how to tighten the skin after losing weight Are you serious about losing weight? Of course, all doctors in one voice say that you need to lose weight slowly and gradually. But, because you want to quickly move from 52 sizes to 44. With such a rapid reduction in weight, you most likely have a problem - saggy skin after losing weight, which must be combated by all available means.

Nutrition and Diet

And in the process of losing weight, and after it is necessarycorrect nutrition, saturated with nutrients and vitamins. To reduce the amount of calories consumed, it is necessary to reduce the consumption of foods high in fat and carbohydrates (flour, fatty, sweet). A rise in the elasticity and tone of the skin is promoted by selenium, magnesium and vitamins of group B. Foods saturated with vitamins and trace elements that promote elasticity and elasticity of the skin:

  • Oily fish, beef liver, chicken eggs;
  • Cereals, various greens, cucumbers, green peppers;
  • Jelly, pudding, vegetable oils.

To quickly tighten the skin after losing weightit is necessary to drink at least 2 liters of water every day. Coffee, tea, juice, as well as carbonated sweet water for this do not fit. Elasticity of the skin will help restore the consumption of only ordinary drinking water without gas.


Wondering how to tighten the skin afterweight loss, it is worth remembering about the various special creams that can now be purchased at pharmacies. They restore the cells of the epithelium, help get rid of stretch marks and make the skin smooth. Very effective means for tightening the skin - peeling. To do this, you will need a scrub, which, removing dead skin cells, affects its regeneration. And it also increases blood circulation in the surface tissues, due to solid particles that irritate the surface of the skin. Scrub can be bought in the store or cooked by yourself: Take a little shower gel, and mix it with a tablespoon of coarse granulated sugar. Exfoliation of the skin is better to start from the hips, then move to the abdomen, massaging the skin in circular motions. Peeling is carried out for 5 minutes, after which the remnants of the scrub are washed off with warm water.


It is impossible to tighten the skin after losing weight withoutthe help of massages that promote the accelerated metabolic processes and increase the elasticity of the skin. Here are the two most effective massages that you can do yourself:

  • Honey - honey is taken in small portions and withusing your fingers, with a little effort rubbed into the problem areas of the skin. The time for each site is about 2-3 minutes. The best effect this procedure helps to achieve, if you spend it in a sauna or a sauna. After the end of the massage, the remnants of honey are washed off with warm water.
  • Plucked - is lightly tingled in problem areas for 10-15 minutes.

Such massage procedures help both tighten the skin after losing weight, and make it more smooth and tender. tighten the skin after losing weight

Physical exercise

Can not do with the return of the skin to normalstate and without physical exertion. You can visit the gym a couple of times a week or do exercises at home for 30-40 minutes a day 2-3 times a week. And ideally - at least a simple charge every morning.

  • Strengthening the hands

For this exercise, you need a pair of dumbbellsweighing 1.5 kg each. The initial position is the arms at the chest level, bent at the elbows. On exhalation we raise hands in the parties, on inspiration - we bring together. Repeat 10 times in three approaches.

  • Swing the press

Prepare a rug for the exercise inlying position. Hand your hands behind your head, bend your knees. On exhalation, lift the body upward, lower it by inhaling. First, do 3 sets of 10 times, increasing the number of repetitions by 5 every day.

  • Forming the hips

A good exercise to strengthen the muscles and skinthighs. Lying on one side, raise one leg as much as possible and hold it for a few seconds. Repeat as many as 10 times. Then turn over on the other side and do the identical exercises for the second leg. Help get rid of excess "folds" classes shaping or rhythmic types of dance. The main thing is that there were a lot of movements, and they were carried out at a fast pace.

  • Water procedures

After awakening and before going to bed, you should takecold and hot shower. This procedure enhances blood circulation in the skin and smooths the upper layers of the skin. A good way to tighten the skin after losing weight is taking hot baths. The high temperature of the water provides a rush of blood to the skin, making it more elastic and healthy. Also, hot water helps to open pores and remove dirt and dust from the surface and from deeper layers of the skin. Take a hot bath is recommended at least 2 times a week. In the water you can add infusions of chamomile or alternating, they help to remove fatigue and irritation. Thus, properly eating, doing peeling, massage, exercising and sports, as well as taking contrast showers and hot baths, you can quickly restore the skin and significantly improve its appearance. You will feel confident even in a bathing suit on the beach! We advise you to read: