causes of thrush in newborns Thrush in the mouth of newborns is frequentdisease. Normally, the oral mucosa contains different microorganisms, incl. and Candida albicans fungus. Under the influence of certain factors, such as a violation of hygiene, a decrease in immunity, uncontrolled growth of this fungus occurs, resulting in a thrush in the infant develops thrush.

Causes of thrush

If you have candidiasis with your mother,a newborn can occur while passing it through the birth canal, so it is important to treat thrush before delivery. Weakened and premature babies are affected, as well as those who have suffered a cold. The cause of the appearance of the disease can be the reception of antibiotics both by the child and by the mother breastfeeding. To avoid this, you should take drugs that support the intestinal microflora, such as "Linex", "Bifidumbacterin", etc. Very often a thrush occurs when teething babies. At this time the immunity is weakened, and the child constantly pulls the handles into the mouth to relieve the pain in the itching gums. Often thrush appears when the baby begins to crawl, because many items that he can taste taste become available to him. symptoms of thrush

Symptoms of thrush

Normally, a small white coating is on the tongue ofeach person. However, its spread throughout the oral cavity should alert the mother. White curdled plaque, which can be found on the tongue, gums, skies and the inner side of the cheeks, is a symptom of thrush in newborns. Sometimes white clots or plaques are formed. They are easily removed, and the mucous underneath can bleed. Initially, the disease may not disturb the newborn in any way, but later a burning sensation may occur, the child may refuse to eat. A sign of neglected disease is the spread of the plaque throughout the oropharynx. treatment and prevention of thrush in newborns

Treatment and prevention of thrush

For treatment of thrush in newborns useantifungal agents acting locally. It can be nystatin drops or "Candid" preparation for mucous membranes. The tampon or index finger of the hand, wrapped in a sterile bandage, is dampened in solution and the mouth cavity is treated several times a day. The duration of treatment is about 5-10 days. It is important to monitor the condition of the child, because when using drugs, you may experience an allergy or a certain discomfort, a burning sensation in your mouth. It is also recommended to treat the oral cavity with a solution of soda (1 teaspoon of soda for 1 cup of boiled drinking water). It should be done with a tampon or an index finger wrapped in a sterile bandage every 2-3 hours. The same solution is desirable to handle the mother's breast, if the child is breastfed. "Miramistin" is a good tool in the fight against this disease. The mouth cavity should be irrigated with the medicine at least 3 times a day. In some cases, appoint the reception of "Diflucan" inside. It is best if certain drugs are used together, often using them separately does not have the desired effect. In any case, you should definitely consult a pediatrician. The doctor will examine the child, confirm the diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment. Sometimes it may be necessary to take a swab from the mouth for microscopic examination. If the baby is breastfed, antifungal drugs are prescribed to the mother. If this condition is not met, in the future, repeated infection is possible, because the infection easily passes from mother to child. During treatment it is necessary to observe the personal hygiene of the child as much as possible. It is often necessary to wash the newborn's hands with soap, process toys and those items that the baby pulls into his mouth. If the child is able to crawl, a wet cleaning of the floor should be carried out daily with special means. Do not forget about the sterilization of bottles, pacifiers and teethers. It is necessary to remember that, without fulfilling certain requirements, you risk repeatedly encounter this disease. However, these recommendations will help you quickly get rid of thrush in the newborn once and for all.