern women every year more interested in scarf as an accessory, as a stylish element of the external image. And then the designers are not stingy: all the podiums of the world and glossy magazines are full of novelties of fashionable women's scarves of various colors, shapes and textures. And what a variety of materials are used by fashion designers to satisfy the taste of the most demanding customers! Starting from warm woolen scarves, soft fur, and ending with delicate lace, satin scarves or extravagant, using leather and metal.

Ways of a stylish scarf bandage

But to get a scarf is one question, but howand with what to wear it, to look stylish and to emphasize your individuality? There are many ways to tie a scarf, and the most common of them is wrap it around the neck and tie the ends to the knot. The following types of nodes are very popular: how to wear a scarf

  • A simple knot - it can be placed in front, side and even behind;

how to wear a scarf stylishly

  • French knot (fold the scarf twice, wrap around the neck and thread the ends into a loop that was formed from the addition);

how to wear a stylish scarf photo - knot bow

  • Node-bow, suitable for light and not too wide scarves;

how to wear a scarf - knot a harness

  • Node-tourniquet (wrap a long scarf several times around the neck, and twist the ends into a bundle and form a knot);

how to wear a scarf stylishly - knot a loop

  • Node-loop (tie the knot in the middle of the scarf, wrap the ends of the neck once so that the knot is in front or on the side, and thread the ends into the knot).

When choosing the appropriate method, it is necessary to take into accountshape, size, texture and purpose of the scarf. Warm knitted scarves are best worn over clothes, and they can simply be thrown over the neck and shoulders so that one end is in front and the other is behind, or wrap around the neck and tie it so that one end is longer than the other. Choosing a scarf in the cold season, pay attention to bright warm colors: aa such an accessory will not only warm you, but also raise your spirits. Thin elegant scarves can be worn not only on the neck, but also on the shoulders, as an addition to the evening gown; at the waist, passing through the belt loops instead of the belt; on the hips, in the form of a bandage; on the head, wrapped around the neck or tied up like a bandana; on a handbag, passing through the handles and tying on a bow.

How to choose the right scarf?

We recommend the following tips:

  • A thin air scarf is more suited to a tight silhouette of clothes;
  • Scarves of neutral tones (black, gray, cream) can be combined with clothes of the same tone, but of different texture;
  • Bright scarves of contrasting colors will help to diversify your image, and the radiant will perfectly complement the evening dress;
  • Choose scarves of such tones, so that they favorably emphasize your skin color.

Knowing these very simple rules, you can easily experiment, creating your own unique style, and a variety of women's scarves will help you with this. We advise you to read: