how to shave a bikini zone without irritation At what point does a woman consider her appearanceideal? Clean well-groomed skin, regular make-up, beautiful hairstyle, stylish clothes. But there is another rather intimate detail, a perfection that gives confidence to any fair sex, even if only she knows about it. This is the depilated zone of a bikini, with no unpleasant traces of irritation on the skin. What's to hide: in our time do not want to be like a woman of the Mesozoic era and pacing the beach with extra vegetation in an interesting place. So sooner or later, before each woman, the question arises: how to shave a bikini zone without irritation on the skin?

To shave or not to shave, that is the question

Many modern women seriously think about itover the dilemma: shave or not shave the bikini zone. In the end, our mothers and grandmothers did not bother with such a problem, and nothing: the marriage did not collapse, there were no special claims. And what now, the lack of hair in this place has become the norm, or is it just another craze, not at all obligatory for everyone? If you believe that depilation of the bikini zone is a relatively new fashion trend, then you are deeply mistaken. Another 4 thousand years before Christ in Mesopotamia practiced hair removal in intimate areas. True, this was done not for aesthetic reasons, but as a means of combating parasites-mites and lice. Further more! In ancient Rome, partially shaved hair in a delicate zone of steel prostitutes, wanting to seem more sexual. And in the 12-13th centuries in Europe, public baths were mega-popular, where both men and women were at the same time. Notable ladies removed absolutely all hairs in an interesting place to emphasize their nakedness. During the Inquisition, women were forcibly shaved, as the search for "devil signs" was conducted in the intimate zone, too. And only in the 17th century during the reign of Louis XIV the shaving of the bikini zone became an element of sexuality. The fact is that the Sun King really liked young girls, whose pubic hair had not yet grown. Here also the ladies with their clean-shaven body walked, to appear younger in the bed and meet all the requirements of the beauty of that time. Unfortunately, the 20th century was so ambiguous for the history of mankind that it touched even such a delicate topic as the presence of excess vegetation in the intimate zone. In America and Europe, a whole generation of hippies propagated the natural "shaggy" on the whole body, but after a few years of followers, hairiness became less and less. In our own country, the reluctance to shave hair below the waist was considered a sign of chastity! Many women did not even suspect that the armpits, bikini zone and legs can be shaved. So what do you do? To live and not to bathe, not paying attention to curls in an intimate place, or urgently to shave all superfluous, stepping in step with time? Every woman should decide this question for herself. If it's all about a man, you should ask him. Strange as it may seem, far from all the representatives of the stronger sex are fixated on a perfectly smooth bikini zone: for someone, having a hair in an intimate place with a woman is a completely natural phenomenon that does not require any changes. However, if your man is younger than 35, he certainly wants to see in his partner a model from the magazine, and dense vegetation in panties will be considered just wild. In addition, a relationship with a man is not the only reason to shave a bikini zone. If you regularly visit the pool or just like to lie on the beach, then a neat skin kind of "in the panties" you just need! shave or do not shave the bikini zone

Have you been shaved for the night, Desdemona?

But why do we all say "shave," and "shave"? Thank God, not in the last century we live - there are other ways of hair removal. For example, wax strips, shugaring, photoepilation, finally! After all, with the help of these wonderful methods, you can get rid of unnecessary hair, if not forever, then for a long time! A razor can be cut, get irritated, and hair grows on the second day ... So it is, but only the razor to this day remains the most reliable, affordable and cheap remedy for hair removal. Not every woman is able to endure the pain of using other methods of depilation in such a gentle place, especially since it is necessary to hold them regularly too. And here everything is extremely simple: took the machine, shaved her hair, and is free! And no time and money for the procedures in the beauty salons. Another thing is that it is also necessary to use a razor with the mind, otherwise it will not be possible to avoid troubles in the form of cuts and burning irritation. Here, as in any important matter, serious approach and attention is required.

  • First of all, it is worth considering the followingThe question: which machine is best used for shaving the bikini zone? Realizing that the work is a jeweler, abandon the pretty pink machine, so extolled by advertising. The fact is that conventional machines are provided for wide smooth surfaces, for example, for the feet. In the delicate zone, special blade limiters will simply close the view and you will be injured. In extreme cases, attach to the female loom male blades, they are fine for him fit.
  • Secondly, in no case do not use disposable machines: their blade is so sharp that you can easily get hurt and bring the skin to irritation.
  • Do not forget about the foam or gel in order toshaving was successful! If you are going to buy something doroguschee and designed specifically for the bikini zone (supposedly there and the skin is special, and the usual means will not work), then you'll be wasting both money and time to search. Better take a closer look at what your man is using before the morning shave - believe me, this means is enough! Buy yourself the same gel, only for sensitive skin, and you will be happy!
  • Shave your hair in the direction of hair growth and in no way the other way around! So you reduce the risk of irritation of your skin at times.
  • Intimate place - it's not the ankles, there are full-folds. In order not to injure slightly, stretch the skin, straightening the folds.
  • After you shave, take a shower andApply to a shaved skin cream or a special after shave. This is done to calm the possible irritation: even if you are sure that you acted very carefully, the damage can be completely unnoticeable, which will not prevent them from causing skin irritation.
  • Do not rush to wear panties after shaving the bikini zone: let the skin breathe. This is another way to avoid unpleasant irritation, so shave better before bed.

Another unquestionable argument in favor of shavingmachine before other types of depilation - the possibility of creating an intimate haircut. It's far from a secret that many young girls consider a haircut, and sometimes the hair coloring on an intimate place is something self-evident. And it's impossible to create a "bunny" or "sun" with the help of wax or cream. Therefore, they simply armed with a sharp razor, gel, cosmetic pencil and get down to business. The whole procedure is practically indistinguishable from usual shaving, except for the fact that it is necessary to shave out the contour of the pencil drawing. Of course, it takes more time and effort, but the result does not make you wait: usually men are delighted with such an invention. Do you want to completely shave the hairs from a delicate place, or do you want to leave a pretty picture - all this is done not only for the sake of aesthetics and sexual attractiveness, but also for hygienic reasons. Having understood the simple rules of how to shave a bikini, you are sure to reduce the risk of irritation on the skin and will always be happy with the result. After all, beauty and health do not always require sacrifice: sometimes, they just require skillful handling of the razor. We advise you to read: