treatment of boils Many of us have faced such a problem,when suddenly on the body appears inflammation in the form of an abscess. Most often, this inflammation is caused by bacteria of pyogenic origin - staphylococci. Defeating the destructive action of the hair sac, staphylococci cause an inflammatory process. And it appears externally in the form of an abscess, called in the people a chirac. How to treat a boil: by yourself, folk remedies or seek the help of a qualified medical specialist?

Than the Chirac is dangerous

The furuncle itself causes a lot of inconvenienceand problems. Inflammatory process can be delayed. Sometimes the disease is accompanied by fever. If the treatment is not done properly and the hair follicle is not cleaned completely from the purulent bacteria, there is a threat of new numerous furuncles, and this is fraught with a disease called furunculosis. Since the boil is an abscess, there is a risk of infection if the skin is not properly treated during treatment. Never try to squeeze out the boil, the whole process of cleansing should take place naturally. Otherwise, pus can get into the body and cause even more chirac. correct treatment of furuncles with aloe juice

Nature heals - the doctor treats

There are many folk remedies in the fight againstulcers. But it is best to contact the doctor with this problem. An experienced specialist will prescribe the right ointment for the body, will advise the correct methods of treatment, and will conduct a survey. Remember that the appearance of a furuncle is always a signal of the body for some internal problem. Than the doctor treats Usually for the treatment of boils apply methods using anti-inflammatory drugs. The doctor will offer you treatment with ichthyol ointment, dry heat and necessarily prescribe UHF. In severe inflammatory process, the doctor will prescribe a course of antibiotics: levomecol, oxacillin, erythromycin, methicillin. As nature treats In the treatment of folk remedies, a "medical cake" made of natural "materials" is very helpful. Prepare a flat cake simply, everything you need for this you will always find at home. So, you need a chicken egg - 1 piece, honey - 1 tablespoon, butter - 1 tablespoon, flour. From the egg it is necessary to separate the yolk, heat the honey a little so that it becomes liquid, melt the butter. Honey, yolk and butter mix. Knead the dough to a medium thick state. Then from the dough roll out small cakes. Pancakes need to be applied to the chirac from three to four times a day, constantly changing bandages and treating the abscess with alcohol solution. With this method of purifying the body of purulent inflammation, the chirac cane is "quickly opened" very quickly. After the boil on the body broke it is necessary to apply a bandage with antibacterial ointment.

  • Vinegar table and buckwheat

There is another unique recipe for cookingtortillas for the treatment of boils. It is necessary to fry buckwheat in a pan and crush it into flour. Add the vinegar to the flour until a thick mass is obtained. To collect flat cakes and apply during the day to the place of inflammation. This method allows you to break the abscess in just one day.

  • Household soap skin is cute

To purify the skin from ulcers, usehousehold soap with the addition of baked bulbs in it. To obtain a homogeneous mass, the soap must be grated. Ready medicine should be applied to the site of inflammation throughout the day. The wound must always be treated with hydrogen peroxide. You can just cook buckwheat and wrap it in gauze, apply to the abscess. Buckwheat is truly a natural doctor. In practice, the effectiveness of this method in purifying the body of purulent inflammation has been proven.

  • Potatoes, beets and carrots - treatment for chirac

Treat boils, applying to an inflamed placerubbed on a grater raw carrots. It draws well pus and raw potatoes, which must also be grated and applied during the day to the boil. From the raw beets, prepare the gruel and use it as a medicine to treat the boil. Kashitsu need to be changed every two hours.

  • Help the body with cranberry juice

The juice obtained from fresh berries, perfectly copes with the treatment of chiri. Applying juice to the site of inflammation, you will help the body to cleanse the bacteria that caused the abscess. folk remedies for the treatment of boils Useful broths - gifts of nature Taking regularlydecoction of nettle leaves, you can cleanse the blood, and the whole body from the harmful substances that have accumulated inside the body. The broth will help to increase your immunity, and there will be no reasons for the appearance of boils. The broth can be prepared from the leaves of the lilac. Lilac is rich in vitamin C and perfectly cleanses the blood. And if you still have an abscess on your body, you can make a healing gruel from the leaves of the lilac. Such a natural ointment should be lubricated with a boil until it "ripens" and the pus does not come out. The easiest way If all of the above listed techniques seem to you "difficult in execution" and taking up a lot of time, then just take a loaf of black bread, cut off a piece, roll a crumb out of it and attach it to the abscess. The result will surprise you. Such an easy way to treat a boil is very effective. "Green doctor" from abscesses grows on the windowsill of any mistress. The favorite ficus copes well with the problem of drawing pus from the boil. You just need to put his leaves to the sore spot. Well-proven and leaflets of aloe. Cut the leaf across, attach it to the abscess. Change the bandage every three hours and the cleansing will come. To furuncles on the body was not, the doctor usually recommends:

  • Observe all hygiene rules. Keep the skin clean.
  • During shaving with cuts, immediately process the wound with antiseptic means.
  • Healthy food. Do not "slag" the body. Do not abuse protein foods of animal origin.
  • Be wary of deodorants and antiperspirants.
  • Maintain the body's immunity at the proper level.
  • Do not expose your body to hypothermia.

If on the body in the area of ​​the hair sac suddenlythere was redness, itching, pain and swelling, these symptoms signal the maturation of the boil. Do not delay with treatment. In severe cases of the disease, only a doctor can help. An experienced doctor will perform the examination and prescribe the correct treatment.