how to treat thrush How to treat thrush? If this question is relevant for you, then you are out of luck, and you were in that overwhelming majority of women who faced thrush. In most cases, women are extremely dismissive of this disease - they will drink a pill, the symptoms will disappear. Everything, on this treatment is over. And then they are surprised that the disease comes back again and again. The thrush must be treated to prevent the development of a chronic form of the disease. But how to do it right? This is exactly what we are now talking about.

Causes of thrush development

And to begin with, before you start looking for an answer to thethe question of how to cure thrush, it is necessary to find out what is thrush. On skin integuments and mucous membranes of any woman live yeast-like Candida fungi. They are part of a healthy human microflora. And it is these fungi that lead to the development of thrush. Why is this happening? As a rule, this happens under the influence of various unfavorable factors. Most often the development of thrush promotes:

  • Weakening of the immune system

In the event that, for any reason,a woman is disturbed by the work of the immune system, the probability of developing thrush increases at times. This is due to the fact that the immune system ceases to control the growth of yeast fungi.

  • Pregnancy

Unfortunately, with thrush facedalmost every second expectant mother. This is due to the fact that during pregnancy, the immunity is greatly reduced. This is necessary for a woman to be able to endure her baby.

  • Reception of antibacterial drugs

One of the most common causesdevelopment of thrush - antibiotic treatment. Of course, antibacterial drugs save many lives. But, unfortunately, recently people have resorted to such treatment in occasion of and without an occasion. And the drug destroys not only pathogenic, but also useful microflora. And the active growth of yeast fungi begins.

  • Endocrine diseases

Endocrine diseases, especially diabetes, also very, very often lead to the development of thrush, and most often the chronic form of the disease. how to cure thrush

Symptoms of thrush

Many diseases can occur completelyis asymptomatic. However, this is not about thrush - vaginal candidiasis is very acute, with pronounced symptoms. They can manifest themselves all at once, and selectively:

  • Vaginal discharge

One of the first and main symptoms of thrush -the appearance of abundant vaginal discharge. As a rule, they have a white color, and in consistence resemble curdled milk or cottage cheese. Yes, and the smell is appropriate - sour.

  • Discomfortable sensations

Do not avoid with thrush and appearancediscomfort in the genital area. First there is a strong itch, and then a burning sensation. These sensations are amplified many times at night, after intercourse and after taking a shower.

  • Pain during intercourse

Suffering and sexual life of a woman - with thrush during sexual intercourse there are very sharp pain.

Treating Thrush

In some cases, thrush symptoms maydisappear yourself. This occurs as a result of the active activity of the "useful" microflora of your body. However, do not rush to rejoice - suddenly disappearing, these symptoms may also return unexpectedly. Therefore thrush should be started to treat at the first of its symptoms. Very often the girl makes her own diagnosis and starts treatment. Sometimes she is lucky - she can manage with the thrush. However, most often the disease comes back very quickly. How to be? Of course, consult a doctor. First, the doctor accurately diagnoses the disease. After all, sometimes these symptoms occur in other diseases, far from as harmless as thrush. Secondly, the doctor will choose the optimal course of treatment that is right for you. The most common treatment for thrush is complex treatment:

  • Means for internal use

Modern Pharmaceutical Industryoffers a variety of candles and creams that are introduced into the vagina. They act as a place, destroying the pathogenic microflora in the vagina. However, one such treatment is usually not enough, as the foci of fungal infection are not only in the vagina.

  • Means for internal use

There is no less choice and means for internal use. Tablets destroy the fungus, localized in the body. Tablets should be selected individually, taking into account the characteristics of the body. how to cure thrush tips

Treating thrush with folk remedies

There is a huge number of very differentfolk recipes for treatment of thrush. And if you are interested in how to cure thrush in folk ways, we will tell you about it. Of course, they can not be a substitute for the treatment that the doctor appointed you. However, they can be used as an additional tool. All these recipes are safe, unless you have an allergic reaction to a particular component.

  • Soda-herbal infusion

For the preparation of this tool youYou need one teaspoon of baking soda, yarrow and calendula. Grasses put in a thermos, boil one liter of water, dissolve in it soda and pour the herbs. Close the lid tightly and leave to stand for 6 hours. Before syringing infusion, cool down - after all, in the thermos he keeps very high temperature. Douching should be done twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. The first time you can feel a slight burning sensation - this is absolutely normal phenomenon, indicating the effectiveness of treatment. As a rule, relief comes in a day, and the full course should last five days.

  • Borax with glycerin

Get a brew and glycerine in the pharmacy, mix them upin a ratio of 1 to 1. Mix thoroughly until a homogeneous creamy consistency is obtained. Store this mixture in a glass container with a lid, in the refrigerator. Prepare a decoction of chamomile - boil one liter of water, then reduce the heat, pour five tablespoons of dry inflorescences of chamomile and boil for 10 minutes, turn off the fire. After that, cover the pan with a lid and wrap it with a towel, insist for 10 minutes. After this, broth with gauze mash tincture, strain, pour into a glass container. In the morning and evening, syringe this decoction. And in the evening, after syringing, moisten in a mixture of borax and glycerin and enter into the vagina. Leave it for the whole night, remove it in the morning and strain it again. Do not forget about a disposable pad - it will protect at night the laundry from stains of borax and glycerin. The duration of such treatment is 3 days. Those women who tried this remedy say that the thrush disappears for a very long time.

  • Garlic water

Garlic has bactericidal properties,which can also be used to treat thrush. To do this, you need to make garlic water. It is prepared very simply - carefully chop two small cloves of garlic, pour one liter of cold warm water and leave to infuse for 8 hours. Before going to bed, sprinkle the resulting garlic water. Treatment should be continued for five days.

  • Tampons with garlic juice

If a woman has a thrush in neglected form,you can try a more radical remedy. Squeeze the juice from one clove of garlic and mix with the same amount of boiled water. Dampen in this solution a tampon and enter into the vagina, leave for the whole night. Be prepared for the fact that the sensations will be very unpleasant - there will be a burning sensation.

  • Magnesia and yogurt

This tool helps to get rid of thepersistent thrush, which, despite the treatment, comes back again and again. Get magnesia for injections in the pharmacy - it is sold without a prescription. Before going to bed, dissolve one ampoule of magnesia in 0.5 liters of warm boiled water. With this broth, douche. After syringing, moisten in 1% kefir cotton swab, put into the vagina and leave for the night. The duration of such treatment is not less than 7 days. Recipes how to cure thrush, a lot - choose the one that is most suitable for you. It would be very nice to consult your gynecologist beforehand. Be healthy! We advise you to read: