how to wear clutch Fashion accessories play a very important role inlife of every modern woman. And this is not surprising, because often they are the highlight that can make your image fashionable, stylish and unique. The most important female accessory, undoubtedly, is the bag, without which we are nowhere. After all, without a fashionable handbag, the cloakroom of any of our contemporaries is unthinkable. Therefore today we will talk about the most elegant, elegant and original handbag, whose name is a clutch. How to wear a clutch? This question is relevant for many girls who have in their arsenal of a similar model or just think about buying it. The name of this fashionable accessory now comes from the English word "clutch", which literally means "grab, grab". From here it immediately becomes clear how to properly carry such a miniature handbag without a handle - clasping her by the hand and pressing her to the waist or hip.

Clutches - what, where and with what to wear?

with what kind of clothes they wear a golden clutch Perhaps no other bag looks sofeminine, like a clutch. This is the main advantage of a miniature handbag without a handle. A few years ago, the clutch was considered an exquisite accessory and was used solely as a supplement to elegant evening dresses and luxurious toilets. But today much has changed, and this little masterpiece, already little resembling a miniature diorovski bag-purse, can be seen not only at a social reception and a dinner party, but also in the office. Now the clutch has become a more functional accessory than before, so it often occurs in everyday life. Fashionable designers of clothes unanimously repeat: you can wear a clutch with anything; the main thing that a fashionable handbag combined with clothes, nail polish and ornaments. So, with what to wear a clutch bag? Today's variety of models, shapes and sizes of clutches allows each woman to choose the most practical and at the same time elegant option for any occasion of life. Do not be afraid to experiment and show your imagination! But do not forget that clutch - it's not just a handbag, it's also a fashionable addition to your jewelry, which should be chosen in accordance with the style of clothing. Having in your arsenal not one but several fashionable and original handbags, you can easily supplement any ensemble created by you. Moreover, you can take a fashionable accessory with you not only to a business meeting, a corporate party, to a restaurant or a club, but to a regular disco or meeting with friends, supplementing them with a business suit, cocktail dress or evening attire. with what to wear a clutch bag

  • Leather Clutch

Leather clutch is a universal accessory thatit goes well with many things of the women's wardrobe. A mini handbag made of genuine leather fits perfectly with any style of clothing, but it looks especially good in a business ensemble. A win-win option is the combination of such a clutch with a classic jacket and a pencil skirt. This model is perfectly in harmony with the outer clothing - a mink coat, a fur sheepskin coat or a long elegant coat.

  • Lucky Clutch

Lacquer clutch is a traditional accessory thatlooks great with things in the same tradition. You can not doubt, this combination of ensemble, like a small black cocktail dress and a miniature lacquer handbag, will bring 100% success to its owner.

  • Figured clutch

Figured clutches. They are so different and all so cute. A variety of shapes and materials - quilted, pleated or multilayered, made of fur or leather under a leopard, python or crocodile attract the attention of women of fashion and enjoy unprecedented popularity among women. These handbags are very creative, they can be worn absolutely for any occasion and with any clothes. The main thing is that the fashion accessory should be in harmony with your image.

  • Elegant clutch

Elegant clutches - richly decorated models, the size of the palm, are designed for exceptional events. These handbags look great with exquisite evening dresses. how to wear a clutch

  • Golden Clutch

Clutch of golden color. Gold is always in fashion. What kind of clothes are wearing a golden clutch? A fashionable handbag made of metallized leather or fabric is ideal as an evening accessory to a monochrome one. Painted in golden colors, the clutch looks great with a classic black dress or any other laconic style.

  • Large clutch shape without decoration

A large and non-decorated clutch is a great option forbusiness women. A flat handbag-envelope fits well into a strict office dress code. This handbag is worn with a strict dress and slippers, or an elegant classic suit.

  • Bright Clutch

Bright clutches of soft dense fabrics. Miniature handbags made of velor, velvet, corduroy and suede, resembling cosmetic bags in appearance, are an invariable ladies' companion at any youth party. A huge range of clutches in a variety of variations of fabrics, shapes and colors will satisfy the taste of even the most exquisite fashionistas. Such models can be worn with anything - with jeans, shorts, short skirts and tops, t-shirts, sarafans and light dresses.

  • Clutch of unusual shape

Clutches of unusual shape. Today, in the collections of many famous designers, you can find unusual clutches, made in the form of packaging liquid soap, sea shell or a heart made of suede, satin, jeans, fur or leather "under the reptile, decorated with sequins and rhinestones. Any of these options is perfect for an evening out. Undoubtedly, such an unusual, but at the same time incredibly fashionable stylish thing will draw attention to your person, and at the same time emphasize your exclusivity and individuality.