hair straightening forever Each of us is born with his own, very specialstructure of the hair. Someone has chic curls, some have a slightly wavy or perfectly straight hair. Men are easier to treat them, but women always want to have what they do not have. To this desire are also perfectly straight hair. From adolescence, we all begin to experiment with them, achieving the desired result in both color and straightening. In our time, there are sufficient means by which they can be straightened for a short time, for a day or two and longer, at home, but we will not talk about them today, especially since such experiments can lead to a rather sad result. Straightening - the procedure is very difficult, and it should be entrusted only to a professional who can determine the type, condition and tell the best option how to straighten hair forever for you. Modern methods of straightening a curly or wavy head of hear are somewhat, in this article we will talk about the most popular methods.

The chemical method of straightening

The chemical method gives a result up to 3-4 months,sometimes less, naturally it depends on the quality of the method, and on the structure, as in all other methods. This method is similar to a chemical wave, familiar to many, only with the opposite result. The necessary substances are applied to the hair, then these substances are fixed by a special compound and conditioned by the air conditioner. For this, ammonium thioglycollate and sodium hydroxide are used. Sodium hydroxide is a very aggressive substance from a number of alkaline, deep penetrating into the hair, changing its structure, softens and increases its volume in the bulk. The hair after this procedure becomes more magnificent and silky and completely straight. At first glance, everything is very good, but this method is very harmful, and after they become dry, brittle, lose elasticity, the hair shaft becomes very thin. A little improve this, not a very good situation, restoring funds. Instead of sodium hydroxide, there is the possibility of using another drug - ammonium thioglycollate, it acts more sparingly, but the effect does not last so long. different methods of straightening hair

Japanese Straightening Method

This method was developed back in the early 2000sbut now it is the most effective, longest and safest way, how to straighten curls, despite the fact that it is also chemical. If you ask yourself: "How to straighten hair forever?", It is the Japanese method that will give a more appropriate answer, because once grown hair will need such treatment. Japanese straightening is a flowing straight strand, without any damage, unlike the first described method. Moreover, with the help of the Japanese method, damaged hair is restored. The fact is that the composition for processing includes a unique preparation of cysteamine, rich in proteins, which contributes to both treatment and improvement of their condition. A special straightening compound penetrates not just inside the hair, but into its molecular structure of keratin and changes its bonds. In the end, even natural curls become completely straight. The Japanese technique has two important advantages: a noticeable improvement in appearance and general condition, and straightening for a long time. Three types of Japanese straightening The composition of the chemical elements of the Japanese method varies depending on the type of hair: natural unpainted, damaged dry and dyed - for all these types, a certain composition is selected. The procedure of this method is simple enough, but the more experienced the master, its conducting, the more qualitative will be the result. The hair is covered with a special composition for straightening, after a time it is washed off, then the most important stage of straightening comes. The master pulls out every lock, trying to straighten it completely, and this is a rather long procedure. If this is done qualitatively, the result will surpass all expectations. Repeat the procedure of straightening for 6-8 months will only have on the hair. And all this time they will be perfectly smooth. The Japanese technique differs from the usual chemical in that the hair is not damaged. Due to the fact that the structure is completely restored, they can be painted and grown. process of keratin hair straightening

Keratin straightening

The effect of keratin straightening - from 2 to 4months, depending on the rectifier composition and hair type. Healthy, shiny, smooth hair is the result of the method we'll talk about in this part. Healthy hair is 88% composed of keratin - a complex protein. With unbalanced or inadequate nutrition and stress, keratin molecules are damaged, destroyed, and hair lose elasticity, shine and smoothness. Hair scales cease to adhere tightly to each other, the hair breaks and tears. Straightening with keratin is the saturation of the hair with this very keratin. It fills with itself all the empty space in the structure of the hair, restoring it. There are a lot of manufacturers of keratin straighteners, but the compositions produced by Brazil and America are in great demand. A large number of good reviews from customers using these compounds, this is confirmed. The technology of hair straightening and the essence of both compositions are similar. But the main difference of the Brazilian composition is a small content of formaldehyde. And this chemical is released as a vapor when heated.

American composition and stages of the procedure

Composition for American straighteningis positioned as an formaldehyde, safe and health-improving agent. American composition is usually a little more expensive than Brazilian. The rectification technology consists of three stages:

  • carrying out the cleansing of the hair from dirt, dust, surplus grease and the remains of styling products, after which the hair itself becomes more susceptible.
  • application of the composition of protein and keratin (thisthe composition of the master selects by the type of hair) along the entire length, retreating from the roots by several millimeters. And along with this composition, the hair is dried with a hair dryer, non-flammable air, using a large brush.
  • small strands straighten with iron, heatedup to 230 degrees. Under such a temperature effect, the protein keratin is sealed in the hair, folding, the structure is restored, previously damaged, a smooth layer appears, which gives shine.

The effect is achieved immediately, but the completionthe necessary processes in the structure last about 3-4 days, and at this time, in no case can not wash and expose the hair deformation. It's about clippings, elastic bands, various clips, even wearing a hat is not desirable.

A small addition

If you are used to constantly staining yourhairstyle, it is better to hold it before the procedure. An additional bonus is the increased longevity of the color, as its pigments will be "sealed" inside the hair for a long time. After receiving the procedure, it is necessary to give a respite for two weeks to the hair. Straightened keratin curls require special care - keratin enriched masks and bessulfate shampoos. At least four months your hair will look perfect, pleasing with smoothness and brilliance. Keratin straightening is not an expensive pleasure. Its price depends on the length and ranges from 3 000 to 15 000 rubles. But this does not stop girls and women seeking a healthy beauty. As noted by those who did keratin straightening, the result is worth it. This article tells about several types of straightening for a long time: one is more expensive, another is cheaper, some kind is more effective, another is less, the same is true for possible hair damage. What method to choose if necessary to make hair smooth and beautiful, it's up to you.