how to accustom the cat to the toilet Someone will be indignant at the thought that,that such an intimate hygiene item as a toilet bowl would have to be shared with a cat. And someone, on the contrary, in such a perspective is approving. Most owners of cats will find a lot of positive things in that cat catches need not in the tray, but directly into the toilet: there is no smell, and the tray can not be cleaned every day, and the filler in the toilet is not scattered. And so many koto-owners think about how to accustom a cat to a toilet bowl. But, it turns out, there already exists a whole system of cats training to the toilet. This system is tested (very successfully!) And approved by more than one hundred cat lovers. And if you set out to teach your cat to use the toilet, then you should use this "technique". However, for its successful implementation in life, you need to consider some points.


First of all, it is worthwhile to understand what to teachYou can use a toilet bowl of any age. But! The training of an adult animal will take longer, and if your pet is too small, then he simply can not cope with this "program." Therefore, it is best to accustom to the toilet bowl at the age of three months to a year. And one more condition. Before you accustom the cat to the toilet, you must teach her how to use the tray. And only a tray! And the tray for her should be a permanent and "zero-variant" toilet. If the cat's tray is not in the toilet, but in another place, then you need to gradually move it to the toilet. Do this by moving the tray on the way to the toilet every day for about twenty centimeters. Depending on the nature and feelings of "petulance" of your pet, this stage may last for a long time. But you can start learning only when the kitten walks into the tray, standing next to the toilet. If your kitten is accustomed to the tray, not being naughty and not looking for another "toilet", then you can safely embark on his training, which lasts about a month and passes in several stages. how to accustom a cat to a toilet bowl

Growing to a new toilet

How long this stage will last depends onsolely from the characteristics and temperament of your pet. On average, the first stage of cats training to the toilet lasts from ten days to one month. But, it is possible that you will be able to grow to a new toilet in a week, and maybe for this you will need more than one month. The purpose of this stage of training is to raise the tray to the height of the toilet bowl. But it must be done so that the kitten does not notice such "growth". To do this, gradually put under the tray newspapers and magazines, lifting it over the floor of a centimeter for two or three (you can more) a day. Calculate the speed of lifting so that in about ten days the tray is "up" to one level with the toilet. But if the rate of lifting of the tray calculated by you influences the behavior of the animal, slow down. So you will teach the kitten to jump into the tray, and it will gradually get used to the height. The main thing here is patience on your part. Do not scold the kitten and do not plant in the tray by force, because the cat can be accustomed to the toilet only by her own free will.

Getting acquainted with a new toilet

Once the tray is "up" to the height of the toilet,go to the next stage - the consolidation of skills. It will take two or three days, and your pet's inborn curiosity. At this stage, the kitten should get used to the type of toilet bowl. Most likely, he will not limit himself to simple contemplation and will try to explore this new and interesting object. Do not stop the research interest. Give the kitten the opportunity to study the toilet seat. The main thing is that at that moment nothing should frighten him. Therefore, take care of the stability of all structures, remove from the toilet bowl a lid with a lid, remove everything that can fall and frighten the kitten, do not lower the cart to the toilet in his presence. Otherwise, the frightened animal will never want to learn the toilet and, moreover, use it as a tray.

Moving to a new toilet

And now the kitten is already on it (on the toilet), nothingafraid, jumps around the toilet as a young goat, but he still pushes the need in the tray. And there is a logical question: how to teach a kitten to the toilet as a tray? The second stage is the very beginning of such "training". At this stage, the tray moves to the toilet seat. How to do it? Too gradually: on the first day the tray is moved to the toilet for one quarter (three quarters are supported by a stack of newspapers). The next day the tray should already be half on the toilet, half on the newspapers. And if the kitten reacts calmly to all your manipulations and does not show discontent, then on the third day the tray is completely put on the toilet. Put the tray on the toilet seat, fix it (for example, with a double-sided tape), so that it remains motionless when the kitten moves. And do not forget to remove the newspapers as far as possible from your kitty. Otherwise, kitty uses the kip of newspapers as a toilet.

Mastering a new toilet

The final and most crucial stage -"Excommunication" of the kitten from the tray. At this stage, you need to make sure that the tray remains in place, but for the kitten was inaccessible. Seal the tray with a sticky tape crosswise, so that the kitten can not fit there. And do not forget to leave an empty space between the "inaccessible" tray and the rim of the toilet bowl, where the animal could recover. Already accustomed to going to the toilet in this place, the kitten will take advantage of the space left by you. Another version of the final stage. Tray to remove completely, and inside the toilet bowl (hang) a plastic strip with a width of ten to fifteen centimeters with a filled on it filler. Digging his kitty can, and sit down on a strip - no. And he will have to manage the need, sitting on the rim of the toilet. It is said that this variant has a greater effect and is less painful for the animal. And you can try and do without filler on the tape. Just take the tray out of sight (and the newspaper there), so that the smell that comes from it (no matter how well you washed the tray), did not provoke the cat to search. The animal will jump on the toilet, already as usual and already as it is used - and there is no tray! And it is nowhere! What remains a smart pussy? Just do your thing sitting on the toilet. how to train a cat to the toilet

Possible problems and solutions

At the last stage is already inspired by successthe owner may face the main difficulty: the animal categorically refuses to go into the toilet and insists that the tray be returned to him. Do not argue! Return the toilet to the place and try everything again. Well, if it does not work out the second time, then use the trick. Start at the center of the tray to cut a hole. First a very small one, then a little wider, then wider, until only the sides of the tray remain. We throw out the sides, and rejoice in success! This cunning way is more durable, but also more reliable. Cases of complete failure in using this technique are unknown (if, of course, do everything according to the rules). The main thing, before you accustom your cat to go to the toilet, be patient. This process can be very long, but the game is worth the candle. No smell, no expenditure on the filler, nor a nervous meow in the early morning (if the tray is full) - the beauty! And the mistress is happy, and the cat is happy with its non-standard tray. And what else is necessary? We advise you to read: