how to remove warts Modern medicine allows you to get rid ofwarts in just a few minutes. However, not all people are eager to go to the doctor - many of them are trying to learn how to withdraw the warts themselves. It really is possible - in the treasury of folk medicine there are a lot of recipes for the removal of warts. All these recipes can be used without any fear of harming your body. Of course, only in the event that you do not violate the recipe for the preparation of a particular remedy. And to abuse treatment is not necessary, as there is a risk of damage to the skin. And the last very important nuance, which can not be forgotten - is the likelihood of an allergic reaction to any of the means you have chosen. excretion of warts

Means for warts based on garlic

Garlic is perhaps the most effective remedyfor the destruction of warts. The main disadvantage of garlic is that it often damages the healthy skin around the warts. Therefore, whichever of the following recipes you choose, be sure to protect the skin. This is done simply - in a band-aid, cut a hole of the corresponding wart of the size and paste it so that the whole new formation is on top of the adhesive plaster. Everything, the skin is protected and you can start treatment.

  • Garlic with honey

This recipe is ideal for those people whowhich are too sensitive skin and / or warts are prone to inflammation. Peel several cloves of garlic, pass them through garlic and mix with a little of natural honey. The resulting mixture is applied to the wart, top covered with a plastic wrap and leave for 15 minutes. No unpleasant sensations in this case should not be, because honey softens the effect of garlic. This garlic mush should be applied to the warts every evening until you see that they have begun to shrink in size and wrinkle. When this happens, it is enough to hold the procedure in a day. About a month later the warts should fall off.

  • Juice of garlic

In the event that you have absolutely no timetinker with the preparation of folk remedies, and you want to get rid of warts, you can use garlic juice. Clean the garlic slice, cut into several pieces and very well rub the warts. Prepare to the fact that there may be minor discomfort feelings - you should not worry. But the skin around the wart all the same, do not forget to protect it with a band-aid. Depending on the size of the warts, rub their garlic three to four times a day. The first results you will see in just a week, but do not stop treatment until the warts completely leave your skin. But if within a month this does not happen, leave this venture - look for some other remedy.

Means for treating warts based on celandine

The second leading place after garlic iscelandine. And it is best to use fresh grass, and not dry - the effectiveness will increase at times. But if the yard is winter, you can try and use dry raw materials. But beforehand, give it a steep boiling water.

  • Juice of celandine

If you want to get rid of warts, do notmaking special efforts, try simply to lubricate the neoplasm with celandine juice, which acts at the site of the rupture of the stem. Of course, for this you will need an exceptionally fresh plant. Lubricate the warts at least three to four times a day. In just three or four days you will notice that the warts begin to dry out, and a maximum of a month will disappear altogether. However, there is one side effect - the skin in the processing areas acquires a stable yellow tint. Therefore, do not use this remedy to eliminate warts on open skin areas.

  • Alcohol tincture celandine

If the warts are very large, one juicecelandine may not be enough. In this case, you can try the treatment with an alcohol tincture celandine. Two tablespoons of celandine finely chop, put in a glass bottle with a narrow neck and pour half a glass of vodka. The bottle should be closed with a lid and leave to be infused in the refrigerator for two weeks, periodically shaking. When the tincture is ready, proceed directly to the treatment itself. On the skin, stick a protective patch, moisten a small gauze napkin in the tincture and attach it to the wart. Alcohol evaporates very quickly, so be sure to cover the napkin with a plastic film. After 20 minutes, rinse the skin with water and grease it with vegetable oil. The wart will begin to decrease somewhere in a week, and after about three will fall off. But to stop the treatment at this stage means to give the wart a chance to come back again. Therefore, about 10 more days, do compresses with tincture of celandine. how to remove warts correctly

Means for treatment of warts based on dandelion

Dandelion can cope even with stubbornwarts, which can not get rid of. In the summer, you can use the funds on the basis of a fresh plant, and in winter the dandelion root will be used, which is sold at the pharmacy. By the way, dandelion, like celandine, has the property of staining the skin.

  • Dandelion juice

Dandelion juice in its pure form is not usedcosts, as irritation can develop. So try dandelion milk. An interesting name, is not it? It is prepared simply, and the effect will please you. Finely cut stems of dandelion - you need about 10 tablespoons, place in an enamel pot, pour half a glass of milk and bring to a boil. Then turn off the heat, cover the pan with a lid and wrap with a blanket. Infuse milk for at least two hours, after which strain it, place it in the refrigerator. Each evening, moisten the resulting swab of cotton swab and put it on the wart for about 15 minutes. During the day, it is enough to wipe the wart several times with cotton wool soaked in dandelion milk.

  • Dandelion Ointment

With stubborn warts you can try to fightwith the help of a dandelion ointment. For its preparation, grind five tablespoons of dandelion root, pour half a glass of water and bring to a boil. Then reduce the heat and simmer until almost all the water evaporates. Then add two tablespoons of natural chalk and melt it, constantly stirring the mixture. When the mixture has cooled, place it in a glass jar with a lid. By the way, the dandelion cream can be stored only in the refrigerator for two months. Every evening, lubricate the warts with cream - just apply a thick layer on it, and after 20 minutes rinse with warm water. Duration of treatment - until the complete disappearance of warts. In the event that the removal of warts with the help of folk recipes was unsuccessful, you still have to go to the doctor. Do not worry too much - the doctor will remove the warts quickly and painlessly.