how to wear a hat with a fur hat At last the real winter has come, and from frostsnowhere to hide. But at such a time you want to look amazing. Every fashionista knows that especially in this season, hats with earflaps are very important. From the outside it always seems that such a hat is universal, but it's not so simple. In order not to look ridiculous, you need to carefully select each element of your wardrobe to each other. Any style of hats with earflaps assumes its own style, the question remains in preferences. When you think about how to wear a hat with ear flaps, try to imagine yourself in different images. Try not to break your image and remember that this hat is easily combined with both sportswear and elegant clothes. To do this, you need to choose the right style, where a variety of jewelry and inserts from different materials are possible.

With what to wear a fur hat?

  • You can wear it in combination with a fur sheepskin coat and felt boots. This image is the best for a harsh winter. But nobody forbids to put on a sheepskin coat or quilted jacket.
  • You can wear a fur cap with ear flaps and with classics, and withsports things. Fur models are better combined with any things trimmed with fur. A more creative hat with colored inserts or additions in the form of beads, pompons will suit the casual style.
  • Very beautiful and unusual looks with a fur hat with a long fur. In this case, it is combined with a short coat and jeans. Of the shoes fit ugi, it is better in the tone of the fur color fur coats or hats.
  • On the question of what to wear a hat with a fur hat with a cropped fur is also an answer. The best addition is a sheepskin coat in classic design with a stylish belt.
  • Very comfortable cap with earflap, with what to wear it - the choice is yours. This kind is suitable for winter and autumn in combination with suede shoes, light jacket and stylish scarf, to your taste and discretion.

with what to wear a hat with a fur hat In boutiques and shops you can find differentvariations of such caps. The warmest and most beautiful - with fur trim. In such you will not be afraid even the harshest winter. Ushanka always looks very much like a villager who sits and warms near the stove. More recently, these caps were worn by men only. But now fashion and style have stepped forward, and this accessory is worn by women and children, so associations with the village have disappeared without a trace. Of course, the materials from which they are made have changed, and the design itself. In the Soviet era, such caps were used in the same type, mainly from fur, natural or artificial. Today this headdress impresses with its variety of design. Despite the fact that such a hat was very popular among famous designers, the demand for the headdress of our citizens did not become massive. When they began to appear in the fashion markets, in shopping malls and various boutiques, very many people wanted to purchase it as a new-fashioned accessory, and not for routine use as intended. Today, the hats are made of materials that are much higher in quality compared to past times, they also have unusual variegated colors and a beautiful unusual design. This headgear is for those who want to make an important emphasis on their own taste and personality. In the coming season, these caps will become the leaders of such accessories. Now let's figure out the fashion trends of the 2016 weeders.

Fashionable ear-flaps 2016

The fashion of this winter includes the most unusual caps, inincluding fully fur models that look very rich and luxurious. These fur hats will not only be an excellent choice for the cold season, but also always the most outstanding representative of the spectacular classics. Do not concede on popularity and caps with suede or leather top. They can be complemented by anything, for example straps or fur inserts. But even the combination of these two materials will look interesting and original. Very beautiful and unusual earflaps with a top of a variety of textiles, which will become another super-popular trend in frosty weather. They can be of different colors and with different ornaments or additions. The most fashionable colors - geometric patterns in the form of rhombuses and stripes of red-green flowers. And, of course, knitted. Kind of very gentle and pleasant. The most fashionable colors of such hats are gray and dark blue, decor - various buttons and fur pom-poms. cap with earflap with what to wear

A few tips on how to properly choose a hat with ear-flaps

  • In the case of fur hats, it is best to combine it with clothes that do not give your figure volume, since the cap itself is quite large.
  • If you want to choose an outfit with an originaldesign solution, and at the same time want to complement your image with a similar headgear, it is better to choose a more restrained, classic type of model - in order for the image to have a certain brevity.
  • For women of small height is best to choose a three-dimensional cap.

What can we say about the fashion colorsthis year? Of course, there are rules. Fur hats must be only natural color. Even if your headdress is made of artificial fur, in any case its texture should mimic a mink, sable, etc. But knitted earflaps can be absolutely any color, both bright and strictly classical. Many modern people often are afraid of some changes in their style and wardrobe. But in any case, this accessory can bring you closer to fashion, while at the same time perfectly warming your ears and head. We advise you to read: