proper sleep If you think about what a person spends on a dream almostthe third part of life, it becomes scary. How much time do you spend with your eyes closed. And it's impossible to avoid this! Sleep helps to restore work capacity, gives strength and energy. In order to regularly get enough sleep, you need to know how to sleep properly. This is especially important for women. For them, sleep is the restoration of not only strength, but also beauty. An uncomfortable posture in a dream, an improperly picked up bed is a sure sign that you wake up broken in the morning, with a crumpled face and a sore head. Recommendations how to sleep so that in the morning it was not scary to see yourself in the mirror, give not only physicians, but also experts in feng shui and psychics. experts do not advise to sleep on the stomach

Advice on Traditional Medicine

Traditional medicine advises to sleep so thatavoid an uncomfortable situation. When we sleep, we completely relax, therefore it is desirable that the bed should repeat all the bends of the body. Otherwise, the uncomfortable position leads to an overload of some of its departments. Therefore, the advice that a mattress for sleep is only required is hard - not true. A soft bed allows the spine to give an unnaturally curved pose. We need something average. The ideal option is an orthopedic mattress. The choice of pillow is also very important. In a dream the head should not be above the level of the shoulders, then from the large, tightly stuffed pillow will have to be abandoned. A small flat pillow does not take the form of a head. Choose an average option - not very stuffed orthopedic pillow with hypoallergenic stuffing, or - as it is not surprising - a small down pillow. Despite the numerous stories about the benefits of new padding, if there is no allergy to fluff, feather pillows are best. They instantly repeat the outlines of the head and neck, and it is convenient to sleep on them. The only thing - to clean such pillows is required at least once a year. By the way, the cushions stuffed with a fife, every year it is required to change. tips for proper sleep

Correctly sleep and properly go to bed

Medical advice also applies to postures in whichsleep better to maintain health. Of course, no one comes to mind to retrain, as one should fall asleep to an adult person, but why not almost adjust the position for sleep in order to relax as much as possible? The most unsuitable for sleep is the posture, when the transition to sleep is carried out on the back. If you can not sleep in another position, then a special roller should be added to the bedding. If you place it under your knees, the spine at night will be easier. Optimal for sleeping is the posture lying on the stomach. The spine in this position is comfortable. Just sleep on your stomach better on an empty stomach. That is, the last meal should be done no later than 3 hours before bedtime. When you sleep on your stomach, it is better to refuse from the pillow or choose a bedding thinner. Most people sleep on their sides. If, during such a dream, to adopt an embryonic posture, the internal organs will be excessively compressed. Having such information, it is worth trying to give yourself some relief - straighten your foot from the bottom. This will also help to relieve the spine. European medicine is of the opinion that it is best to fall asleep, lie on your left side, and east - on the right at night and on the left during the day. The first one believes that one can not unduly burden the heart area, the second - only the closed area of ​​the heart promises longevity. Studies on the subject, on which side most of the long-livers slept, have not yet been carried out. Probably, such research is hampered by the habits of the majority - during sleep people change their position several times. It is important not only to know how to sleep properly. Correctly to go to bed is also very important. First, the bed needs to sit down gently, and then, gradually lowering the upper part of the trunk, raise her legs. Sharply fall on the mattress is not necessary - the vessels can not keep up with changing the position of the body. It is also gradually required and get up off the bed. If the recommendation, how to lie down, concerns older people, then advice - do not jump abruptly off the bed - follow a desirable and young. If you suddenly get out of bed after a dream, your head may spin. choose the right pillows for a sound sleep

Interesting advice from experts in feng shui and psychics

His contribution to the teaching of a proper sleep madepsychics and feng shui experts. Their advice is more about choosing the right place for sleeping and bedroom furniture. Not everyone can take advantage of the advice that for the bedroom to choose a room that is as far away as possible from the entrance, so that the gym and study room adjoins it, and take out all electrical appliances at night from the room. But to listen to the fact that under the bed it is not necessary to move the cord from the extension cord or put near the bed of the device with magnetic radiation - it is good for health. To know that a bed should be made only of those materials that do not emit harmful substances is also useful. It's only in extreme conditions that you instantly fall asleep in a haystack or on bare ground. In his bed, some obscure bump on the mattress or the slightest draft can interfere with sleeping. There are still interesting recommendations. Take advantage of them or not - everyone chooses independently.

  • It is best to sleep completely naked. Resting body. This opportunity is not available to all.
  • You can not lie down to the exit. This allows us to drain energy. It is best to arrange the bed so that the head looks to the east, if you sleep alone, and to the north, if there is an opportunity with someone to share this pleasant moment.
  • The bed should be placed near the wall. In his home, as the proverb says, the walls give protection.
  • The temperature in the bedroom should be about 27 degrees, but Traditional medicine does not advise sleeping at temperatures above 20 degrees C.
  • Linen is better to choose from natural silk or light - it best protects the energy field.
  • Again, traditional medical advice on choosing clothes - cotton and linen.

To not suffer from insomnia, it is not necessaryoverexcite before bedtime. Easy music, an evening walk - everything contributes to the transition to sleep. Take a shower or not - everyone decides on their own. It also happens that washing with warm water can cheer. It is recommended to sleep at about the same time, and preferably before midnight. It is then that stem cells will have time to recover as much as possible, and in fact they are responsible for the skin condition. The most important rule that relates to sleep: no matter which pose has been chosen for him and no matter how the bed has stood with respect to the sides of the world - in the morning one must wake up fresh and fresh, without limp limbs and a crumpled face. To maintain the performance and mental activity of the body, sleep is more important than even eating.