We protect the skin of the lips Spring is the most romantic time of the year. On the veranda in the cafe, on a walk in the park with your beloved, at the premiere of a new blockbuster in the cinema it is very difficult to resist the gentle kisses. But in the spring because of frequent weather changes, the skin of the lips dries and cracks. How to avoid this and save the skin of the lips for kissing? The skin of the lips, devoid of a layer of fatty tissue, is the finest skin of our body. Without daily care, she suffers under the influence of negative environmental influences. Here are some tips to help you avoid unpleasant peeling and cracks:

  • do not lick your lips in the wind;
  • Often moisturize your skin with hygienic lipstick or balm;
  • in the evening, apply lip oil on the lips (for example, olive oil);
  • from time to time you can smear your lips with sugar-coated honey - it will work like a gentle scrub.

Care of lips If you want to make the care of your lips fast andeffective, use a new line of lip oils from NIVEA. The novelty has a formula enriched with carite and almond oils. These ingredients, soothe the thin skin, thicken the fragile vessels and make the lips smooth. When applied to the lips, the oil gradually melts, releasing the delicate flavors of the new line: "Caramel Cream", "Juicy Raspberry", "Macadam nut and vanilla". Save your lips for spring kisses!