French spit with rim Since the earliest times, the maiden spit is consideredan indisputable attribute of beauty, chastity and femininity. Today, braids of various kinds are becoming more popular. Weaving from hair is not as primitive as before. For solemn occasions, whole masterpieces of braid are created with an interlacing of flowers, beads and ribbons. Fashion designers-hairdressers compete in skill, inventing all the new bindings of women's hair. It would seem that such complex creations are impossible to plaive yourself. In fact, everything is easier than we think. It's only necessary to practice a little yourself, and you will definitely get a new-fangled hairstyle that attracts everyone's attention. After all, the modern spit looks very extravagant and exquisite. The modern braid is a way of self-expression, subject to any style and way of life, be it a strict director, a romantic young lady or an athlete. Elegant or mischievous braids of any age are submissive. The most famous and common weave is the French braid, "spikelet", "fish tail", various harnesses. Every woman can plait an ordinary braid herself, but with complicated versions it is necessary to "fill your hand". Any method of plaiting braids is based on a general rule: the separation of hair into strands and throwing them one over the other. First, braid yourself with the simplest pigtails with wide strands and gradually complicate the kind of weaving. Do not immediately take up difficult bindings: with unaccustomed hands will begin to become numb and inevitably a sense of despair will come. As in sports, we also need to start small here. Gradually, the hands will get used to the unusual position, and at the same time the muscles will be tightened. And one more important condition: if the hair is long, then when you wash it, you should use the conditioner. Constant tangling of hair during weaving is very unnerving and can discourage all the desire to create yourself a beautiful hairstyle. The use of an air conditioner will help to easily divide the hair into strands. scythe "fishtail"

We braid the French braid

The French braid has many waysweaving: "disheveled" in a special way pigtails free weave will suit a rebellious girl, and a neat binding - for a business lady. Such hairstyles can easily be created for yourself every day, constantly making new amendments that reflect your mood, because a French braid can be braided in different ways. The classical French braid absorbs all the hair and runs as close as possible to the head. It even weaves a bang. The hairstyle will turn out more accurate, if before the beginning of work the hair is slightly moistened with water. French plaiting technique

  • A straight comb should be carefully walked through the hair, so that not a single koltun remains and they become easily separated.
  • With your thumbs, grab the strands of hair behind your ears and collect them on the top of your head.
  • The resulting bundle is divided into three equal strings: left, center (middle), right.
  • Start the weave using the simple braid technology: place the left strand crosswise on the central (middle) part obtained by dividing the beam.
  • The right part also crosswise to two already crossed strands.
  • Hold the beginning of the pigtail firmly with the left hand, the index finger and the thumb of the other hand on the right side of the head, pick up the next strand of loose hair and connect it to the right strand.
  • Now hold the pigtail with your right hand, and with the fingers of the other hand grab a lock of free hair on the left side.
  • Repeat step 4 and 5 alternately, each time adding a new strand of hair to the scythe, then from one side, then the other.
  • When all loose hair is collected, and along the head a French braid is formed, continue to braid the regular pigtail to the length required.
  • Make sure that the added strands are the sameby thickness, only if this condition is met, you will get a beautiful French braid. You can grab quite thin strands, then the hair will be more complex structure with a sharply selected pattern. Only for beginners to practice in the weaving of the French braid itself is better to start with wide strands. The main thing is to understand the correct arrangement and technique of the fingers. The thumb is grasped by strands of free hair, the little finger is held unused at the moment, and between the forefinger and the middle finger is alternately the extreme part of the hair (either right or left). Well mastering the technique of weaving an ordinary French braid, you can proceed to a more complex form. Technique of weaving differs from the classical version in that the strands are not crossed over each other, but are planted under the main part. The hair is laid in the braid from below. It turns out the French pigtail, turned inside out. The lower part (when all the hair is already assembled) is also weaving with a factory of locks under the braid. This hairstyle is more voluminous. If the strands themselves are more prominent in the classical variant, which turn out to be slightly elevated, then the braid itself is expressed in the reverse way of weaving. Hair weaving can be compared with macrame or knitting. It is from these types of needlework that stylists of the hairdressing business draw their ideas, creating hairstyles that amaze with their elegance. Such ingenuity under the power and every fashionista. Going to the office, you can braid a neat braid, and at the party make a more disheveled version of it. Underlined negligence today is in high esteem. To show your rebellious attitude to others, it is worth braiding yourself with a scythe of any kind, and then disheveled. For this, a thin strand is stretched out of the braids slightly in the side - this can be done with the fingers or the tip of a straight comb. Stretching should start from the end, gradually rising up the pigtail. Very unusually look careless spit in a pair.

  • Do parting. To smoothly divide the hair to yourself, you can use two mirrors. To do this, stand with your back to the dressing table and look at the reflection of the second mirror. Such a small trick will help to braid even pigtails.
  • Secure one piece of hair with an elastic band, and with the secondbegin the free weaving of the French spit. It's a short distance from her head to braid her. The braid should not snug against the head, but hang freely.
  • From the bottom of the spit, pull out the thin strands a little along the entire length.
  • In the same way, twist the other part of the hair. Hairstyle turns openwork and very light.
  • It looks like a braid from the harnesses, which itself is easy to plait itself.

  • Make a regular tail and fasten with a thin band.
  • Apply hair to the hair or simply moisten them with water.
  • Divide the tail into parts. They can be two, three or more, but it's easier for yourself to make a braid of two parts.
  • Turn each half of the hair to the right or left, to whom it is convenient. There should be two tightly twisted unilaterally bundles.
  • The bundles twist together in the opposite direction (if the tows are twisted to the left, then they need to be torsed to the right).
  • Secure the harness with an elastic band.
  • Such a scythe-plait looks more impressive whenit does not break out the hairs. To achieve this, it is best to use a modeling gel, which is applied to the ready-made tourniquet and smooths all the protruding hairs. Those who do not wear a bang, you can braid the French braid.

  • Make a parting from one ear to another, separating a small part of the hair. Remain the remaining hair in the tail (so as not to interfere).
  • Begin from the temple to braid the French braid of the classic type.
  • When all the strands are already involved, the braid is fixed in the tail or until the end of the hair is plied the usual pigtail.
  • Variants of weaving braids are huge -not every kind can be braided by yourself. Some species require special skill, for example, "fish tail". With this hairdo, such eminent beauties as Paris Hilton, Julia Roberts and Angelina Jolie were seen. French braid in the form of a rim

    Technique of braiding pigtails "fish tail"

  • Divide the dampened hair in half.
  • Separate the thin strands from the temples and cross them. The right strand joins the left side of the hair, and the left strand goes to the hair of the right side. Do this until all the hair is in the braid.
  • The lower part of the braid, follow the same pattern.
  • The above types of braids can easily be braided by yourself. It would be a great desire, and the opportunity to look 100% is always there.