love affair Before many women who survivedbetrayal, betrayal, suffering from unrequited love or from troubled relationships, a vital question arises: how to get rid of love addiction? How to stop harassing yourself, guessing at every step, being completely dependent on his actions or words? Such a state can not only deprive the soul world, but also transform the life of a woman into a real hell. Love affair has little to do with true love and arises against a background of initially dysfunctional relationships. take yourself on a journey

How to stop being dependent

The first step to healing will be diagnosinghave dependencies. If a woman is already concerned about how to get rid of love addiction - this is already a good result. So she understands the perniciousness of such a deadlock, wants to get out of it at all costs. Understand, finally, that there can be no future with a man who makes you suffer. In a mutual harmonious love there is no place for slavish dependence. Real love brings joy and inner peace, false - anxiety, fear and pain. Then quickly and decisively you need to get rid of everything that connects you to the person to whom there is a destructive dependence. This includes photographs, gifts, phone numbers and so on. Under any pretext, stop communicating with your common acquaintances, avoid places where you can meet the subject of dependence. The brighter the bridges burn behind your back, the sooner the cure for painful affection will come. It is necessary to fill your day with an eyeball, try to keep thoughts constantly busy, not to give yourself a minute of useless memories, tears and self-pity. A lot of work, communication, travel, new impressions - that's what you really need. Attend the gym, get a dog or go on a long trip. This is a proven way to get rid of obsessive thoughts and memories, because the head will be busy with other problems, and in the evening you will fall down, so sleep soundly and peacefully, and not cry midnight in the pillow. advice of psychologists

Psychologists' advice

There is a good phrase that characterizes lovinglydependent person: "How to get rid of love addiction? No, just wait until there is no room in his back for his knife strikes. " And yet, there are some recommendations that help cope with the disease or at least reduce the unhealthy attachment. Each specific person needs a special approach, depending on the situation. Try to forcibly hold the thought on the object of attachment for an hour, without being distracted by anything. Force the brain to concentrate attention on its image until you are mentally sick of it, because violence causes opposition. Focus on the shortcomings of your lover, exaggerating them in your mind. You can even write flaws on paper and reread when there is a desire to meet or call again. Suggest to yourself that obsession humiliates you in his eyes, that men try to avoid women who constantly control them or throw themselves around their necks. Some psychologists say that the roots of love affection are in our childhood. A person who has not received enough love and care at an early age, is inclined to depend on another person. Also, the reason may be hidden in the low self-esteem of a woman. Rejoice in every new day, comprehensively develop, make more friends - and getting rid of dependence will happen!