causes of allergies For many centuries, the concept of allergywas extremely rare. As a rule, she suffered from people from high society or from the bottom. The reasons for this were banal - the lowest level of the population led an extremely unsanitary way of life, often bordering on the immoral, which significantly undermined the body's immunity. The highest layers at the same time led a low-activity lifestyle, which also does not contribute to immunity, albeit to a lesser extent.

Allergy and its definition

Allergy by nature is a gap inimmunity to any external effect. Actual harm in 9 out of 10 cases is not, but the factors that accompany it are very toxic. Every year the atmosphere does not get better, the chemistry is safer, and the psycho-emotional situation is calmer, and therefore new species appear, which at times can carry very serious troubles. For example, an allergy to ragweed in the initial stage does not bode ill - a slight rhinitis that is clogged up even by cold coughs, but if you do not go to the doctor in time, then after 5 years a whole series of reactions to new allergens appears that are individual for each person dust, smoke, various kinds of pollen, dairy products, vegetables, fruits, berries and much more). But how to treat allergies depends on many factors. Immediately identify allergies and point to it for sure without medical examination is almost impossible, but there are a number of signs that can help in the first stage:

  • breathing is difficult. The reasons for this are different: bronchospasm or mucosal edema
  • runny nose
  • allergic otitis (sometimes extinguished by standard means, but very quickly returned)
  • allergic conjunctivitis
  • itching and redness
  • If any of the factors manifest themselves on himnote. When analyzing the events of the last week, you need to find a rationale for it, and if it is not, then this is the first sign to think about the causes of the disorder. prevention and treatment of allergies

    Prevention and treatment

    In the modern world, every fifth person suffers fromallergies, and the reason for this is the usual rhythm of modern life. People stopped eating properly, subject the body to elementary physical exercises, sleep the right amount of time, and in passing they are constantly at sources of magnetic radiation. If you engage in a healthy lifestyle and reduce the seat in front of the screen to a minimum, then the chance to get allergies is reduced by dozens of times. But if it turned out that there were suspicions, the first thing to do is to see a doctor who can correctly diagnose the cause of the allergy, and also tell you how to treat it. Almost always doctors prescribe antihistamines. But there is always a note that you should limit all contacts with allergens. During the treatment process there is another important factor - you need to pay the most attention to hygiene, while clearly monitoring the amount of chemistry that should not be too much. Usually, even if you can not get rid of allergies (there are some types that do not respond to treatment), you can completely subordinate the development process and stabilize it. If you lead a healthy lifestyle and at times undergo examinations, then in the future you can not be afraid of anything.